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New rumor claims to have more info on Modern UI changes for Windows 9-Threshold

A new report claims to have more information on changes and additions that will be put into the Modern UI for Threshold, the code name for the next version of Windows from Microsoft., using unnamed sources, repeats previous rumors that desktop users of Threshold, which may or may not be released with the name Windows 9, will get a version of the Start menu that could be turned into something that looks like Windows 8's Start screen if the owner wants that experience. However, WinBeta claims that the desktop will be going away completely for certain devices that won't need it, such as touchscreen tablets that might demand a full Modern UI experience. If this is accurate, it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be from long time Windows users.

The same report also claims that the Modern UI in Threshold will have interactive live tiles, which is something that Microsoft Research was working on just a few months ago. The story does say that the interactivity in Threshold won't be as "feature rich" as the one seen in the Microsoft Research effort.

A notification center and live folders may also be put into Threshold, according to the story, and it adds there will be more customization features for the Start screen.

Microsoft is rumored to be holding a press event on September 30 to introduce the new version of Windows, and it may also release a technical preview of the OS on the same date or shortly afterward. Not all of the features in the new Modern UI will be present in the tech preview and some of them might even be cut from the final release, which may launch sometime in the spring of 2015.

As usual, take these kinds of reports with a grain of salt. What do you think of these latest rumors of Threshold and the changes that might be made to the Modern UI?


  • "However, WinBeta claims that the desktop will be going away completely for certain devices that won't need it, such as touchscreen tablets that might demand a full Modern UI experience. If this is accurate, it will be interesting to see what the reaction will be from long time Windows users."   So basically it's only RT now for tablets.. I'm not sure that's a good idea.
  • Agreed. Especially given the idea behind the surface is an interchangeable laptop/tablet. Maybe it is up to the OEM's discretion though.
  • Well, the Surface and other tablets are a bit different, so im guessing they'd leave it for those. Tablets like the Surface RT will lose the desktop though.
  • It would be a shame. I enjoy the MUI on my Surface 2 but when I want to work with Office (Word and Outlook mainly), the desktop is nice to have. Giving up the desktop will force Microsoft to (finally) release a MUI version of Office. This being said, I'm curious to see how the Desktop will be replaced (control panel for example allows to configure parameters you can't access otherwise).   Let's wait and see.
  • Office Gemini would accompany Windows threshold. Other than office, desktop on rt is useless.
  • You are so clueless. Desktop useless? Yeah. Of course. /s
  • He said on the RT; that is accurate, it is useless on the RT besides with Office. It literally won't do anything else...
  • Powershell. They need to make a MUI console if they want to take the desktop of my WinRT devices. This is how I manage my wife's desktop from my 1st gen Surface RT.
  • I have Surface RT and spend about half my time in the desktop side.  With a strong Metro Office client that would decrease to around 25%, but I would still use it often: IE desktop, advanced control panel settings, file management, connecting to network directories, etc.
  • I no longer use FIle Management in Desktop. The advanced control panel stuff will naturally have to move into the Metro settings. If they have OFfice Metro (Gemini) I will use Desktop  ZERO of the time. ABout time they had a "clean" new Windows. Metro only FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The desktop has the most advanced explorer on any tablet. It has all the flexibility of Windows stuffed into an ARM device; something no other ARM device can even begin to match (both Android and iOS). I agree that on RT it should be hidden for your basic user, but for those of us who know what we are doing there has to be an option ot enable it. This was one of the things that I was worried about. This and taking Charms away for the touch - nuke the crap out of it on non touch desktops and laptops, but that and task switching was the aspect that Microsoft got right for tablets. Knowing Microsoft they'll find a way to disappoint. I am waiting to see - hoping - they don't pull a Microsoft this time.
  • +930
  • Powershell and Command Prompt can't be found anywhere else and they're quite handy. Also, the dev tools for deploying debug projects to the Surface RT etc are all desktop apps. Taking away my shell would be... annoying.
