no NoDo for me


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Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm the owner of free Samsung Omnia 7 from Barcelona and I haven't recived the update!Fuc@*´_***++´´ñççç!!!
  • Hahaha so true. ATT Focus owner here. I don't really care that much about NoDo though. I just hope that Mango update will be smoother than this.
  • NoDo for me as well.Samsung Focus.Rogers network Toronto - Canada.:(
  • Still NoDo here too - Samsung Omnia 7 (3 UK)
  • Jesus, it's a staged rollout!You need to wait patiently, it was only released today.How this constitutes a news article, I have no idea!
  • It's a COMIC, you know, to add levity to a situation. Lots of people wanted/expected the update soon and are disappointed. This pokes a bit of fun at it.Seriously, if I need to explain that to our readers then I'm not sure what else to do...lighten up a bit.
  • The fact some people have gotten it already is a good sign, now if you get it today or 2 days from now is the only question. And I think Mango is important enough to MS (specially if it brings with it a new wave of devices) that they'll push as hard as they can to get it out to people faster.
  • Samsung Omnia7 unbranded on Vodafone Italy I manually flashed to JK1 firmware for solving the preupdate Samsung issue, so mow i got 7008 but no NoDo yet for me on my Zune
  • The problem here is, as I understand, that they (MS) pushed the update to the carriers and it's there. Only owners of the unbranded phones (they obviously don't have a carrier) received their update (but as we're hearing not everyone - some who didn't get the pre-NoDo didn't get NoDo itself, but rather the former update).Now it comes to us (owners of the branded devices - the majority) that we may be forced to wait week, two or three or even more for the update to come.It's even more sad when you think about all the people who waited anxiously since January and were TOTALLY sure they WILL get the phone updated now.Oh well...
  • NoDo = Not Donut (as in the Android donut update)?
  • It's an inside joke. One of the MS employees was supposed to bring donuts to a meeting and didn't. Hence, no donuts.
  • No, No Donut as in someone didn't bring donuts to a Windows Phone 7 planning meeting. -Apparently-, but I don't know who to believe.
  • lol, crazy. at least I was close
  • I am starting to think that NoDo = No U Don't..rediculous that it takes this long to get an update especially after the many delays.
  • According to AT&T (!/ATTCustomerCare/status/50613234054598656) they have nothing to share about NoDo at this time - so for those of us using AT&T-branded Samsung Focus I guess we'll get it sometime between now and the next major release, or perhaps maybe never. So much for Microsoft's vow to keep the carriers from getting in the way. We're right back where we started when it comes to carrier interference. That unlocked-and-fully-supported-from-Apple iPhone is starting to look like a better option - if only I didn't have to deal with iTunes.