New Windows 10 app store features include subscription billing and better app discovery

Microsoft has revealed even more details about how the Windows Store will be improved for Windows 10 app developers, including support for subscription billing and better ways for consumers to find new apps.

During its Build 2015 keynote on Wednesday, Microsoft talked about adding carrier billing in the store across all Windows 10 devices, along with the introduction of a Windows Store for Business. In a blog post, Microsoft's Todd Brix added some more details on the Windows 10 app store. One of them was support for subscription billing:

" Useful for content and productivity services, among others, this subscription capability will support the Windows Store consumer payment methods in most markets with developer-configurable time periods."

He also talked about how developers can access more and better ways to promote their apps, such as a way for them to create promotional codes, along with buying in-app house adds for cross-promotion. Brix also talked about a new Windows Store Affiliate Program that launched this week:

"The goal of this marketing affiliate program is to help you and other Microsoft partners in promoting Windows Store content – apps, games, desktop software, music, movies, TV shows and other store content on your web sites, in your communications and promotions with your customers. In exchange for this promotion, the Windows Store Affiliate Program will offer a commission for customers you refer who acquire the content you promote. "

Microsoft will help promote apps in Windows 10 itself in places like its Start menu, the new Windows Spotlight lockscreen and Cortana.

Finally, the Dev Center will be improved for the Windows 10 launch to help make publishing apps an easier experience for developers. It will include support for publishing apps that have been made with Microsoft's upcoming Universal Windows Platform Bridges tools, which will allow apps originally made for Android, iOS, classic Windows and the web to be compiled into Windows 10 apps.

