Nokia holds Lumia Windows Phone challenge in Italy

Nokia has taken the Lumia Challenge to Italy. The Windows Phone marketing campaign -- think Smoked by Windows Phone -- challenges participants to see if their competitor smartphone can beat a Lumia 900 at common tasks. Ranging anywhere from taking a photo and uploading to Facebook to locating a nearby restaurant, the challenges are generally won by Windows Phone thanks to the level of integration present.

Participants came wielding a variety of devices, including Samsung, HTC and the iPhone. Nokia has been extraordinarily successful in its Dare to Live campaign, which is touring the UK. We took a look at the results at the half-way marker and were able to reveal that Windows Phones were winning majority of challenges. 

Here's hoping that success is seen in these marketing stunts across the world. At the very least, this is a strong attempt to rebuild the Nokia brand as a Windows Phone OEM.

via: Plaffo (YouTube); thanks, Antonio, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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