NewTek visits #CESLive to discuss their “TV Truck in a Box” TriCaster 860

Phillip Nelson from NewTek (opens in new tab) spent some time with us today at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show to discuss the company’s latest product, the TriCaster 860 (opens in new tab).  For those not familiar with NewTek, the company provides technology products for internet broadcasting.  Their goal is simple; let people get their hands on the tools they need to make a “real” TV show, not just a funny YouTube clip or home movie from Dad’s camcorder

The TriCaster 860 is an all-in-one integrated, live production system that offers the power of a live network studio.  Often described as a TV Truck in a Box, the TriCaster is designed so a single operator can use it.  Our friends at GeekBeat TV (opens in new tab) have had success with the system and it has performed fantastic this week during our CESLive broadcasts.

The pricing point for the TriCaster starts in the neighborhood of $5,000 and goes up from there.  You can find out more about NewTek and their products here at the NewTek website (opens in new tab).

We would like to thank NewTek for their support during CES 2014 and you can catch all our CES coverage at the #CESLive portal.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Is this the NewTek that created the Video Toaster for the Amiga back in the day?
  • Looks that way!
  • Got to admit, I'd never heard of that and when I read your comment my first thought was, who in the hell would watch video on their toaster. Got a nice laugh out at myself when I Binged it and felt Duhhhh, lol.
  • Nevermind about this... This girl from the left should be very nice.
  • I hope they've improved the interface. It's dated and kind of clunky on the one I have for the high school broadcast class that I teach. It's solid hardware, but the software needed some updating.
  • My favorite tech company of all time! I couldn't have made my living since the 1980's without this company. The Amiga, original video toaster and Lightwave 3D changed my life forever. Its ironic before reading this article I was just thinking how quickly Nokia has become one of the few companies like Newtek that I appreciate not just the technology but have a real connection to the company and what it stands for.
  • Same here (I was an Amiga fanboy bac in the day). NewTek's standalone editor SpeedEdit is still miles ahead of Final Cut and Avid, when it comes to actually doing creative edits. Also, Kiki wipes forever...
  • Your are correct. Even though I have After Effects and Premier in my pipeline, and work with a lot of Avid and Final Cut editors, there are things SpeedEdit does and has done for years that the others still cant compare. For a quick edit nothing is speedier than SpeedEdit :) I'm still hoping for a SpeedEdit 3 stand alone
  • SpeedEdit is nice, but there is an NLE that's just as fast. And it's great for quick edits and long form. It's called Edius, and it's finding it's way into a lot of TV stations becasue of it's realtime capabilities. You should check it out. They offer a free trial. It's PC only.
  • Welcome to new new NewTek...their DemoReels rocked.
  • Kiki wipes FTW! :D