Microsoft: There won't be any new Windows 10 builds released this week

If you were hoping that Microsoft would release some new builds for Windows 10 this week, prepare for disappointment. Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul has confirmed that isn't going to happen.

Aul confirmed, via his Twitter account:

"We are working on it, but won't have a new build for phone or PC this week."

Some people were expecting at least a new Windows 10 for phone build this week that would have included the release of the universal Office apps for smartphones. Indeed, Microsoft's own Windows Insider website was updated this week with an help page for Windows 10 for phone that included some features that are not available in the current 10051 build.

It's more than possible that many Windows team members have been occupied with attending two back-to-back conferences: last week's Build 2015 developer event and this week's Microsoft Ignite IT Pro conference.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

John Callaham
  • Damn! I thought they were going release the phone build. Why do we even have this "fast ring" for ? They should push whatever they added at least to the fast ring users.
  • Never mind .!! The more we wait better and improved build ;)
  • Hopefully they decided to completely redo a few things that they received much user feedback and ire about :)
  • Then be ready for disappointment. Because the feedback is just for sake of it. Did you see any major feedback taken into consideration for phone builds? All they are doing is trolling insiders.
  • Yeah, its just to make it seem as if we're contributing, to kind of shut us up, its the bin where all the hate mail goes
  • Just because you aren't getting features YOU want doesn't mean they aren't listening. Plenty of user requested features have been added. They're not going to add everything no more hamburger icon, they're not going to remove that. Deal with it. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Says the person posting via the WPC App for Android. Just because you want others stuck with the same fate as you...
  • Yes, because a multi billion dollar company doesn't have anything better to do than to troll faceless no-names with an opinion on the internet.
  • I always laugh when people assume listening to feedback means doing every single thing that's brought up. Seriously, they've been listening. 
  • Yeah sure, if we look at last build which came more than one month after first, and it was worse than first...
  • Guys, please vote for this idea on uservoice..Would be great to see it implemented.
  • Exactly. Do away with the stupid fast ring nonsense if you're not gonna use it. Learn from the desktop division and put out regular updates that actually show progress. What is it? Three releases in four plus months?
    My main gripe is they rarely follow through with things on time and the fast ring idea just seems useless or wasted when it comes to the phone OS
  • Fast Ring will make more sense with time. Up to now the main focus has been the desktop version, but now that the desktop if more or less 'feature complete' (still hoping for text message on desktop!) they will start squashing bugs and spending more time on the phone. Plus, as the article mentioned, they have been a little busy with this last round of conferences. Putting together feature-specific demo builds is not exactly easy, and I am sure it has sucked up a lot of their time.
    Plus, after release, fast ring will be for those who want to beta test the next month's features, similar to what we see on Xbox. Just give them a little time to catch phone up with the attention it needs.
  • The bad thing is they promised that there will be a build before April ends but now what? Sorry but even the next build it will be bombarded with bugs. Just look at the last build took them 2 months to deliver, a build with airplane mode cant be turned on and data that cant be turned off and a build without office apps.
  • They have been slower than they promised because things have taken longer than they hoped. That's life. It's a preview, not even beta, be glad we have access to these builds at all. MS of old (and most companies) wouldn't show anything at this stage, you'd be waiting 6 months before you even saw anything.
  • Can we finally stop with this "be glad that MSFT is even doing this" bullshit?  This is the last chance they got to grab a bigger chunk of the smartphone market.
    This is more like us helping them, not the other way around.
    Stop being such a MSFT apologist already.
  • And will you stop crying because they didn't release a PREVIEW os this week? Jeez, what does it take to make people happy? They're gonna grab the phone market when windows 10 actually releases, like more than 3 months from now. They're not gonna grab the market with pre release beta software. Preview builds may have been late in the past too. How do you know that the first beta of wp8.1 was dead on time? No one does. Because they didn't shed light on it until it was near completion. Now everyone knows because MS is being a bit more public about the whole preview thing. That's the only difference. The only difference is this time the preview is public, last time it was all done internally. Who knows how many builds were later than expected then? It happens in all companies. You expect to get something done quickly and something annoying pops up which you cant solve that fast. Developing isn't as easy as you think
  • If they released what they had today, you would be the first to complain, because it wouldn't even be remotely optimised for your device and you'd probably end up with a brick. Tbh, I think they're running later than scheduled because they're probably still having issues with the Lumia 930. Now they already made the promise that the 930 would get this build, so which one do you think they should go for? Release it later but fix all the scaling and partition stitching issues with the 930, or release a buggy build this week and tell 930 users they'll have to wait till the next build? I think they should take the first option
  • Nothing to apologize for MS are building an OS, they're releasing previews for feedback when they can....MS aren't to blame for your impatience. It'll be out later in the year, we'll get previews in the meantime as and when available.
