Designing your dream room is easier than ever with 3D Live Interior for Windows 10 and 8.1

3D Live Interior

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 users can check out a new version of the 3D Live Interior app in the Windows Store. Developed by BeLight Software, the $19.99 app adds a number of features, including a way to record interior walkthrough videos of your virtual home design.

BeLight says that 3D Live Interior is the only interior design app in the Windows Store that is available for both Windows desktop and touch devices. It allows users to create a virtual home floor plan which can be viewed in 3D. The rooms can be recolored and decorated with furiture and other items to assist in the redesign of an actual home. BeLight says:

"Apart from various technical improvements and performance optimization, the new version brings the ability to record interior walkthrough videos. This opens new frontiers in demoing home and interior ideas to clients and friends. It is now easy to set up a walk path to record interior video and share it on Facebook, YouTube or simply showcase on a big screen." Additional walkthrough mode allows to consider collision when navigating the 3D environment. This provides various advantages, as being able to walk inside wall perimeter or walk up the stairs. Advanced object editing in 2D now lets users control object's dimensions and positioning right in the canvas."

In addition, a number of features that were previously only available as in-app purchases are now accessible for all users, including exporting 3D view images in HD (up to 6000 x 6000 px), importing files in 3DS and Collada formats, and exporting file in 3DS, Collada, VRML and X3D.

Download 3D Live Interior from the Windows Store (opens in new tab) ($19.99)

  • Woww.. Now at least I can afford my dream home in Mumbai.. That's Microsoft..
  • Afford or design ;D
  • "That's Microsoft" This is just an app on the WIndows store published by a company named BeLight Software 3D USA, LLC. Not sure if this is the usual whiny "when in India" comment, but this has nothing to do with Microsoft. 
  • If this app is included in Holo lens then it will be even more interesting and amazing ^_^
  • Yeah!
  • First thing I thought of also.
  • Universal..
  • No
  • I have no idea how powerfup this might be, but I find Sketchup and 3DS max sufficient for me though..
  • Agreed. I also use sketchup
  • I started using SketchUp after I got frustrated of not being able to change a door in Live INterior 3D from left hand to right hand. Surprised that since the initial release they haven't added this to the Windows version of the App.
  • It IS able. For long.
  • It is possible, but it is in a little different way than I would've expected. It has to do with "flipping" or mirroring the door iirc. Ultimately I got too impatient to follow through with another frustration--excited to see what they've done to it.
  • This app has been great to play around in, but it definitely has it's limitations. It's nice because you can also import 3D items not in their rather limited library.
  • HoloLens
  • Nice app.  I remember playing around with 3D home architect back with Windows 98.
  • Needs zombies.