Nokia helping to develop bendable OLED smartphone displays

Nokia is working with another company to help develop new bendable OLED display panels that could, in theory, be used in future smartphones. Two prototypes of those displays were shown a few days ago at the SID 2014 academic conference in San Diego.

The display technology, which was co-developed by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, is made by placing color filter, TFT and OLED layers between two sealing layers and a flexible substrate. In their flat form, the displays measure 5.9 inches with a display resolution of 1280x720.

One of the prototypes shown during the conference could be folded in half, much like a book, with a curvature radius of just 2mm. The other could be folded into three sections. with a radius of 4mm. Both displays could be folded up to 100,000 times, according to the developers.

Of course, these are research prototypes and are nowhere near a commercial release. However, it's clear that development of flexible displays is ongoing and it's only a matter of time before this technology reaches the consumer smartphone and tablet markets.

Source: Nikkei Technology

John Callaham