Nokia Lumia 1020 available on Vodafone; 4G contracts starting from £47

The Lumia 1020 by Nokia is available on Vodafone UK with 4G-ready contracts starting from £47 (no upfront fee for the device itself). The niche Windows Phone caters for mobile phone fans who enjoy taking beautiful shots when out and about. For the rather expensive price tag, you're getting 4G, as well as a high-end Windows Phone with a 4.5-inch HD display.

Lumia 1020

UK mobile operators are beginning to compete against EE with their own 4G offerings, yet Three UK appear to have the best deal available with free LTE upgrades on existing contracts, with no extra fee. Vodafone is stocking both black and yellow and you're good to go with 4G once it's available in your area. The contract comes with 2GB of data, which isn't as bad as some deals out there.

Source: Vodafone (yellowblack)

Rich Edmonds
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