Microsoft: There won't be any new Windows 10 builds released this week

If you were hoping that Microsoft would release some new builds for Windows 10 this week, prepare for disappointment. Windows Insider head Gabriel Aul has confirmed that isn't going to happen.

Aul confirmed, via his Twitter account:

"We are working on it, but won't have a new build for phone or PC this week."

Some people were expecting at least a new Windows 10 for phone build this week that would have included the release of the universal Office apps for smartphones. Indeed, Microsoft's own Windows Insider website was updated this week with an help page for Windows 10 for phone that included some features that are not available in the current 10051 build.

It's more than possible that many Windows team members have been occupied with attending two back-to-back conferences: last week's Build 2015 developer event and this week's Microsoft Ignite IT Pro conference.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter)

John Callaham