Source: Microsoft

  • Better app discovery! Huzzah! :D
  • So does this mean now when I type out the app name exactly (down to even capitalization), it won't come up as the 10th item in the search results?
  • Probably not. :)
  • So where are now those people who were so fu*kin frustated about running Android apps on Windows device and also you guys were leaving right? BammM!! On your face!!!
  • Their words went in VAIN , when they heard Candy Crush was iOS game.., which worked well in WP
  • Actually, we've no problem for games, there's no a default UI for out, but apps!!!
    Now our platform is fucked, three UIs, I'm really sad about what I saw yesterday, that Android app!!!
  • Doesn't mean that the app will be the same.The code will be the same but the UI might be tweaked a bit to retain the cohesive feel that windows phone has.
  • I hope so
  • This was my thought...
  • You do know there are already apps not conforming to the WP design. It was never a requirement for developers. There are already cross platform apps that use the same UI across platforms. In the end, it's going to be up to the developer.
  • Did you use Twitter app? That UI is not Metro, is an old version of Android/iOS apps that got a new UI a long time ago. Vine? iOS UI. Facebook? iOS/Android UI (but more messy). Official Piano Tiles game even has iOS popup and settings!!! Stop crying about this.
  • Apparently you forgot to read the details on it. It's set up so the underlying code will work on WP but the dev can use the same windows UI and different fuctions of the phone itself, like GPS and so on.
  • Some decency on a public forum would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Lol I agree but just because Microsoft has introduced this doesn't mean that developers will bring their app to windows 10
  • Sad but true... lets see how developers support Microsoft's this decision and we know some haters gonna still hate-(snapchat)...
  • It doesn't mean the supply of apps is guaranteed, but unless competing platforms are going to pay app providers for exclusivity then it's hard to see why a developer would remain outside of Windows when the process is now so much easier.  Of course, there are the infamous problems of which indie game developers complained, to do with getting their games onto XBox's storefront, but we should expect MS has learned from that. There are clearly a lot of very sharp people guiding the company right now.
  • Do you even know facts or you just have a big mouth?
  • They didn't say they will support ios or android apps they have said that they will make easy to deploy their apps by putting minimum efforts... They have to change only some api rather creating whole new api ... So first read and understand what they have said and what are their plans and then comment.... In short I loved the way they found the way to convert Windows developers as well as ios and android ones....
  • They should've only allowed iOS apps.
  • Well I never said I'd leave, I'm merely worried the decision could come back and bite Microsoft in the ass. Let's just see how this stuff develops into the future and if it really truly brings devs onboard and makes Windows 10 a success. THAT is what I want to see. "Cautiously Optimistic"
  • Its not same as running an APK like in BB10, since it will use Windows Phone API with around 90% of the code compatible, Java/C++ programs can be compiled and will be running as native apps apart from a little UI differences. Emulation =/= Native runtime. 
  • I know.... I watched the entire keynote yesterday. Super hopeful for a windows phone build. I was left disappointed yesterday... been waiting a long time for the new build to clean slate my Lumia 635.
  • Build isn't over yet, lets wait and see.
  • @Dnamb, well said. Some don't understand the difference, which is why unfortunately they wont get why the route MS went with is so much better.
  • Right lol
  • if windows 10 doesn't change things..
    i'll not lost faith in MS..
    but i'll lose faith in humans..
  • Agreed.
  • calm down man, were talking about an OS, not of clashes in the Middle East
  • The humans they're talking about are iOS and Android fanboys
  • Most people have a Windows PC. If they don't want a free upgrade to a os with all of these features, they're stupid.
  • Great because I don't have master card and I need to buy apps :3
  • Even me... I got iDEA SIM which supports carrier payment in India. And using that SIM only for app purchase
  • Aha nice, I live in Lebanon
  • Hey, is it possible to pay for apps using idea sim but download using aircel internet in a dual sim windows phone?
  • No
  • What about volume licensing though??
  • Mobile Nations are making app gap - bring Android Central , iMore , Crackberry apps which are functional like Windows Central...
    .i like to learn about all Platforms..but have phone as only mode to use internet
  • Windows Central's App on Android is better than the one on Windows Phones.
  • Yeah. :(
  • They should use project Astoria and bring it here :)
  • It really and truly is. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • The Android one includes a hamburger menu for navigation. Are you saying that hamburger menus are better than pivots?
  • When did I say that..?
    But surely for features like articles being marked as read or "mark all read", etcetera, etcetera.
  • unfortunately 500+ million people think it is better, are you the majority?
  • Be clear, which one's better..?
  • That's true, it has a nice widget. But I haven't been able to login to that app for a long time using a OnePlus One
  • Jay is working on a Universal Windows app and that one should be much better.
  • When did he tell you that..?
  • Dan mentions that all the time when asked about it. Heck its even in the articles about the WC app on this site Read this article. Daniel mentions it there  
  • Subscription billing is a great addition. The only thing the Windows Store is missing now is app bundles.
  • MS ecosystem is lacking an eBook store.
  • Amen
  • Completely agree
  • Or lacking compensation from existing ebook stores
  • I agree as well. However, if they do it then they have to really go all in with it. It can't just be a side-note like the Google Play store.
  • I reckon that window's ecosystem desperately needed a revamped store.....maybe this one would probably fulfill it
  • I wish the game section of the store had significantly better filtering tools.  On both Windows and the Xbox One, I want to be able to sort games by single player, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, FPS, RPG, sports, adventure, puzzle, etc.
  • That's kinda cooooooooool...
  • I hope "better app discovery" includes better searching. Searching for an app by partial name provides nothing. You either need to use the keywords the Dev uses when publishing to the store, or the name as a whole. At least it seems this way.
  • ^This! It's so stupid right now. If you don't have it perfect, I mean spaces, capitalization you dint get the right results.
  • Wishlist added?
  • With that last part, we better be able to turn off those ads. I don't want an OS riddled with ads. But I'm sure my fears are unfounded.
  • I love this idea personally, but I believe they did say in the keynote you can turn it off.
  • I could assume at least for the 1st year they own your device you upgrade
  • I really hope that they address the issue of typing in an apps name (that exists) and no results show up.A lot of times, I'm forced to search through my browser, click the link, then open the app in the store. ​
  • Subscriptions will be great when developing small apps that need one, without having to build an external subscription method, especially when testing the water with something new that wouldn't warrant the extra work to manage it externally. I haven't watched the session yet, but assume we'll be able to allow a trial subscription through this and possibly be able to provide promo codes, that would be great.
  • There is a lot of exciting news coming from Microsoft. I just hope they start screening some of the various apps coming into the store. There really is a lot of crap and junk apps!  I'm not a big fan of Apple, but they seem to have their App Store pretty well laid out. They also closely screen their apps and cut down on a lot of crap.
  • Sounds awesome...
  • It would be interesting if there was such a thing as a Windows Store subscription... i.e. A fixed monthly fee that buys you a given amount of monthly credits, meaning that you could download as many paid apps a month as you have credit for, and never have to pay extra. If you don't use your credits they just rollover to the next month, so technically you could save them up for something like Halo or StaffPad etc... Maybe it could be combined into xbox live 'platinum' or something... Unlikely I know, but the idea popped into my head! :)