Ninjacat is the latest victim of Windows 11's emojigate

Ninjacat Meme
Ninjacat Meme (Image credit: Twitter: @michaelgillett)

Ninjacat became something of a mascot for the Windows 10 Insider Program a few years ago, showing up in blog posts and memes across the web. Microsoft even had a statue dedicated to the intrepid feline at its Redmond campus at one point, which may even still be there. There's one place where it definitely isn't anymore, though, and that's Windows 11.

Microsoft unveiled its reworked emojis for Windows 11 in a preview build recently, and reactions were mixed. Why? Because the much-advertised 3D versions have been squished flat, depriving them of an entire dimension. Upsetting, I know. Many other users were upset too, with over 45% of our readers decrying the flat versions, with a further 35% shrugging dejectedly, stating that they simply don't care. If there were any other reasons to be mad, it could be this one.

Emojigate Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

Source: Reddit: u/mattbdev (Image credit: Source: Reddit: u/mattbdev)

Reddit user mattbdev noticed that the new flat Windows 11 emojis have an unfortunate omission. The unique Microsoft emoji combinations that gave us special Ninjacat characters have, alas, been removed. It seems that Ninjacat will not be joining Clippy in this new pack of emojis, an unexpected twist in the saga of emojigate.

Not only has emojigate deprived us of the promised, fabled 3D emojis, but now, it has added insult to injury by robbing us of our beloved Ninjacat. My keyboard sodden with tears, I ask, dear readers, is there no justice in this world? Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

And yes, it may well be that many, or even most of you were unaware that Windows 10 even had Ninjacat emojis in the first place. And it may even be that Microsoft plans to reintroduce them at a later date. I would email PR to ask, but for some reason, I don't think they will be forthcoming with an answer. It could be that we're simply not ready for the truth. Perhaps they have better things to do on a Saturday, leaving it to me alone to pick up the pieces of this shattering betrayal. And perhaps, more likely, they simply don't care.

We care though, Microsoft. We care.

RIP Ninjacat, 2014 — 2021. 😢

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