A new Xbox One Preview build is heading out, bringing fixes for various TV apps

There's no major new features in this latest build but if you're suffering issues on Sky TV, Now TV or HBO Go, you might be happy to see what's in this update.

As detailed on the Xbox One Preview forums (opens in new tab), the latest build brings fixes for various TV apps, Snapped apps, voice message notifications and a fix for the transparency of recent tiles on the main dashboard. Expect the update to become available at around 2 PM PDT.


OS version released: rs1_xbox_rel_1610.160929-1900

Available: 2:00PM PDT 10/2 (9:00PM GMT 10/2)


Sky TV, Now TV, HBO GO

  • Resolved an issue which could prevent users from playing content in the following apps -  Sky TV, Now TV, or HBO Go.


  • Resolved an issue which sometimes caused stuttering when playing a game with a snapped app.


  • When receiving voice messages from another user, you should now receive a notification.


  • Resolved an issue which caused description tiles for most recently used games and apps to appear solid instead of transparent.   Known Issues:


  • When viewing Clubs, you may still see the option to start a Club Party even if you are not a Club member.

The major features as part of this latest update wave include Clubs and Looking For Group, and as every Xbox One Preview build heaps on further polish, the day of the public release gets ever closer.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Have they fixed the issue with the Netflix app on HDR enabled TVs yet?
  • As you can see from the patch notes I guess not?
  • Just wish they would fix the kinect issue when watching things like Netflix where it turns off then on again then off then on then off then on then off etc. So annoying!
  • My messages have not worked for days. Hope, although it isn't in the notes, that there is a fix.
  • Do they work on the app?
  • Yes.
  • Has anyone else noticed that some apps (TV, Blu-ray) are lower volume than other apps since the last few updates maybe? Seems like maybe since background music was added everything seems quieter and I have to have my receiver turned way past where I used to.
  • What really needs a fix is Fox Sports Go. Fox has the worst UWP developers; their Windows 10 app's video freezes constantly & so does the Xbox One app.
  • I don't think Microsoft can fix the fox app...
  • You're right about the Windows 10 app, but since they're releasing fixes for other Xbox One apps, I'm just wondering if they can do the same. BTW Kingston yute born & raised on this end. Big ups mi bredda.
  • Will I be able to fix my old playstation or do I have to buy a new one?