  • Can we stop with the whining bullshit? It IS a technical preview and we ARE fortunate to even be seeing this stage of development. Guess what? Things at this level don't always go smoothly and there will be delays, bugs, crashes, etc.  Get over it and stop being so entitled.
  • Promised? They don't owe you an early build. Either feedback on the previews when they're available or stop being an insider. We want insiders who help the development of the product not petulant children who want to open their presents before christmas
  • I don't even know if I'll be able to get the nex build due bugs. Apps won't update anymore if not completely reinstalled, but windows insiders seems can't be reinstalled due internal bug. Wtf
  • yeah we are still around a year from release are we not?  
  • I would imagine we are looking at about a september release if all goes as planned.
  • I don't necessarily think it's wasted. I think that they need to have the builds put in enough people hands to actually get some meaningful feedback. If it's just being used to get a sneak peek at what's going to be coming down the pipe for a week and then on to the next build... that would seem like more of a waste to me.
  • Microshaft!
  • If they actually decided to completely redo a few things, they might need to get it operational again before release perhaps? There's no point in releasing something that's currently broken. I doubt they want to repeat the 520 bricking problem either.
  • yea, no point to release something you're going to get a bunch of feedback that you already know about! It's a preview people and if there's something worth looking at then we'll get it.  At this point, I've pretty much put down my 920 with W10 and waiting for a new build before picking it up again and testing stuff.  That's how it works. Those of you urgently looking to get a new build, well get it off your primary device :)
  • Microsloth
  • +Microsloth
  • Do you really want your phone to be bricked so much?
  • You guys all need to re-read that last paragraph. The devs are probably not chained to their desks.
  • And if they released a build that bricked your phone, you would be the first here to complain and demand that Microsoft buy you a new phone. When they released a build that caused problems for some models, there were people here on WC demanding that Microsoft replace their phone at MS' expense. No matter what, people like you who feel self-entitled and demand changes on your terms, when you want them, will never be happy and when it does not go the way you want then you have your little temper-tantrum then you line up to scream about how bad MS is. Look at some of the replies to your comment - Microshaft, Microsloth, they are "lazy-ass". We all want new builds, but to complain when you don't get your way for a free beta is unbelievable.
  • I complain when they brick my phone BEFORE I can even install W10 TP
  • Completely agree. The whining babies need to suckle and shut up!
  • AGREED +1!
  • Fast ring for? Well something I am sure about that nobody wants a build that when installed on phone bricks it and you are with nothing but a brick in your hand.
    Moral: Even for fast ring they cannot push anything they have or not have
  • Another broken promise, MS do have a good track record of not meeting their set time.
  • I'm going to go out and enjoy the weather.
  • I'm going to go and pet my cat
  • I just came back and goin out again XD
  • Lol! Still remember that? ;)
  • Windows 10 in Lumia 940....!!!!
  • Sounds good! I'm not complaining.
  • Do some work for a change
  • I cant even fathom living in a place where the weather isnt amazing 9 out of 10 days. It's great not being obligated to go outside when mother nature says its okay!
  • Makes a whole heap of sense.  Have fun.
  • I went out before... It was horrible
  • Your comment is not related to this topic. Plz go to forum.
  • Lol *win*
  • Daniel, only comments relevant to the article are allowed.
  • Hey Cortana, do I need an umbrella today? ;)
  • Please post relevant comments.
  • Need more phone builds
  • Why?
  • Shut down the windows insider or just allow some people to provide information come from every countries. After that release a good OS or UI even faster, if the final version or official version does not good enough, then ask the users switch to other OSes.
    Keep posting fake update or some lie expectations to global is not a responsibility attitude from Microsoft.
