Nokia launches Lumia 920 Windows Phone in Chile

Nokia has launched its flagship Windows Phone in Chile, partnering with mobile operator Entel. The Lumia 920 is now available in the country with the Windows Phone available in packages, as well as SIM-free. The smartphone is still hitting markets across the globe and Chilean consumers can now pick up the device in black, white and red variants.

Listed on the Entel website for CLP 419,990 (approx. $890) without a contracted plan, should you be looking for a cheaper deal, the Lumia 920 is also available on plans starting from CLP 69,990 (approx. $146) with an upfront fee of CLP 149,990 (approx. $315). 

Source: Entel (Lumia 920 black, white, red); thanks, Ignacio, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Come on Nokia Mars, launch the Nokia Lumia 920 before the Nokia Brazil does!!
  • Great Chile! We already have the lumia 920 in our market!! happiness :D
  • Red 920 heeeere I cooooooome!
  •   The Brazil and their mania in delay at all. The prediction is that the Nokia Brazil sell Lumias 920, 820 and 620 only in mid-February. Brazilians mourn, and comfort buying Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5.  
  • Dupe
  • Brazil is a large market and I bet they want to have enough stock in hand to do it right. Nokia is running into production problems if limited phones available worldwide are a guide. That will ease as they start ordering more supplies to make more end product. Still, it would be nice to see Nokia getting those phones at sooner.
  • $890. That's daylight robbery... 
  • That's how's things are around here: we regularly get first world prices for things that we have to afford with our third world wages. Welcome to South America.
  • By the way, and to put things into perspective, an unlocked Galaxy S3 is still around $900 ~ $950 USD here. You can find it cheaper but don't expect by much. That's our reality.
  • That's pretty expensive :/. In Poland you can get a new S3 for 550$ and a new Lumia 920 for 700$.
  • here in chile has always been expensive...either the multimedia plans or the smartphone itself
    i pay everymonth 53USD and for the lumia 920 i have to pay 669USD right away, :S ..for an 18 month contract