New Prey achievements tease possible Moon-related DLC

A few months ago, Bethesda teased a Moon-related announcement for Prey, but then went silent. It seems like an expansion is imminent because the game's achievement list was updated on Steam and they tease just that. Lashman, a revered industry insider, broke the story on Twitter.

The Prey reboot wasn't the resounding commercial success Bethesda hoped for, but that doesn't rule out new content from the franchise in the future. A few months back, Pete Hines, the company's Senior Vice President of Marketing, said "I don't think you've heard the last of Prey. I just couldn't tell you precisely when you might hear more." Hopefully, the publisher will reveal the expansion before E3 2018 now that we know it exists.

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Prey was one of the most underrated games of 2017, but it wasn't a completely pleasant experience on base consoles. The game looked rather blurry and ran poorly on the base Xbox One. Hopefully the developer will take advantage of the Xbox One X this time around.

In our review, we called Prey "an unforgettable... horror game that's dark, deep and dizzying." Hopefully Bethesda can find ways for it to appeal to more gamers whenever the franchise reemerges. You can purchase the base game for roughly $20 at the moment, so give it a go if you haven't already.

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  • Squeal
  • Remember how Lost tv show ended ? How it made everything that happened before that pointless ? Well, Prey did the same thing, therefore everything you did during the game was pointless, why would anyone want to go back to this game ? Plus, even if it had a proper ending and purpose, the game wasn't that interesting to begin with. You woke up in a fake world only to realize at the end that you were in a simulation... What's the next step ? The simulation that simulated your fake reality happens to be a simulation too ? A dream ? You dreamt that you were in a simulation that faked a reality and therefore everything is real and the fake reality is actually a thing and therefore there are no aliens ? So you go to the moon and realize that there are actually aliens and you dream was premonitory ? And then you wake up ? And, nah I lost the train of thought here =) A gamer f*ckception... Yeah, I can't wait to pay for that... I think The sixth sense killed creativity, just like Scary movie kill horror movies. Can we have a story that is not fake for once ? "man, we have too many things to explain and 10 minutes left..."
    "just pretend it was just a dream !"
    "you're a genius !"
  • I think you expect too much from... Well, everything. Ending a story in a way that pleases everyone is probably the hardest thing to do. I thought the ending fit the game very well. It didn't make the story totally pointless, and it opened it up for a sequel. You are correct that it kills the point of DLC though. I can't see how they can open a hole in the story to fit it in, and if it's outside of the story, those are usually lame.
  • I forgot Prey was around 😅
  • Yeah... they can't seem to find the right balance. Either we get DLC at launch and it's infuriating or we get it when we already moved on and it's pointless.
  • Prey was AMAZING!!! PLEASE give us a DLC!!!!
  • Prey was AMAZING!!! PLEASE give us a DLC!!!!
  • YEEES! My all-time favorite game