New rumor claims to have more info on Modern UI changes for Windows 9-Threshold

A new report claims to have more information on changes and additions that will be put into the Modern UI for Threshold, the code name for the next version of Windows from Microsoft., using unnamed sources, repeats previous rumors that desktop users of Threshold, which may or may not be released with the name Windows 9, will get a version of the Start menu that could be turned into something that looks like Windows 8's Start screen if the owner wants that experience. However, WinBeta claims that the desktop will be going away completely for certain devices that won't need it, such as touchscreen tablets that might demand a full Modern UI experience. If this is accurate, it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be from long time Windows users.

The same report also claims that the Modern UI in Threshold will have interactive live tiles, which is something that Microsoft Research was working on just a few months ago. The story does say that the interactivity in Threshold won't be as "feature rich" as the one seen in the Microsoft Research effort.

A notification center and live folders may also be put into Threshold, according to the story, and it adds there will be more customization features for the Start screen.

Microsoft is rumored to be holding a press event on September 30 to introduce the new version of Windows, and it may also release a technical preview of the OS on the same date or shortly afterward. Not all of the features in the new Modern UI will be present in the tech preview and some of them might even be cut from the final release, which may launch sometime in the spring of 2015.

As usual, take these kinds of reports with a grain of salt. What do you think of these latest rumors of Threshold and the changes that might be made to the Modern UI?


John Callaham