WinZip 25 Pro shows up as a classic Win32 app in the new Windows 11 Store

Winzip Windows 11 Store
Winzip Windows 11 Store (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Corel, the company behind WinZip, has released its classic, full Win32 app in the new Store for Windows 11.
  • The app uses its own installer and bypasses the Microsoft Store for payments.
  • Users can trial WinZip 25 Pro and then unlock with a purchased license code later.
  • This is the first known app to leverage Microsoft's new Store policies for Windows 11.

Keeping to its promise, Microsoft is letting classic Windows 32 apps into the new Store for Windows 11 unencumbered by wrappers or installers. One of the first apps to take advantage of the new policy is a legendary app many of us have used before: WinZip.

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The company notes the WinZip team "has worked closely with Microsoft" to bring the fully functional app to the Store.

While WinZip has similar apps already for Windows 10, those apps are "Store editions" that may limit functionality and design.

This new WinZip 25 Pro version downloads as a free app, but like classic trialware from the late 1990s, you can run it for a while before entering a license code to unlock the Pro version. And that's the difference: payments for the pro version go through WinZip themselves and not the Microsoft Store, one of the fundamental changes with Windows 11.

It is not just WinZip, however. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is also coming to the new Store as a classic Win32 app. Look for that app later this year when Windows 11 goes live.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Meh, I'll stick with good ol 7zip.
  • 7zip is a lot faster and it has an ARM64 build now.
  • Yeah me too. Never knew 7zip had an ARM64 build sweet. I just use Windows ZIP feature though.
  • No way that is better.
  • People still use Winzip? Haven't used it since Win XP went bye bye. Been using WinRa since then.
  • WinRAR is a far better tool.
  • Wirar is ugly. Winzip office ribbon look more professional
  • Winzip?? I'm surprised they're still around. Good on them for getting out the gate really quickly. Hopefully, they make same sales and bring more Win32 apps to the store 😁.
  • Windows has built in compression and archiving, no? I don't understand why people use these redundant applications.
  • The built in compressed folder does not offer you any flexibility in terms of encryption, password locking, compression level and so on.
  • It's also horribly slow.
  • @AndrewMBaines depends on the CPU and overall PC config files etc plus what is being compressed. IT at my college have finally gotten round to adding 7zip, prior to that have had to use built in compression on a aio. For bog standard docs it's fairly fast. Anything bigger than 30 megs it struggles. That 30 meg file is instantaneously uncompressed on my pc at home - running nvme storage for Windows, Applications, Virtual machines and Games (Other data stored on a ssd), 32 gigs at 2800 (4x8 Gigs, dual channel mode) at 16-15-15-15-36 with a 2700X - both undervolted heavily.
  • It supports Passwords added by other apps. It's good enough if it's all you need but it still only supports ZIP files and no other format. 7zip is free and is even available as a portable version so no big deal.
  • Seems like people here are missing the point. It's less about the app itself and more about a milestone.
  • Someone gets it!
  • It's technically a step backwards though. WinZip already has the same version packaged on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store. Watch the video it's the same Win32 app: Offering a much nicer experience. Shame we're going from a seamless install/uninstall one to the same install/uninstall mechanism that's been around since Windows 95 :(
  • I got it 😂
  • Yes! Finally, win32 in the app store. I hope this bring back some legacy devs.
  • Win32 app have been on the App Store for several years. I install EverNote and Spotify this way. Paint.Net and Photohop Elements are other examples. It's about unpackaged Win32 apps.
  • The install experience is good, the uninstall experience is not. I would prefer not to use classic Win32 apps. I wish they were marked as such.
  • We still have to use Windows 95 era uninstallers urgh. Such a shame. People say Windows is poor. Its developers holding back the platform.
  • The irony is the WinZIP Microsoft Store Edition is already in the store and supports the newer uninstall. There was no point in uploading an unpackaged version of WinZIP.
  • hope 7Zip will be in MS store too
  • I remoted to a customer's server recently. Surprised to find WinZip installed. First time I'd seen it in well over 15 years. How did it become such an overcomplicated mess?
    Quick download of 7-zip.
  • No one was paying for it I expect so they bloated it out to the max. Like adding an email app to a web browser (Opera). Just no.
  • Good times coming up. Just go to the Store and find whatever you need in-app.
  • Shame it had to go this way because packaged apps installed totally silently. None of the Windows 95 era wizards we're still stuck with. Next, next, next, urgh. But if it increases apps on the stores so be it.