  • What do you find so useful about the desktop on Windows RT? It's essential in x86/x64 Windows, but RT? Not so much, as long as they can port Windows Explorer and Control Panel functionality over to the Modern UI. We already know that Modern versions of the Office software is coming, so once all of that is implemented, what would be the point? Since tone can be lost over the internet, know that I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm genuinely curious about what it is you feel you'll need the desktop for on Windows RT.
  • I agree. I have a day one surface RT, and I find the desktop fragments the RT experience. I only used it for office. and it seemed very disjointed to be dropped out of the metro UI into some bastardized desktop    I have the SP3 now, where desktop absolutely makes sense, as I use lots more 'desktop class' applications  I would totally be happy to be able to run office in the Modern UI if I ever needed it - although these days, the RT is used mainly for content consumption    
  • If you remove the code signing requirement using the registry editor (on desktop) then you can run any .NET code there. I have a few .NET applications I run on the desktop of my SurfaceRT.
  • If you remove the code signing requirement using the registry editor (on desktop) then you can run any .NET code there.
    How did you manage this in Windows RT 8.1? Even with 8.0 it wasn't a simple registry edit.
  • X86 apps are useful. The desktop itself is pretty useless. They only use I see is the ability to tile various apps in separate windows. However, as Microsoft telemetry data showed, most users run their apps maximized. The only thing Microsoft need to do to make the desktop completely useless is allow more than just the snap view. Maybe allow resizable boxes in which apps run. I've seen dashboard software that does this to show different reports in each box. On RT devices, the desktop is only needed for office and to run IE11 that allows add-ons.
  • This is what I'm thinking too. I'd love it if they showed us even a teaser of Office Gemini at this event.
  • If Gemini is anything like the OneNote or outlook (mail) W8 thank you. The desktop versions are far more superior compared to there W8 counterparts on my surface RT.
  • It takes some getting used to, but I don't use Desktop Outlook at all on my Surface 2. I am in Mail and Calendar and People. Its much nicer to use. Just takes getting used to.
  • that's obvious..... mobile versions will not be as powerful as desktop, but then, it would work for TABLET users... why do you want to write full stuff in a tablet? also you could go to webapp and do it there if the mobile version is limited. you are the one who wants in a v1 a full functionality of an office product that it might be your age, or older. too many features and code to do it in few months.
  • Yes...and the file explorer is sooo much better in desktop mode. It's like having a look under the hood of an engine! The geek in me loves it...and I've fully embraced windows 8/8.1 from the start!!!
  • I am going to bet you can "turn on" a desktop mode if it is an intel based chipset. 
  • Yeah they almost certainly mean just for the ARM variant, which will be a single edition of Windows rt and phone combined.
  • ARM-tablets, yes. Not x86 hybrids.
  • Arm tablets, no. It's not useless.
  • Never said it was, I have a Surface 2.
  • A desktop that doesn't run x86 apps was confusing.  That's what will go away.  Any x86 machine will have a desktop.
  • One of the rumors awhile back said it was going away for Atom-powered tablets too.
  • Maybe they will allow x86 apps run in full screen without the desktop. On a tablet, multiple windows is pretty pointless. The screen is too small to get much use out of it. The only reason to have a desktop is the ability to tile multiple windows. Everyone associates the desktop with x86 apps. Is there any reason why x86 apps can't run in the metro environment on x86 machines?
  • well atom powered tablets run a full windows, so i dont think you will be left with just the modern ui.
  • I own a surface RT, the think is that I use desktop not only for office but for the explorer and specially for the power shell
    So if they put out the desktop and quit power shell for me my surface will lose a lot
    I know that not everyone use it, but still I will be thankful if they made the desktop optional so I can still have it
  • This! I'd boggles the mind how people keep saying its useless! Clearly they have never used a PC
  • ... or maybe they're ready to move beyond a 30 year old UI...
  • I'm with you. I have found my surface RT can do everything I need when I'm on site with a client and power shell is a big part of that.
