Microsoft has unveiled the latest revision of the Xbox Wireless Adapter – its official USB accessory for connecting Xbox One controllers to Windows PCs. Improving on the original model first introduced in 2015, the new adapter comes in at 66 percent smaller or in other words, a third of the size.

Like the original, the new Xbox Wireless adapter adds support for Microsoft's proprietary "Xbox Wireless" communication protocol to any Windows 10 PC. Allowing for up to eight Xbox One controllers on a single device, the dongle is a quick and easily solution to add your existing wireless gamepads to a PC.

One of the major critiques of the adapter's first revision was its form factor – protruding three inches from a USB port. While this was a valid solution for desktops, the sheer size proved to be problematic with laptops and other small-form PCs. With the latest version shrunk down to a third of the size, this should be especially appealing for gaming on the go.

It also appears that this revision has dropped support Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs – a feature previously offered by the original adapter. After previous public outcry for the first adapter's Windows 10 exclusivity, Microsoft manually added compatibility for earlier versions of its operating system after launch.

The latest version of the Xbox Wireless Adapter will soon be available for preorder, via the Microsoft Store. Priced similarly to the original, the device will begin shipping for $24.99 in the United States, from August 8. The adapter will also be available bundled alongside a controller, priced at $79.99. Other markets will see the smaller design, although these are yet to be specified.

Preorder at Microsoft Store

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