  • And a lot of us are in the fast
  • Microsoft keeps playing with my emotions lol >_
  • Microsoft keeps playing with my emoticons... :D
  • You must be an emotional fool then. Θ_Θ
  • They gave you the middle finger emoticon. Windows 10 style!
  • Ya they must have been busy with those two huge conferences, sessions and demos...if they are releasing the next build..release it with a bang and lots more features and tweaks
  • I really wish they would hurry up with a new phone build. Soooo much shit doesn't work right. Email is virtually useless. Things crash all the time, phone locks up two or three times a day, alarms don't work, Cortana is COMPLETELY useless. I'm about ready to try to roll back but then I have to set everything up again and I'm too lazy.
  • A rollback isn't that hard.   I figure it's useless to test the latest build anymore as I'm sure feedback has been collected and changes already made in the devlopment cycle.
  • Did you not read about this issues before you installed it? What else did you expect from a Technical preview including Beta and Alpha versions of programs and running progams not even developed for this system :O
  • You were warned many times.
  • I'm getting tired of the whining... what, you think everything was going to be perfect just for you??  You complain about microsoft not making a perfectly working technical preview, and then you yourself state that you are too lazy to roll back to the official OS that does work... something is wrong with  you, not microsofts OS which at the current time is 8.1... don't whine when they give us something that doesn't work when it isn't supposed too. Don't eat the raw steak.... you might get sick and your phone might just die.  Only for those with strong guts in my opinion.
  • Funny, you're complaining for things not working right that weren't actually supposed to be working right. It's a technical preview. The name makes a lot of sense.
  • For petes sake the contacts app has a freaking alpha symbol, they even left the old one in so that you could manage your contacts still, if you dont understand the words technical preview, alpha, beta, or anything else that Gabe Aul or MS say, then this is not for you... be happy they give us anything at all and are listening to feedback (mostly)
  • Don't worry, be happy. They're working hard to fix all these issues. Next few builds are gonna be great.
  • i rolled back my 830 again as it is now my daily driver over 920.. I will be using test builds onmy 920 from now on until they are much more stable.
  • Alarms work fine. You have to have your ringer volume on full though because the alarm volume is the ringer volume as well
  • In that case I guess I have no other option than to go get a life.
  • LOL coming from you that's saying a lot
  • Good observation wpnoob!
  • Hahaha lol so do a lot of others on here
  • And do you.really want something released with a much larger amount of.bugs and problems that may vrick the phone. Then you' whining why did they release this.Sheesh
  • Exactly! People often don't even understand what they actually download.
  • Yup...let's pretend they released every week, and every week the build regressed or even bricked phones...then what would people say? We're better off the way they are doing it now.
    I will say the fast ring is a little dumb right now, but as the product matures, I bet they'll take more advantage of it.
  • OK, this is not good.  I don't think I will go much longer before switching back to 8.1.  I need the Office Apps especially OneNote daily.  
  • They are really slow with phones right now. We had just 2 builds for fast ring in 2 months
  • They are focused on desktop at the moment.
  • He's right, they are focused on desktop right now. Because Windows is an OS for computer etc.
  • Guess I can't use my camera for at least another week. Fast track problems.
  • MS needs to divert more resources to Windows Phone.
  • The real reason they haven't released a new build yet is because they know we would all be using that new middle finger emoji when describing how well it works.
  • Ding! ding! ding! We have a winner! LOL.
  • *slow claps*
  • Im ready to try it on the icon but I hope they improve the people app first BC its horrible
  • I tried TP 10 on the Icon when it first cane out via Chinese hack method. Missed some features to 8.1 and lagged quite a bit and obviously battery drain. Reverted back to 8.1 after a week.
  • Shit this is becoming unbearable with lots of bugs hanging on over a month now, I need my office doc asap
  • Nobody forced you to upgrade.
  • I know it is a technical preview so I'm waiting for something closer to the final build.  At this point I think using it on your primary phone is taking a risk.
  • Like the Brits say "bloody hell" we'll get another one next week. All is well
  • Some of you folks talk like this is a really big deal; this and that don't work, ECT. You're supposed to be testing functionality, not relying on it as a daily driver.
    Use, test, report, move on.
    I'd suspect if we did get an update, folks would still whine about it.
  • Whiners gonna whine. Just let them cry, I'm here, patiently waiting for it.
