Nokia announces the second season of Your Wish is My App, an Indian app reality TV show

Earlier today, Nokia India announced the second season of their app reality show - Your Wish is My App. Following the unanticipated success of the first season, the show is intended to kindle the imagination of app enthusiasts.

The campaign will give consumers the opportunity to submit mobile application ideas that have the potential to be developed into successful apps for the Windows Phone Store and stand a chance to become a millionaire.

Last year the show received 38,000 app ideas, and this year Nokia is looking forward to a pool of 50,000 app ideas. Also, this year, the campaign will include consumers and developers from across the globe. 30 shortlisted apps will be showcased in a nine-episode reality TV show which will be aired on NDTV Prime starting mid-March.

In addition to the grand prize of INR 1 million, two runners up will be awarded INR 500,000 and INR 200,000 each, while three lucky winners will stand a chance to win the Nokia Lumia 1520. The jury includes Rajiv Makhni, NDTV Managing Editor, Vishal Gondal, Entrepreneur and angel investor, Sanjeev Bickhchandani, Founder and Executive VP,, Vikas Khanna, New York based Michelin Starred Celebrity Chef, and Kalki Koechlin, Bollywood actress. The winners will be judged on the basis of parameters such as the originality of the idea, relevance, and the practicality of implementing it.

“Your Wish is My App has added a new paradigm to our efforts and delivers Nokia’s strategy to focus on making available applications that deliver true value to consumers. That it caught the nation’s imagination is evident in the 38000 entries we received and of the top 2000 ideas, 1200 are live on the WP Store. We are extremely excited to now launch the second season of Your Wish is my App in association with NDTV.”-- P. Balaji, Managing Director, Nokia India

The top 4000 ideas will be made available on Nokia’s developer community portal, DVLUP, so that developers from India and across the world to convert into live apps. Additionally, curated expert developers will be invited to work on select top applications, with Nokia providing UX and design consultation in addition to technical support.

In addition to inviting entries from international audiences, Nokia and NDTV will take the initiative to the youth across the country through festivals in leading colleges and universities in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Nokia will also ask for innovative ideas during Social Media Week 2014 in Bangalore, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Milan, New York, and Tokyo.

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  • When was the 1st season aired?
  • "Unanticipated success" huh? I wonder why they even bothered with the show if they didn't anticipate it being successful ;)
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