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Zoom, OBS Studio, and Canva all arrive as full apps in the new Windows 11 Microsoft Store

Zoom App Windows 11 Store
Zoom App Windows 11 Store (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Zoom, OBS Studio, and Canva are all now on the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11.
  • These are the full apps provided and maintained by each publisher leveraging Microsoft's new Store policies.
  • Windows 11 allows just about any app into the store regardless of how it is packaged, architecture, PWA, UWP, Win32, or even Android.

With the official Insider build of Windows 11 arriving yesterday, we saw the first legacy app appear in the new Microsoft Store: WinZip. It was an important milestone as the app is not a limited UWP app and can use Corel's own monetization method for licensing instead of relying on Microsoft.

It now appears more Win32 apps are popping up. As noted in our Discord channel by user @Coellito, some big hitters are now available to download if you are on Windows 11, including Zoom Meetings, OBS Studio, and Canva. These additions come in the wake of TikTok's web app becoming available too.

Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The apps are all the latest versions from the companies, as you would expect.

Of course, users could always download these apps from the web directly, but with Microsoft's new store policies, users can have one single place to find and manage all their apps knowing it is coming from a trusted source.

As a bonus, since Windows 11 ships with x64 support for Windows on ARM, users can even install OBS to run on devices like Surface Pro X.

To find the apps, users can search (we do not know of a way yet to share Store links for Windows 11).

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Too early to tell for sure but this looks like real progress on the Store. They're serious about it! Finally! Awesome. But nothing beats TikTok. :-D
  • Wow that's awesome. Hopefully redesigned the apps to be UWP. I just don't know how much longer win 32 will be supported.
  • Doubt we'll see pure UWP per se, but rather Project Reunion / WinUI 3 /Windows App SDK, which (waving hands mysteriously) combines aspects of UWP with Win32.
  • You tried installing zoom on your SPX, Daniel? Fails with an error on mine
  • It was a weird install, as the progress didn't seem to work. But, yes, it installed after just letting do its thing.
  • That's part of the best I can look forward to. I can always go back to college lol and learn how to build uwp app. 😂
  • @KJW23 a person is never too old to learn 😁.
  • Lol thanks thank you man I am 43 😂
  • I’ve got windows 11 installed via insider preview but it’s still the old store. How do you get the new one?
  • Check for app updates in the Store and it should update itself.
  • I wonder if it's not "rolled out" to me similar as they've rolled out insider builds in the past. No matter what I do, searching for updates inside the old store, or updates in the new OS settings window, I still have the old Microsoft Store. Really weird! Something to note though... the old store has TikTok in it. And it's optimized for Windows, looks great, isn't an android looking app. I thought that was only available in the new store with the amazon store inside the Microsoft store. OBS and Zoom still aren't in the old store though.
  • As explained in our TikTok story, that app is just a PWA, not Android, and is available on both Win10 and Win11.
  • Great news! Question (since I don't have Win 11 installed yet), since they allow pretty much any kind of app now, do the apps actually install and update via the Store as well? or will these apps annoyingly install their own installers and processes to keep their apps updated?
  • App's update themselves if they have their own installer/auto-update check.
  • I think the rule of thumb is here that win32 apps have their own installers while UWP (and I guess Android & PWA too?) install through the Windows- or Amazon Stores.
  • In most people's eyes this will be legit when Chrome is on the store. Come on Google.
  • Psh, forget about Chrome... Netscape Navigator is where it's at! Joking aside, yeah for some folks that would be some sort of seal of approval. Never the less, when push comes to shove people get used to whatever browser is installed after awhile. Like at my current org, many of us have no choice but to use chrome due to IT policy 🥴 although we'd prefer Firefox or Edge. Now it's just one application that we have to use to get our work done.
  • Zoom now runs as ARM64 code so it barely uses any power. The Pro X and other Windows on ARM devices just became even better video conferencing tools.
  • I really hope Microsoft adds a filter or notice for apps that use their own installers. I love getting apps from the store because I don't have to worry about them installing more crap behind the scenes. I know quantity of apps is important, but I'm going to be disappointed if the store just fills up with unpackaged Win32 programs that offer no advantage (except discovery) over downloading them from the web.
  • Folks from MS at the Project Reunion repo were discussing that apps that use modern technologies could be rewarded by giving them some sort of badges that tell users that instead of penalizing every app that's not modernized because then no one will want to put unpackaged apps on the Store anyway, defeating the purpose.
  • There would still be some sort of soft check in the process of submission and approval. At least we should be getting only decent apps. Most Win32 programs proper are usually quite legit though.
    Mehn, think of Winamp back in the store. The glory days of mp3 players :-).
  • I saw fake apps / unofficially added from third parties on MS store before, any confirmation from these developers?
  • For unpackaged Win32 apps, does the Store still handle updates? That's one of the best parts of Store apps - not having to deal with annoying bundled updaters.
  • This is good! I wonder if those listed update by themselves and all those things we love and expect about store apps...
  • If the store is enabled to auto update then yes. Also if the apps have their own installer - see Dan's comment above.
  • But no apps!
  • Microsoft store is gonna be successful with all this type of apps, hope we get all browsers in the store, I just hope google brings all its apps to the store , like chrome and YouTube and we get all popular applications like firefox, steam, epic games and Ccleaner in the store.
  • Interesting. I can get WinSCP for 4.99, regularly 9.99 on the Microsoft Store. Problem is that WinSCP is freeware; easily checked by going to their website. The lesson is to check the websites first so you don't get scammed out of your hard-earned money.
  • Other apps will be avaible soon, just waiting for Microsoft Store team to look at them and checked that are fine.