  • +1520
  • ^THIS
  • Thank God there are still intelligent people!
  • Agreed
  • What a refreshingly rare opinion. Thanks for saying this! :D
  • I've done dev work before. I understand the methodology, and I appreciate being involved. I can only imagine the complexities behind what MS is trying to accomplish here. If they need time, take it. My daily drivers work just fine - because I read the recommendation to not use this for that - therefore a delay is not an issue.
  • "Windows 10 for phone is laggy and buggy Microsoft please fix"...... Loads of people are putting this comment on the feedback app for windows 10 on phone, as I'm running out on my older Lumia 820 I'm doing exactly what MSFT want. I'm using it finding issues, reporting them and enjoying using despite the frustration of it at times. My only real criticism is that non of it seems to follow a common design thread. I'm a little confused that, for instance, the pictures of your contacts are circular. Then on the other hand the new e-mail/calendar Apps seem
    very formal and stark, when compared to the rest of the OS and Apps. After a few hours using it, then coming back to WP 8.1.2., makes me realise what a great OS the current one still is. Look forward to next build!
  • I don't care.. Rolled back to 8.1 after testing it for an hour. Super buggy and slow!
  • 100 days after the annoucement of Hololens = so much improvement. 100 after the Windows 10 announcement = 2 phone builds. I dont know but i feel betrayed by Microsoft.  Promised build every month on phones, we get the next build 2 months after. Promised Office for Phones after the month of April ends. Still no builds after a week. Pop this shit. Am out.
  • Meanwhile in the parallel Universe,.... People are like, Why the f**k would you release the OS so buggy, can't do shit, apps don't work. Die Microsoft!!  
  • I was waiting impatiently because my maps app are not opening.
    I already postponed my journey due to maps.
  • And you loaded a Beta OS on your primary device why??? That issue is nobodies fault but your own. Your journey was not delayed due to maps, it's delayed due to you loading a beta on a device that you apparently use as your main device. They even told you not to do did that to yourself...sorry.
  • I awaited a long before installation. I read so many feedbacks but no body reported that maps are not working.
  • That's because maps are working... I don't know what your specific issue is, but they work great for me! I'm going on a journey! I will share some pictures when I get back :)
  • As I've found on my 820, it's having issues that other handset simply aren't. There are definitely issues relating to individual handsets. But maybe that's good, so that I can report these issue back to MSFT. Unlocking 820 is interesting when the number pad is just a blank black area!
  • That's a good point, different devices will have different experiences. But that's the point of a technical preview, find the bugs and report them.
  • They have all the resources focused in the Desktop part.
    Mobile will only receive their needed attention when Desktop part RTMs, by the middle of July. So, I can't wait for it!!
  • Why they couldn't say at the beginning of this week "No builds this week" instead of waiting until the last day and telling us the obvious? Why Gabe only says "no new builds this week" instead of something like "Maybe in one or two weeks" or any eta. Its possible that he will say the same again next friday "no builds this week". They wanted to get our feedback but hardly give us anything to give feedback for. By the time we finally get another preview build, MS will already be too close to the RTM date to really make that much changes based on our feedback.
  • Probably because they couldn't tell at the beginning of the week that they wouldn't make it in time. "By the time we finally get another preview build, MS will already be too close to the RTM date to really make that much changes based on our feedback." By the time desktop reaches RTM, Microsoft will invest more resources in the phone part and release builds more often.
  • maybe monday morning there will be a nice little notifaction for you XD  
  • I think people really underestimate the amount of work that goes into releasing a new build. It's not as simple as just pressing a button and that's it.
  • But they do have a button! Gabe even showed a picture of it, it's a big red button :)
  • I was thinking exactly the same. Some people think it's just magic.
  • Being the developer of individual hobby applications (on different operating systems), I can say this: Making a single application work problem free can be challenging at times. Publishing it to the whole world via the internet means you will get people upset if things do not work well. Microsoft makes an operating system for both phone and desktop, in parallel development. I cannot even imagine how much time it must take to make a binary release that works "good enough" (at this alpha/beta stage).  The more they test, the better it will work. I, too, think they were too busy at these conferences. I am eagerly awaiting the next Windows 10 release for phones. I would never use it on a daily driver, though. I only test it on my Lumia 920 which is nothing but a dedicated test device.
  • Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  • As long as the L930 has no Win10 build, no release is necessary. 
  • If they waited until today then it means that it is almost finished.
  • The fast ring might have had some technical delays as well as the slow rings if its not out this week but i am way better off right now without the updates since i shattered my 920 screen. i feel im in the slo-mo ring after this incident. My poor phone(sob sob)
  • After the last two builds I have been scared away from using these preview builds for WP and I test alpha/beta/pre-release software for a living. So them taking their time for the next build is a good thing.
  • The current phone build is 10052, guys.
  • Cool!
  • In US this week ends with Saturday? So will keep fingers crossed for Sunday then... lol
  • -microslot
  • Commemorating victory day, David's victory day.
  • Wow.... As expected
  • If this will result to a more stable build, then i'm willing to wait.
  • But not every build worth waiting
  • The middle finger emoji was meant for us ...WP users!!
  • Really.. really..  lol
  • Microsoft is testing my patience
  • Then maybe you shouldn't use a technical preview...
  • Aren't some of us testing something.
  • No. They're playing around with your patience.
    Just enjoy it until next year :)
  • Hey, im out at Ignite now. These guys are all out here so I can see why nothing new was released. Cool stuff is on the way, though!
  • The morale of the story?
    They are people, like everyone else working within the constraints of reality.
  • Yes
  • And im just here sitting in front of my computer, playing dota2. :)
  • Its fuc**** boring to wait so long for phone build everytime. Desktop is in good shape now. Focus on mobile build microsoft
  • Who says they aren't focusing on mobile? Maybe there's some major problem that was discovered in this build and, instead of releasing it and bricking people's phones, they're holding off and making sure it's fixed? Creating a new OS is not an easy thing, delays should be expected.
  • My Lumia Icon will have to wait a little longer.. DAMMIT!, on well..  
  • So when windows 10 will be release kindly say us...
    I have been waiting for a long time
  • Actually I don’t understand what the team doing. Promised us to release the universal office for phone at the end of April, but failed. When I open the windows central for news, I always got the message that the build will not coming this week or the edition missed the deadline. What about your feeling, wper? I feel desperate, and I’m leaving. When Microsoft publish the wp10, the new iphone will also available. How many wpers bought windows phone because of Nokia, and how many wper will insist the platform without Nokia, whatever, I’m leaving, I can’t see any future of the platform if Microsoft behave like this.
  • Bye! We won't miss you. Seriously, if you think the entire platform was about Nokia then you totally missed the point of Windows Phone. There are other companies that produce really nice Windows Phones and they deserve just as much attention as the Nokia phones did. Plus Microsoft has already proven that they can make a nice device, look at the 640 and 640XL, those are nice phones especially on low end. I already have the phone I want, a Lumia 1020. Excellent device and I bought it because of what it could do from day one. Everything else was just bonus, including Windows 10. I'm just as impatient as everyone else for the next build release, but at least I know what development is about and that it's hard to put stuff like this together. You run into unexpected problems and you need to take the time to fix them. Obviously you have never been part of a release cycle and development. If you like iPhone and the next one will be available soon, then great! Go out and buy it! But leave your negativity about a competing platform to yourself, especially when this isn't even a beta release. Do you know what alpha and beta even mean? Either way, doesn't matter. If you want to leave then just do it already and let the real tech people do what they love - test unfinished products to improve it for the general public before release.
  • I don't see how you are supposed to seriously test anything if it is not on a phone you use a lot. I don't see how it is a good use of our time to have millions of us looking for bugs, sometimes the same obvious bugs that anybody who picks up the device would notice in five minutes, all of us discovering these same bugs over and over again. I don't see why asking our opinion about annoying things like hamburger menus is even relevant if those things are already baked in and won't be changed. I don't see why good features that have been on other OSs for ages don't even seem to be contemplated on WP10. There. Got it off my chest.
  • ok, I've switched back to 8.1 update 2 which is nt released to older device like 1520 & as per the smart guys who say wp 8.1 is what exists, I'll like to point out why MS provoke people to use, insider preview for updating to wp 8.1 update 2 and get a poking notification to update,to wp10 which doesn't exist according to these MS supporters why do they wish to justify the mistakes which Microsoft itself excepted as a lazy step only to release win10 for desktop earlier.
