Ninja joins Mixer exclusively, proving Microsoft is serious about streaming

What you need to know

  • Richard Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, is one of the most popular streamers in the world.
  • Mixer is Microsoft's streaming platform which is built into Xbox One.
  • Today, Ninja announced that he would be streaming exclusively on Mixer going forward.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass on Amazon (opens in new tab) for $15 a month.

You may not recognize the name Richard Tyler Blevins, but you're definitely familiar with the streamer Ninja. They're one and the same. Today, the popular streamer announced that he would be streaming exclusively on Mixer going forward. This should attract a lot of his fans to the streaming platform because Ninja is extremely influential. He streams Fortnite mostly.

The terms of the deal are unclear at the moment, but it seems like Microsoft paid Ninja for exclusivity. Given the fact that Mixer is still a relatively new streaming platform, high-profile migrations should help it grow. If you have an account on Mixer, you can subscribe to Ninja for free at the moment.

Ninja is also a former professional Halo player, so the partnership may extend to Halo Infinite. However, only time will tell. In order to grow, Mixer needs a lot more influential streamers. We'll have to wait and see how this affect Mixer's user count.

Additionally, if you're new to Microsoft's Xbox platform, you may want to check out Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription service which grants you immediate access to over 200 games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears of War 4 There are a couple of options when it comes to getting the service. You can pay $10 a month on Xbox One, or you can pay $15 a month for Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass on PC, and Xbox Live Gold.

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  • I really don't get game streaming. Is there really that much of an audience for this?
  • Just Fortnite will beat out the cable channels for viewers during primetime. I think Twitch as a whole will put up similar numbers to the networks too, and that isn't taking YouTube into consideration.
  • Ninja was actually the first professional Halo 5 player to "get" how Halo 5 needed to be played, but, unfortunately for him and his teams, no one else realized it at that time, and he eventually left and went to Fortnite instead. Soon thereafter, Splyce adopted his strategy and upended the entire Halo 5 HCS scene.
  • Streaming is inane.
  • An interesting move. I can see there being backlash though.
  • Wasn't this guy one of the popular twitch streamers that suddenly started playing regularly SoT last December-January and soon left. This sudden boost help SoT gets good views for these two months and MS communicated about it.
    I'm not really surprised. It's weird to see a streamer who gets sponsored by a console that has a streaming platform and also game content. So is he going to change the games he streams? Is he going to promote XB games?
    This looks like what Epic Games is doing with it's "exclusives" deals.
  • that last bit is exactly what came to mind