  • Completely agree. As an IT Pro I use my Surface 2 for 99% of my work activities and the Desktop, as hobbled as it is, is a must. Event viewer, control panel with all the fine grained controls, RDP client for remoting to servers (yes, you can use the modern version too) as well as much more controllable file management. Only when ALL of the controls have modern UI equivalents can you remove the desktop. Unfortunately Microsoft have a track record of doing things that simply aren't thought through so it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
    Of course, it's far more likely that the event in question is the Surface 3 launch event rather than a Windows 9 announcement. For one thing that would stop a large number of people from buying Windows 8 machines because the usual idiots would have their say and decide that it's best to wait. Also, the Windows 9 launch will more than likely be a tech only event to begin with and kept fairly low profile. Only once the devs are on board and the features nailed down will you see a full announcement. Think about it, would you announce next year's model of car when the current one still had 6 months of sales still to go??
  • But what if MS can allow this functionality without the use of the desktop? Isn't the desktop just a launcher of sorts? Why couldn't these  programs launched as standalone programs from the MUI? I'm sure they won't leave out administrative tasks.
  • I'm sure Microsoft will build in lots of functionality, they always have
  • Office, explorer and powershell are apps. Any reason why they can't make those run full screen in metro? The desktop itself is just a place to pin shortcuts. The start screen serves the same purpose.
  • I don't think it means all tablets will lose the desktop. I think it is more likely that tablets running Windows RT will lose the dektop.
  • This is a shit idea. I'm 99% sure this rumour is not true. Microsoft cant be that stupid as to criple what makes RT tablets better than other tablets for power users.
  • Yeah because power users running power shell is Microsoft's target audience for the RT tablets. Let's confuse 99% of users just so a couple of people can run power shell.
  • dmacke is right on track. I love reading message boards and seeing user comments where they think their use-case is typical when, in fact, it's not. RT should not have a Desktop. In fact, the Surface Pro shouldn't have a desktop mode either - instead they should concentrate on running x86 apps inside Modern UI. I can see Microsoft having a "programmers mode" to allow programmers (and anybody who thinks they need it) access to a "desktop-like" experience. Similar to what they did with the Command Line. The majority of people whineing about wanting to cling to Desktop are like the people who couldn't move from a Command-Line to a Graphic User Interface.
  • It's a -really- bad idea.  I've got a Dell Venue Pro 8.  There've been like 5 bios updates.  Some of them for pretty critical problems with the machine.  From what I understand, Modern UI apps can't do things like that.  So, are we just going to be stuck?
  • This is my opinion but I Think THIS ^ is what they are really trying to address. Trying to get Tablets the ability to run in a complete metro environment
  • No. Desktop will be removed from RT. Dell venue 8 Pro uses full Windows so you will get the "Desktop Threshold" with the optional full-screen start.
  • You can't run bios updates without an desktop? How does IOS and android  handles this?
  • There shouldn't be a desktop on Windows RT - Office can run as an app also - for me there's no advantage or disadvantage - just the desktop is gone!
  • The disadvantage is that the desktop is gone. You telling me the ONLY use of the desktop is to Launch x86 apps?? REALLY?? I don't even know what to say.
  • Yes, why would I need to open the desktop to access event viewer or device managers if the moder UI can have access to them and allow administrative functions to be performed directly instead of by way of the desktop. You will still be able to open multiple applications, retain snapview, etc. Why wouldn't we be able to open a command prompt or more via the modern UI? After all, all of these are really standalone program the use the deskptop as a viewer so to speak....all of them have their own windows now that are simply displayed in the desktop enviroment. Are you guys simply going to miss the desktop background or taskbar that the programs float on top of while having an independent window? 
  • Agreed OMG55 - I can see SOME applications for being able to get at a "Desktop" type view (mostly application programming), but otherwise I don't see why Modern UI shouldn't be used (All it really comes down to is personal preference).
  • Surely they mean... such as tablets that aren't intended to function as convertibles... in contrast to tablets with specs to act as convertibles like the Surface 3 Pro.
  • It's kind of funny how all of you complain about the new changes with the new win9 update that is currently worked on now as we speak... I'm glad they take off the desktop off the RT tablets ... In my opinion Microsoft should've went full modern UI from the jump with WIN8-8.1 it sucks that you need a desktop to complete certain task I should be able to do everything from modern UI to hell with the desktop UI its garbage and its not the 90's anymore... Microsoft went backwards with halfass desktop and modern UI and it was not cool hopefully with this maybe they will use full modern UI on all device in time
  • No, they wont be taking the desktop from the Surface Pro or other tablets running full Windows. Only RT devices.
