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No Man's Sky begins exploring its universe on June 21 on PC

One of the most highly anticipated games of 2016 now has a firm release date. Hello Games' space-based exploration game No Man's Sky will be released for the PC and PlayStation 4 on June 21, and pre-orders for the $59.99 (opens in new tab) game are currently being taking on Steam and GOG for the PC version and Amazon for the PlayStation 4 version.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with No Man's Sky, here's the basic premise:

"In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by planets filled with life, and you can go to any of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space to planetary surfaces, with no loading screens, and no limits. In this infinite procedurally generated universe, you'll discover places and creatures that no other players have seen before - and perhaps never will again."

All pre-orders for the game will enable access to an extra ship, the Horizon Omega, which has a better hyperdrive and weapons than the standard ship. In addition to the standard game, is selling a limited "Explorer's Edition" of No Man's Sky for $149.99 with only 10,000 copies available to purchase. In addition to either a Steam or GOG code for the game, it comes with a Traveller Pin, a diorama display backdrop and a big hand-painted replica of one of the ships in the game, along with decals for extra customization. There's also a ''mystery" extra in the box.

  • Hoping this isn't a case of a game promising too much... like Spore... that game broke my heart.  
  • Yah I remember spore...smh. Wish this was coming to X1 though.
  • Lets hope it will, next year I hope. Im sure Phil Spencer sees how popular this game might get and he might work something out. At least I hope.
  • Sony have bankrolled a lot of this game, like streetfighter v this will never come to xbox.
  • well I guess MSFT just have to go and buy studio and IP if game explodes lol
  • As per the Dev, Sony has Not backrolled them
  • Well, Xbox got Elite Dangerous and PS4 didn't... Obviously we need to wait for the reviews, but a lot of people seem to think NMS won't live up to the hype, and E:D will turn out to be the superior game.
  • PS4 is getting Elite Dangerous
  • 149$, yikes!
  • For a limited edition collector's version... 
  • As much as I am looking forward to NMS, my pre-order lesson was painfully learned from SimCity & Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • That's easily alleviated by pre-ordering, then canceling if review are bad, or returning it. As long as you don't open it before you hear from others, you're fine.
  • Someone else's opinion might not coincide with yours. A reviewer might love a game that you think is utter sh!te and vice versa. So that's not a good solution.
  • Its a fine solution. Reviews are more than "this game sux" or "i love this game." You need to read complete reviews that cover all aspects of the game and explain why the reviewer did or did not like it.  
  • No it's not, it's a flawed solution. Reviews are rarely complete and cover all aspects of the game, let alone objectively. It's a subjective topic, so no matter how many reviews you read, at the end of the day you're going to make you're own decision, just like with films. Unless you're the type to look up how many stars a film has before watching it haha!! Rather than just watching it because you think it looks good. A solution would be not to pre order, or if you do, keep in mind you're taking a risk.
  • Not pre-ordering doesn't solve a freaking thing, so IDK why you think reading reviews is bad, but not buying the game is a solution. It's laughably bad logic. There's no having a discussion with you. I'm not wasting my time.
  • It's ok to be wrong don't worry. Bye lolol
  • Umm...who goes to one person, and no one else, for opinion? If you're doing that, then it had be your bestest friend ever or something. You'd obviously read an aggregate of reviews and check for fundamental game flaws, rather than just a single person's personal biases.
  • Actually I convince a friend to purchase said game under the guise that it is phenomenal. Upon release I them something happened to my copy (mad ex, angry dog, playful cat) and if I could borrow theirs...sure the setup is elaborate and I'm running out of friends but I have saved a ton. Speaking of which if anyone needs a friend in south Jersey...
  • Pre-orders are completely pointless anyway for a digital download. They can't possibly sell out of digital copies. And, honestly, the pre-order "bonuses" are almost universally crap. It's a scam to get your money early to help bankroll development. Just say no.
