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New Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 releases in 2018 for U.S.

Xbox Wireless Adapter
Xbox Wireless Adapter

Updated August 16, 2017: Microsoft has officially reached out to us to clarify that the Xbox Wireless Adapter wasn't initially planned to release on August 8, 2017. While August 8 was displayed on the Xbox U.S. site at the time of the announcement, this was incorrect and was amended at a later date. While this doesn't mean an official delay was seen, it's still looking likely that you'll be waiting for some time for the adapter in the U.S. The new Xbox Wireless Adapter is still looking like a promising revision and for now, we recommend checking back at the Microsoft Store for any further updates.

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled a revised version of its Xbox Wireless Adapter – a USB solution for connecting Xbox One controllers to Windows 10 PCs. Although its core functionality is unchanged, the new adapter comes in at one-third of the size, fixing a common critique of the original shipped back in 2015.

When first announced, Microsoft specified that the new adapter would debut in the U.S. on August 8, 2017, with a staggered rollout across other markets. However, viewing the Microsoft Store, the adapter is now scheduled to release on January 31, 2018 – nearly six months later than the original date. Although this looked to be an arbitrary placeholder, the adapter is suffering confirmed delays in certain locations.

Speaking to Windows Central, a Microsoft representative has confirmed the updated Xbox Wireless Adapter is expected to be available in the U.S. during January 2018. While this date is subject to change, some countries are still set to get the adapter sooner, with launch dates varying between markets.

Xbox Wireless Adapter

Xbox Wireless Adapter (Image credit: Microsoft)

Going by Microsoft Store listings, it appears Japan (opens in new tab) will be the first to get the adapter on August 24. Australia (opens in new tab) and New Zealand (opens in new tab) are set to receive the device this September, followed by the U.S. (opens in new tab) and Canada (opens in new tab) in January. Launch windows for other countries are yet to be announced.

The new Xbox Wireless Adapter will begin at $24.99 in the U.S., with equivalent pricing in other regions. In the meantime, it's recommended that you keep an eye on your region's Microsoft Store, for further information on the device going forward.

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if, for once, the US got this last? I mean we all know it won't happen (and I'm almost betting ALL other dates will be postponed soon too) but it'd be cool. Just for a change.
  • So you think people should be punished and people in other areas of the world rewarded? How does not allowing people in the US get this device help you or make your life better other than to feed your entitled self-important attitude?
  • Sorry...the US getting something last is now "punishment"? How entitled do Americans think they are? Yes, it would be nice for the US to get something last for a change with Microsoft because that idea of "punishment" you're crying over, is exactly what Microsoft inflicts on every single other market around the World.
  • The US will get that first, but nobody will be able to afford it thanks to the ****** up health care industry.
  • Microsoft is a us company. deal with them catering to their home market first, that's the way it always works look at Japan everything a Japanese company makes released in Japan first.
  • Wouldn't it be nice if, for once, you had a logical complaint? I mean we all know it won't happen (and I'm almost betting ALL other articles will have your drivel too) but it'd be cool. Just for a change.
  • We also all know you have the intelligence of a rock and arguments with the density of graphene aerogel, yet we still put up with you.
  • I do a good enough job of proving you wrong. What does that say for your intelligence?
  • Stay classy DJ
  • Um the US is the home country for XBox and Microsoft. Deal with it.
  • I don't get exactly how your post got that much hate but I was expecting buying that adapter this weekend. Regardless, I can wait, Jan doesn't sound too far these days.
  • It is obvious Microsoft hates the US, shipping this to other countries first shows Microsoft's bias and how unfairly we are treated.   Of course, that is a joke, pointing out how ridiculous it sounds when people make the same claims when some MS product is not available in other coutries. Most likely this is because of problems getting approval from the FCC or some other problem like that. But if this were another country, instead of saying it is because of the local laws, Microsoft is immediately blamed for it rather than the real reason.
  • Oh please. If you follow the video games market carefully MS's priority remains the US market. The amount of marketing, communication, product availability and offers/deals compare to other markets is quite huge. I would suggest you to come to central or southern Europe or in Asia to see the difference.
  • Companies pander to the biggest market. The US is the largest consumer market in the world
  • Just add Bluetooth to your pc and problem solved. I use Bluetooth to connect my xbox one controller to my pc and it works flawlessly
  • I have the newer controllers with Bluetooth, however, this adapter would be what is needed for people like me. I have my Xbox One downstairs in my main living room and my ultrabook in my bedroom.
    When the downstairs TV is taken I like to game stream to my ultrabook in my room.
    On the ultrabook, I have two USB ports next to each other and the current adapter is too big to allow my Ethernet adapter to be used as well... meaning my game lags from time to time.
    This would let me use chat in a party with friends, plug my ultrabook to my TV and use my Ethernet adapter for lag free game streaming; bliss!
  • Use the USB extender cable it came with. It won't block the other port
  • Yeh, that's true!
    The USB extender cable is currently used in a HTPC build in my other room so forgot about it but might dig it out again.
  • It should work with almost any USB extender. If so, you'd be able to keep an extender on all the PC's you need it for.
  • That is asinine. They basically announced it 2 weeks before launch, then failed to realize it would need delayed SIX MONTHS?! How can they be this incompetent?
  • They are Microsoft, incompetance runs in their blood.    
  • And I'll drink to that.
  • With the newer controllers connecting through Bluetooth is there really a big demand for this? Also, the redesigned adapter isn't THAT much smaller, I guess it could make a bigger difference on a laptop than a PC though.
  • With Bluetooth it won't vibrate or do sound from the audio port.
  • Well then, that is a deal breaker...
  • Bluetooth is awful
  • Desktops generally don't have built-inBluetooth, nor is there ever a need for ito n a desktop that I can think of. So, I can pick buying a Bluetooth adapter or one for a gaming-specific wireless protocol...I'll take the latter.
  • I've seen plenty of desktops with Bluetooth keyboard & mouse
  • Pre-ordered it when it was announced. Wonder why it hadn't shipped yet. Probably high defective rate or something and had to scrap the entire supply.
  • That's... one heck of a delay for an adapter
  • Cloud first, other platforms second, rest of Microsoft last.
  • Somebody should open up their laptop, connect this internally to the USB and have a guide so I could do it too. I'd rather have it internally than put a dongle in my laptop.
  • I highly doubt there will be room inside a laptop for this adapter. A desktop would work if you use an internal USB adapter, but that means heat issues and opening the case every time you needed to re-pair the controller.
  • It would not be Microsoft if they did not manage to screw up the release even of a small insignifican thing like this so spectacularly once again.    
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  • It's impressive, that you can be so wrong about the status of a product. When they announced it, it was more or less ready to go. Then I can see postponing it for a week or so.
    But 6 months! Another thing would be if you said "this is gonna be ready in 10 years". And then after 5 years, delay it by 6 months.