    The only conclusion one can find is that due to a dominating desktop OS, Microsoft itself doesn't want to be bother about Mobile Os
  • Ummmm.... You physically had to go out of your way to be able to do that. MS isn't provoking anyone to use Windows 10 or WP 8.1 Update 2. WP 8.1 Update 1 is the most current release. Update 2 was only for specific devices. It also shows up as a waypoint on some devices when you use the Windows Insider app that you have to download. Microsoft specifically told people like you not to download it and it's your fault for not listening. Of course they are focusing on desktop. That's where most of their users are at! It's not that hard to understand. The Windows 10 for phones team will release the next PREVIEW build when they are ready. So stop with your nonsense.
  • Man o man its freaking irritating!!!
  • Way too slow releasing phones (640 and xl) and tech preview builds ridiculous
  • I believe this qualifies as #firstworldproblems
  • Hahahaha true
  • FFS those moaning can you please get a grip and stop whining it's so boring and rather sad!
  • I'm getting wp10 on my main phone even with no way to downgrade... Yolo.
    Also my phone is ****ed up with many bugs anyway, maybe wp10 will be better... If it isn't, I'm moving to android.
  • I hold the same opinion, there is nothing for us that chose the fast ring
  • Running it on my 1520, which is my primary device. The few new features that are accessible are pretty good. Honestly, I think the biggest thing for me is to able to voice text in most text input areas. I never realized how much.i would appreciate this feature. Anyway, has anyone noticed that they went from tech preview to insider preview. Which.probably means the next build will be fairly complete, with the exception of a few surprise features that they haven't really talked about. When they release the RTM version, other features will start to leak out. As for it being fast ring, I don't care about it being late. I'm almost willing to bet it will be released next week. Tuesday or Thursday. JMO
  • The closer they get to RTM is expect release to become more seldom, if not cease entirely. At some point they'll have processed ask the feedback they need and it'll be time to start finalizing code.
  • Why the delays in the builds?... Windows 10 is suppose to work across all form factors right?...then why do I have the feeling that Windows 10 for phones will be significantly different from Windows 10 for PCs n tablets
  • Yes they need to improve on the existing features before releasing any other build
  • Most frustrating is that u don't hav office in the current built,
    I cannot imagine that windows 10 phone / mobile doesn't have the only selling advantage which had been their slogan
  • This hasn't been true for quite some time now. Office is on every other device out there. This is a PREVIEW! It's not finished. Grow up and stop spewing nonsense.
  • mOh yeh it has been on other OS but that version office was not able to edit the docs.
    Go back and see the initial advertisement when Nokia Lumia was introduced.
    They always read only phone with office suite. That was same time during which htc 8x was released with the similar slogan
    Now ur spewing to prove those advts were lies
  • Alrighty then! I'll blast my feedbacks on u till u release a build
  • So just relax
  • I had the privilege of talking to an MS employee at the start of the month through my work, he's suggested that there may not be a new phone build until June. :(
  • Nice try bro!!
  • Until June fuck that shit m rolling back to Denim i cnt use this buggy windows 10 till june.
  • Troll
  • To be sure, it's until June next years.
    Enjoy it :)
  • Punctual as always... This why I say either provide a timeline & stick to it or just be vague & not build hype & hope only to come crashing down like a house of cards
  • Tipical M$FT.
  • Hello 90s! Welcome to 2015! Now please go back before you screw something up in the space time continuum.
  • My keyboard is screwed up it is centered in the middle of my screen 1520 wp10 sucks bad, and my music and one drive app won't update smdh
  • Suuuurprise. GG Microsoft - not.
  • If they can't roll out a phone build on their own promised timeframe, then why to announce it? BIG GANG of Liars are there
  • Exactly
  • Yes they are.
  • I knew it
  • I'm like others in this thread, wanting a new build asap so I can actually install it.  I need access to docs on my phone, and need to have multiple email inboxes.  I can work around the latter but not the former, so I am encouraged by the stories that the new build would include Office 2016 access.  But as we head into summer, I'm starting to wonder if there's any real correlation between frequency between TP builds and just how staggered-behind-desktop WP10 will be?  I would rather more resources be allocated toward getting a releasable version ready than open-ended TP's with experimental aspects.  Once the whole Windows 10 staggers to life, Microsoft can continue with the builds.  But let's get the thing off the ground first.  