  • Based on what MS is already doing with the recent updates, I believe that the old Windows 3.1 design is being put to rest on the smaller screens. If anyone wants a icon on a screen experience they just need to make the tiles small. But to have two separate skins for the same system is memory burning. Could you imagine having a Windows 3.1 Screen on your phone? The screen space is too small to play with a mouse...enters the touch interface which is a better solution. I use Win 8 and there is no need for me to use the desktop version, because a tile opens a program the same way the icon does, and the touch interface makes getting things faster. But as you know there is a market that isn't interested in learning the ways of Win 8, especially when it comes to the desktop computer so MS still needs it for that audience, but not for the small screen computers.
  • A lot of people seem to think that if the desktop environment goes away then they won't be able to do the stuff they used to do there BUT what if Microsoft has just moved all that functionality to the modern UI now?   I have a Surface 2 and I do use the desktop sometimes for various things (Office, Windows Explorer, Powershell, advanced management utilities like Disk Management, and many others) but as long as I can continue to do that stuff in 'Windows 9' (and do it in a simple way as I do now) then I don't care if there's a desktop or not.
  • Correct. It would be a really bad idea to get rid of the desktop right now...even on RT.  What so many here fail to realize is that the desktop is not just about using certain Windows tools.   There is a great deal of online content that other platforms have apps for that is only available to Windows users via the desktop...content that "can't" be accessed by the Modern side.   For example, shows in Hulu that say "WEB ONLY" can "only" be accessed through Internet Explorer on the desktop side, neither the IE on the modern side nor the Hulu Plus app can access it (nor can the apps on Apple or Android tablet).  Content providers see the IE on the desktop side, even with tablets, as being a "PC" rather than a mobile device (which require mobile rights). Because the "desktop" side exists,  literally "all" content is available to a Windows tablet.  This is a HUGE advantage for Windows Tablets that I hope Microsoft realizes before they do something stupid. 
  • why would you want the desktop on a RT device, its very limited as it is. Office Touch will be arriving around the same time, and other stuff that will be modern only too, so again why do you need a desktop in RT when you really cant install anything to it???
  • They can't get rid of the RT desktop until they release Office for WinRT
  • Not only that but also the file manager needs to become a lot more powerful. I often find myself switching to the desktop on my Surface 2 when I have to manage files.
  • I am wondering if there is a Modern File Manager by Microsoft for Windows Yet? Not sure what you mean ^^
  • One Drive app is the metro file manager.
  • Sure but thats for the cloud I meant for files in storage or Hard Disks.... Correct me if I am wrong Please XD
  • One Drive will manage any files on "This PC" just click on the v right next to One Drive v
    Click on this and a box will open up alerting both One Drive and This PC with their respective icons...
  • Thing is, that is so non-intuitive for managing desktop files because OneDrive has been market almost solely as cloud storage. I just went into the store, downloaded a file explorer app and called it a day. A more straightforward solution from MS would be welcome.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but IOS and android don't have a file manager built in at all. You need to download a file explorer. So, what is less intuitive, not having any file explorer and having to search for one or having an app called OneDrive that might be associated with cloud storage but can also manage local storage.?
  • They don't really have file managers.  At first I missed this and couldn't believe that it wasn't included, but once you understand the eco system, it makes sense to not have one. They actually simplify things for you.
  • How about making the Files app for WP8.1 a universal app?
  • Where it says OneDrive in the top left, click it and choose "This PC"
  • Oh I just remebered its just that im so attached to the desktop didnt notice it as i use the traditional onedrive for desktop. Anyways Thanks All
  • Doesn't handle UNC paths or allow mapping of UNC paths to drive letters.
  • The modern version of office is supposed to release around that time I believe.
  • Yes, they teased it at build14.
