Nokia to launch WP7 October 26?

Today Nokia announced announced that its annual Nokia World conference would be held on October 26-27 in London, leading many to to the conclusion that this will be when they kick off the launch of their WP7 phones.  However, there is nothing conclusive about the agenda, which includes two daily keynote addresses and an October 26 "To be announced."

What is known is that Nokia World has historically been where the Finnish phone maker makes big announcements.  At Nokia's N9 today at Communiasia in China, CEO Stephen Elop also lent credence to earlier rumblings that the WP7 devices would arrive in Q4 this year.  If this is indeed true, the October launch would make these Mango phones ripe for Christmas.  What better way to kick of the holiday season than by lifting your company out of the rubble?

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab); Via: PCMag

Seth Brodeur
  • If Mango RTMs in Sept like I expect, then a Oct release of new devices fits. Though maybe we'll see some newer devices with Mango on it from the other OEMs first before Nokia.
  • If they are launching them October 26, I wouldnt expect to see them before December. Not enough time to get them out before then.
  • Not necessarily. They could easily be on store shelves, along with necessary marketing materials, within 2 weeks of announcement. So in store about November 8th. That's a familiar date.
  • I hope they do launch with the rest of Mango. That would be HUGE. Although they really need to have a good phone. Don't release a lower end wp7 phone first Nokia. If you need a few extra months to make a big splash, please do so.
  • Oh I think it would very much like the N9 it's going to be high end with good specs. I'll be getting one.
  • If the N9 is any indication of what kind of hardware they can build for WP7 devices....oooohhhh. I just got a shiver.This could be awesome.
  • Hey, that's on my birthday! :D I hope they announce something, that'd be one **** of a birthday present!