Nokia looking to patent a modular, wearable smartwatch with multiple displays [Updated, Video]

Smartwatches (or rather, wearable gadgets) have become the new thing to own.

From Fitbit to Google Glass, to Samsung's Galaxy Gear, companies are also looking at ways to improve the watch. Numerous smartwatch concepts have popped up across the web, but now Nokia is looking to get in with all the action. An application from Nokia to the Patent and Trademark Office has been spotted, with a modular watch design.

Prototype of Nokia's supposed smartwatch leaked on Weibo

The patent itself was filed last August and the images and description detail the modular design. Owners would be able to have different displays showing a specific feature or function. We last touched on Nokia and smartwatches earlier this month when supposedly leaked shots of a Nokia watch were published on Chinese micro-blogging service, Weibo.

It's certainly difficult to draw conclusions from the above diagram, but with Microsoft rumoured to be working on similar technology, it would be interesting to see if Redmond takes this concept and adapts it. We'll have to wait and see what comes after the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, should it be finalised and secure.

Updated 1PM ET: As it turns out, this was a project from 2012, so if the tech looks dated, that's why. Indeed, there is an accompanying video (posted above) that shows the concent, codenamed 'Facet', in action and an academic paper on the topic. It doesn't look like something we'll see soon, but rather a project that Nokia is toying around with for in the future. More info can be found here: ACM Digital Library

Source: USPTO, via: Engadget

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