  • I guess it makes sense to remove the desktop where it doesn't make sense. But they'll need to include ways for users who actively use Office on their tablet to manage and access files. I hope the modern UI gets a fresh coat of paint, the current appearance is much maligned by many users. MS needs a way to bring them in.
  • Maybe if they bring back the swish and glass of Windows 7. I actually liked that look tbh
  • So thinking will this also effect WP9?
  • Notification Centre Thats intresting I See more unification across devices. Kepp it coming Microsoft. This could be the break they were looking for
  • Exactly, and also live folders and Cortana!
  • But what I dont like is the reintroduction of the start menu. I LOVE my Start Screen Better
  • I totally agree! It never was this easy to organise your applications and software tools!
  • True
  • It's not going away, it will just not be enabled by default on desktops/laptops.
  • If I understood the following content of the article correctly than one might be able customize the returned Start as far as reverting it back to the start screen:
    "...will get a version of the Start menu that could be turned into something that looks like Windows 8's Start screen if the owner wants that experience..." All given the rumor is true.
  • Most people hated both the start screen and the lack of start menu in Windows 8. Hence, Microsoft must make changes to make it more acceptable to general people. Also, as per this leak, you can have start screen if you want. Meaning, it would be a customizable option. However, tablets will continue to have start screen and full screen Metro apps as default.
  • To me, notifications center means something like OSX's new iPhone <-> OSX texting. If so, I would be sooooo happy.
  • I didn't really get that never heard of it lol. But from my understanding of your statement will look great
  • If its friendly like windows 7 and just gets little bit fresh then revolution should start again very soon. Im saying this bcoz ppl need simplicity on windows operating system. Though I love metro UI
  • How is it a "revolution" if you're downgrading the experience back to the 30-year old Desktop metaphor? The Revolution is kicking Desktop out the door and telling people to port their apps.
  • Windows 7 is only friendly to windows veterans which at this point is the "One" microsofts target for windows 9. Maybe with windows X they try branching out again only time will tell.
  • Hopefuly WP9 will also bring major UI changes like all platforms do every 2-4 years.
    With a better UI and more popular apps/games on the Store WP will gain even more marketshare!
  • We will gain a lot of salt
  • Depends, spring starts in September, which is next week.
    I think the author must have had a glass of salt water while writing this.
  • Author is in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Windows Phone 9 too :) please new UI
  • More Ways to Unlock your phone would be great including touches to apps corner and kids corner. Anything else? Some UI changes would be good
  • Are you sure that windows phone 8 will be replaced by 9 or nee mobile require
  • No desktop means no Office or there should be Office apps
  • they are developing touch first office apps
  • I, certainly, hope that Intel tablets don't lose the full Windows experience.
    I've, yet, to find a file manager that has the capabilities of file explorer.
    Plus, sometimes, internet explorer simply won't work (requiring a plugin or the site simply not working).
    Granted, I haven't used PhotoShop on my 8".
    But, I like the idea of being able to.
  • It won't. They're only removing desktop from RT. Intel tablets will still keep desktop. This is why the Desktop version of Threshold still has the option for full-screen start and stuff.
  • A little off topic but will phones like 520 also get the Windows phone 9 OS whenever it is released for Windows phone or is 8.1 the last update for us
  • I think so, but TK TechNews said he was not sure. Snapdragon 800 devices will be updated.
  • Well no word for that currently, but let's hope all WP8 are updatable to WP9 at least. WP7-WP8 update fiasco should not happen again.
  • If its not I'll trade my Windows phone for another one.
  • I don't know man, on hand I'm looking forward to see what they are planning for the Touch-Screen devices, but yet worried about the removal of the Desktop version from Touch-Screen devices like the RT family. I like that I plug in USB sticks , hard drives & even my phone to my Surface RT & start messing around.
    We will have to wait & see I guess
  • Where did you get it from. Have searched all big electroninc retailers in Jeddah Not ONE. Not even an RT
  • Hi Khalid, I bought mine from the US when it was on sale :)
    Yes, its extremely rare in Jeddah, Al-Haddad had it once when the RT first came out, they were selling it for 2700 riyals.
    Have you checked Al-Baroom center? That might be your chance to find one, I haven't been there in a while though.