  • This ^ ^ ^ Exactly! Thank you!
  • By the time wp10 releases, ios 10 maybe there already.
  • Windows 10 for Lumia 535 is AWFUL guys. ONLY BUGS.  
  • Who told you to install an unreleased software then.. :/
  • Usual lies from Gabe and joe. Everyone should be used to broken promises, deadlines etc. Who cares anymore really.... I'm over it
  • Everyone should leaves this pathetic OS. Serious.
  • I feel the same way
  • Here's what strikes me as disappointing:
    There is clearly many of you out there that have loaded WM10 onto your devices without understanding just exactly what you've just signed up for. This was/is not Developers Preview, like before. You're not being helpful to the cause by just showing up to the game, if you're not going to play by the rules - to use an analogy. Yes, things wont work. Things aren't supposed to work - and MS said so.
    Why this is disappointing is that if folks cant read the specifics about what they're getting involved with, how, exactly, are you going to be able to provide MS with proper feedback so they can fix these issues that will absolutely crop up? Swear at them? Call them names? Threaten to do such and such?
    Its a shame because this process MS is allowing users to be involved in what amounts to a huge development process - unheard of in the industry - and this is how folks respond? Y'all should take a step back and listen to yourselves - ya sound like spoiled children, not adults that have been invited by one of the worlds largest companies, for assistance in its largest OS build. I'd not be surprised if MS shitcans this involvement in the future.
  • I think more people are upset by the fact that there is a slow ring and fast ring, but we have only seen two updates. I personally don't have any issues, but it is frustrating when they told us we would get a update before months end and now its May 9th, no update.
  • I think I made the perfect choice to stay in Windows 8.1 UPDATE 2
  • You sir, are annoying... Update 2 was never released for most phones you physically had to go out of your way to get it. I've already corrected you multiple times. From now on don't post useless drivel. You are part of the reason humanity is so utterly stupid.
  • Smart ass summer_moon can u tell me what disqualifies lumia 1520 from being out of the list of those specific devices to which 8.1 update 2 is officially released. Yes when MS sponsored supporters like u go out of the way & prevent a better performing update to be released to certain devices, just for the sake of company's profit, then any person would have to go out of the way to use the updates by other means.
    Let me correct ur corrective efforts. none of the devices which officially recieved the update 2 are higher in hardware configuration than 1520 so any one with a common sense of human being would object those sales target based biased crap
  • What exactly did you need from update 2?
  • Many Improvements one example is the concised setting which is better than the old long list settings menu
  • I can understand no new desktop build this week since we just got 10074.
  • I don't want to hear anymore about this Universal OS crap. Windows 10 for desktop and phone are different. MSFT can prove otherwise by releasing the same build for both at the same time.
  • Always waiting.
    Sigh.. Feels so pathetic.
  • People moaning about timescales are clearly idiots. Windows 10 will be out later in the year, previews will be made available for testing/feedback periodically, if you want to help so. MS doesn't owe you and hasn't promised you a working Windows 10 latest release until the final release date is given. Don't put test software on your main device then complain about bugs.... If you don't understand the concept of software testing then go back to 8.1 and stop filling boards and forums with your petulant whining.
  • Absolutely well said.
  • Yep, rolled back to 8.1 update 2 after this week's disappointment of no new build.
  • This week... Why say that on a Friday. Two days it'll be next week lmao...
  • Well how can u report for bugs and improvements when u don't have the widely used part of software. How can u give feedback when u can not test a particular functionality
  • Rolled back 3rd time within this week due to lack of release of a new built
  • Still NOTHING for the ICON or 930, and these were the flagship phones ? What a freaking joke.  
  • We need more frequent builds - I don't see progress, parity and momentum that Microsoft is putting into the desktop\tablet release of W10. WP, once again, any afterthought - a lot of talking but what do we see....
  • i just hope the next build will have all the feedback we made to MS,if not then it would be a blow to the insiders cos we spend time testing and suggesting how we would like the pc/phones to operate since we are the end users.i fill there is something they are working on esp the office apps for phones could be still in progress and a lil way far from doing what they are supposed to hence the delay