What you need to know

  • Outlook icons for mail and calendar have leaked online.
  • The new icons are similar to the refreshed icons for other Microsoft apps, including Outlook.
  • Icons for both the Windows 10 and Android versions of Outlook have been spotted online.

New icons have leaked online for the calendar and mail sections of Microsoft Outlook. Aggiornamenti Lumia's Twitter account shared the Android icons for Outlook first and later shared the Windows 10 equivalents. The main app icon of Outlook has already been updated on Windows 10 and Android, but these icons would specifically be for the mail and calendar sections of the app. Microsoft refreshed several icons recnetly, including Microsoft Office.

The Windows 10 icons have a different design to the Android counterparts.

The Windows 10 icons have white features such as the letter inside the enveloper for mail. Microsoft's icons generally match across platforms after they receive an update to Fluent Design, so there's a good chance that these aren't final designs.


Outlook is a multiplatform email client and calendar app that allows you to send and receive emails through all of your accounts and stay up to date on your schedule.

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