New VLC app arrives in Microsoft Store, including DVD playback support

Vlc Win 32 4
Vlc Win 32 4 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • VLC's Win32 app is now available in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.
  • The app can play DVDs, CDs, and act as a digital TV tuner.
  • The Win32 version of VLC has significantly more features than the UWP version of VLC.

Windows 11 continues to gain new and notable apps in the new Microsoft Store. VLC's Win32 app is the latest addition, joining WinZip 25 Pro, OBS Studio, Zoom, Canva, and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The VLC Win32 app was spotted and shared on Twitter by Reo Jefton.

VLC already had an app in the Microsoft Store, but it is missing some significant features that are in its desktop counterpart, including the ability to play DVDs. The new VLC Win32 app lists support for DVD playback and several other key features:

  • Multimedia player
  • Audio and music player
  • Subtitles synchronization
  • File transcoding
  • Streaming
  • Digital TV tuner
  • DVD playback
  • Audio CD player

To find the new app, you have to search "VLC" in the new Microsoft Store while running Windows 11. The VLC Win32 app doesn't appear in web searches through the Microsoft Store online at this time.

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it showed a new commitment to developers. The early returns on this new approach are promising, as new apps are joining the Microsoft Store at a regular pace.

Sean Endicott
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