WizTiles WebApp

WizTiles (see our review) enables any Windows Phone owner to customise their home screen live tiles with different colours and themes, which can then be shared with the community (as well as downloading themes created by other users).

The developers of the app have just released an interesting Silverlight web app that allows one to conveniently create custom themes (using your own photos) that can be subsequently deployed on a Windows Phone. The app supports front and back tiles too, and themes created will be automatically packaged and hosted.

We've been informed that the Windows Phone apps will be sporting this feature in the near future. Be sure to head on over to the WizTiles website (tool linked below) to try out version 1.0 of the new web app, and join in the discussion over on our forum. As for the Windows Phone apps themselves, you can grab Wiztiles Pro here on the Marketplace. Wiztiles (free) is available here.

Source: WizTiles Designer

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