Nokia experiences sales growth in India with Lumia hardware

Nokia has witnessed growth in sales of its Lumia line of Windows Phones in India, according to the Indian Express. While the company has been pushing in the market since Nokia adopted Windows Phone, a significant increase in volume is acknowledge in the emerging country. So what's changing for India? There's something in the air.

We've previously looked at how Windows Phone is picking up in India and how Nokia is stealing larger portions of the marketshare pie. A recent report from AdDuplex confirms Nokia's dominance in India. Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop had the following to add on the news:

"In terms of what is happening in Lumia for us in India, the volumes are picking up quite nicely. We got a broader portfolio in the Indian market from (Lumia) 920 to 620 and 520 and so forth. We are very pleased with the pick up we are seeing with those products in India."

Sales of the Lumia family increased to 5.7 million, as reported earlier this year. Elop continues to explain how India is a prime example where the company is focusing on strategies for both high-end and mid-level hardware: 

"India sets that aspiration... we also recognised very large number of people who are more constrained in their ability to spend. I think India is a good example where we have to do both. There are countries around the world where only high end plays, United States is an example."

Taking full advantage of mobile operator subsidies to make its high-end Windows Phones appear more affordable to consumers with attached contracts. India, as well as other emerging markets, are important for not only the Finnish manufacturer, but Microsoft too. It's essential both companies focus on more affordable hardware as well as the expensive flagships.

Source: Indian Express; thanks, Riffraffy, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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