    If you are interested in an Alternative, Jarrer have the Dell Venue Pro line ... I didn't see the 8" (it was mentioned in their catalog) but they have the 11" one on display (The Sari branch)
  • I have checked the Dell Venue and there is Also a Thoshiba one at Jarir. Although I am not familiar with Baroom Centre. Will check it out. I want a piece of Microsoft Hardware or else I would have had The Dell or Thoshiba or even the Lenovo. Thanks Though
  • My pleasure :)
    Good luck, hope you find one :) if you need driving instructions on how to get to Al-Baroom let me know :)
  • Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if I need any help. Again thanks alot
  • W9 is more and more looking on wp 8.1
  • Interactive Live Tiles, Notification Cebter and Live Folders!!!! I cant wait for this! :D
    I hope that the notification or what they call Action Center, will be vastly improved in Threshold, the current ones in WP8.1 is too tad basic, The actionable notification and toast is missing that was supposed to release with WP8.1 based from old rumors. I hope they also include these, not all the time we should go back to Start screen for quick actions for notifications (since interactive Live Tiles is happening).
    The absence of Desktop in Windows RT is a good thing, it would fix the confusion among the many consumers (and also the bash from media and haters), but they make sure they will introduce very good Modern File Explorer that is comparable (if not exactly the same) with features and capability on what we have on Desktop currently, but still simple and not as overwhelming as desktop.
    I would like though that they can still have desktop mode in Windows RT, but sure only runs Modern apps, and auto enabled when docked or make an option, especially when on external monitor. But make this optional desktop hidden, so casual user won't accidentally enter this mode.
  • Not enough change to warrant the 9...
  • I hope they just make WP for phones and tablets up to 9 or 10inches. Get rid of RT and make traditional pcs stay for pcs
  • Now that sucks since largely you still need windows explorer to manage stuff like SD
  • Says you... O_o
  • You def still need It to edit properties of mp3 file. Like change the album title or artist by highlighting all songs in a folder. OneDrive app can't do this yet.
  • I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I use the modern UI almost as much as the traditional desktop. The removal of the charms is fine by me as long as they integrate the Share Charm somewhere/somehow. I've really bought into live tiles.... desktop, Surface and phone so I'm really hoping for improvements on that front, but I would be hard pressed to come up with many ways to make them better.
  • Here's another RT user (Surface 2) that uses the desktop all the time! Windows (File) Explorer, Control Panel, PowerShell, and the desktop version of IE11 rather than the Metro version get used frequently on my Surface 2 (RT)!! Do not take this away MS!
    I am however looking forward to these combined WP / RT features like access to all the WP store apps, real "live tiles", and tile folders on my Surface 2... Oh.. And Cortana! Cortana on my Surface 2 yeaaaaaah!!!!
  • I  can see losing the desktop in Windows RT - **IF** they build modern UI replacements for everything you still need to do that can only be accessed from the desktop.  So I'm guessing the modern UI version of MS Office is finally close to being done.  But we still need replacements for a lot of control panels, and a good file explorer.
  • Although I will say, it would have been nice if Microsoft went the other way, and allowed developers to build .Net desktop applications that could run on the ARM architecture in Windows RT.  MS did that with Office, but they won't let anyone else do it. If we could compile desktop apps for ARM, so many existing business applications could be put onto Windows RT without completely rewriting them and redesiging the UI.  
  • What they need to do, is allow people to unlock their RT devices, so that they can do whatever they want on them.  They also should remove the Desktop.........BUT, they need to allow you to bring it back should you want it.  Anotherwords, those power users out there, that want desktop on RT, should be able to get it........if you dont need it, fine by me, but if you want it, it should be available to install.
  • Also bring fresh icons to thresholds and some changes in desktop experience to fill gap between modern look and traditional one.
    My most wanted feature would to bring back AD-HOC network natively.
