Nokia announces the Lumia 1520 in Vietnam; offers wireless speaker in pre-order deal

Nokia has unveiled the Lumia 1520 in Vietnam, announcing pre-orders from November 8th. The price is said to be $15,999,000 VND ($800), according to WinPhoneViet. The device was unveiled in Saigon yesterday, just weeks after the product was shown off in Abu Dhabi. If you're waiting to get your hands on the new smartphone, the wait is almost over.

Lumia 1520

If you've not been following the news, the Lumia 1520 is the high-end Windows Phone phablet. What's more is the first 1,000 consumers to place an order will be rewarded with a JBL PlayUp wireless speaker when pre-ordering the Lumia 1520. Not a bad deal.

Source: WinPhoneViet; thanks, Tung, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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