  • Very true. Normally when I pre-order it is for a physical Collector's Edition of some type.
  • I agree. Pre-ordering digital goods is idiotic. Even when I pre-order physical copies on Amazon I'm not charged any money until it actually ships.  
  • Putting the money aside beforehand, preloading the full game and day 1 patches, getting access to the game the night before release (time-zone dependent) or immediately at midnight, etc. I haven't regretted it once so far.
  • Elite dangerous for me... Nms seems cartoony
  • It's ridiculously expensive when one considers it's an indie game supposedly... Hopefully there's no crappy DRM in it that ruins SSDs Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Well, the fact that you can get it on GoG means there is at least one place you can buy without drm of any kind. Posted via my HTC One M7
  • Man, I would pay 70$ for it. The vastness of this game is incredible(by developers), this game has many play styles and looks like great gameplay too. Can't wait for it. Posted via Samsung Galaxy S6 but still love for Windows.
  • It actually is just an exceptionally creative way to use procedural generation. The game itself won't be massive if we talk about its size. I won't be surprised if the game requires less than 15 GB of space. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • For kicks I ran the Explorer's Edition thru checkout @ IAM8BIT or whatever the e-seller is called. $149 US + shipping to Canada comes out to about $270 CDN when all is said and done. Pass. Vanilla edition for me, methinks.
  • Wish this could come out for XBox Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same. But this will give me an excuse to blow the dust off my dormant PS4.
  • Xbox losing again, not happy at all.
  • Losing what? It was always a PlayStation and PC exclusive.
  • Dude you know what I mean. I'm on team Xbox all the way but Xbox is losing against Playstation this generation and I would love that to change.
  • Ohhh. Yeah, I wish it was selling better too. But as long as they keep releasing great games and improving the system, that's what really matters.
  • Selling numbers are most important for sure and there is a reason for that in my opinion: X1 is not powerful enough in comparison to PS4.
    My comment was only from a customers perspective and I don't want to have the second best experience with multi platform games. It's the little things that add up and make a noticeable difference.
  • Sony has marketed NMS as "Playstation 4 Console Debut"  not Platform Exclusive
  • They're only losing if you're not enjoying it, I love the games I have. Saving up for a ps4 anyways so no one is losing out ;)
  • This game honestly looks so frekin cool and unique. Really hope to get it. Zachary Bowling - ZAD Apps
  • Really hope to see this on Xbox One.
  • It's a PlayStation exclusive, so no such luck.
  • And PC.
  • Sony has marketed NMS as "Playstation 4 Console Debut" not Platform Exclusive
  • Sticking to Star Citizen for now but hoping MS does a Haloverse MMO/Space Sim.
  • Unlike Scam Citizen, I'll stick to games that will actually be released before the heat death of the universe.
  • That's the day before my birthday!!
  • It's not really a scam. A scam is when you intentionally try to defraud someone. Chris Roberts probably truly believes he's going to deliver on all his promises, eventually... But he really, really, spectacularly sucks at it. It's why Microsoft fired him from Privateer -- he couldn't get a handle on feature creep and actually ship the game. Star Citizen is just history repeating itself.
  • So basically it's a space scavanging and exploring game.  I guess that's cool but it seems like it would be super boring after a week or two of play.
  • They have their niche.  
  • Tell that to EVE Online players.
  • I've watched some of the gameplay and listened to podcasts and I have little, if any, interest in this. Seems way, way overhyped. Reminds me of the WatchDogs hype train that stuck me for $60. I'm sure some people will gravitate to it, but I don't see it.
  • Oh don't get me started about WatchDogs! I pre-ordered the collector's edition complete with statue. Game interest lasted about 2 hours. Horrible because the main character was a ****** (French word for shower).
  • I had to look that up... Good to learn new things
  • Unless it's a slam dunk, I don't preorder anymore after the dumpster fire WatchDogs. IGN and the like hyped it soooo much. It was pathetic. They did the same for Destiny and kept riding that horse since launch even though it was mediocre at best coming out. Now, Destiny is much better, but I've become tin foil hat wary of IGN.
  • Game is such an expensive luxury now.
    Just realize I'm so poor T.T