  • If this is the case, it won't be surprising. The idea of "OneCore", is to have just that, one core, but each device must still have distinct features that would say make a user want only one device or all three. MS needs to drive sales for all the form factors, (correct me if I'm wrong) as tablet and PC sales are quite low for W8/1 in comparison to WP8/1. I think they just polled the numbers of users who actually use the Desktop on their RT device for example, and I doubt its that much, and if so that often (I use the Surface RT at work). With W9/WP9 I would buy a device even more aligned to my user pattern. If I want to use the desktop, I would just buy a hybrid or a PC, instead of an ARM based RT tablet.
  • Interactive live tiles is the right way to go for the modern UI. I hope they support it for both landscape and portrait mode. I hope they will also consider other tile sizes. currently there are only 1x1,  2x2, 4x4 and 2x4 sized live tile. I would also like to see 8x4, 4x8, 1x2, 2x1 and 4x2 sizes. I've never had the urge to need a notification center in windows 8. This feature is windows phone territory. So I don't think microsoft should invest time with this feature for windows threshold. I do however wish that the in app search through the charms bar would come back. This was an awsome feature in windows 8, but disappeared unnecassarily after windows 8.1. That in app searches, advised to developers by microsoft as I understood, go via an in app search box, is to me, plainly a stupid decision. Live folders is something I'm okay with, but in my expierence is something that fits the windows phone environment better. So this feature is not necassary a must in my experience with the current windows 8.1. Is think there are more pressing issues that should be adressed in windows threshold that's an issue in 8.1: 1. there is no option to change the preview size of documents, picutres and videos in the modern UI. This is annoying because the titles dominate, and a larger preview helps in finding the right document for viewing or attaching easier. Currently this is a hastle where I have to switch between the desktop and modern UI environment with the file explorer to actually see what I'm selecting in the modern UI. Also multiple file selections in the modern UI is buggy. 2. The whats next/what follows feature in the calender app is an awful experience. There is this huge background image and only a few calender items are presented in a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. I wish they made more sensible use of this feature with the whole screen real estate and added more functionality like an easy drag-and-drop feature to change a calendar item to a later date or time. 3. The people hub still does not have a feature to added photo's or videos to facebook from within the app. This is possible in windows phone. The people hub needs a serious upgrade and more integrated features with social media like linked in, facebook, and skype. Currently it seems that every social media platform has its own island, which is a poor end-user experience, because of all the multi-tasking (not every multitasking is a good experience). 4. Email in the modern UI should get a function to easily add an email appointment as a calendar item without have to multitask. I'm still waiting for ages for this feature to arrive. It's already been here for over a decade with the outlook program for the desktop. Why not the modern UI? 5. For the future surface pro line-up there needs to be more stylus interactivity acroos the modern UI. I'm still missing UI features with the wacom stylus that samsung has with the galaxy note series. I want to be able to ink in the adress and search bars with inline automatic ink-to-text recognition. I want to see ink-to-text recognition inline with onenote. More custimization features for the startscreen is okay, I guess, I hardly change it, so the features currently available in windows 8.1 is more than enough for me. I think Cortana should be offered by microsoft as an option to windows threshold, not as a feature. I still have not experienced cortana on windows phone. The english language seriously limits cortana for me for daily use in my country. It only benefits north america and the (ex-) commonwealth countries and China. The rest of the world is left out, and I haven't seen any movement on the part of microsoft changing that anytime soon. I do not see it's value for windows threshold. I think they should only consider cortana if the time is right and global support for all language support is a fact, not a possibility.
  • I am hoping MS will not change the Modern UI style in windows phone
  • what if it sold more if they did?
  • These rumors are fantastic. Can't wait...
  • Desktop is for desktops and modern ui for moderns (touch)
  • What is the use? Microsoft will take years to release the updates. Expensive PCs will be left out to wait for ages as cheaper ones get the update like Cyan for WP. Microsoft is stupid for not concentrating on customers and proper update cycle delivery. Even my Windows 8.1 recent update stalled several times while downloading due to Microsoft Server errors
  • I hope Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can be upgradeable to Windows 9 OTA, just like the Macs
  • What is it with MSFT and options lately? Seems to always remove stuff they previously had.
  • they are killing the charms because they are a bad idea. they are killing the desktop because they never released ARM compilers in VSS and a signing mechanism to allow wi