Unannounced Nokia Lumia 525 struts its stuff in latest render leak

The Nokia Lumia 525 has been making headlines lately and now the popular leakster Twitter profile @evleaks has once again joined in the fun by releasing the above render of the device. The image shows the handset in white, yellow and orange. While both pricing and availability are yet to be announced (as well as the Lumia 525 itself), these are positive signs if we're to look back at the run-up to previous hardware announcements. 

Specifications of the yet-to-be-announce device were leaked this morning on the Chinese website, Baidu. You're essentially looking at a slightly improved Lumia 520, should leaks hold out to be correct.

So, what do you make of the Lumia 525? Which colour would you go for?

via: Twitter (@evleaks)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Cyan! I wish. Too bad Nokia doesn't do that anymore. :'(
  • I wish it had 4.3/4.5 inch display. Most people won't even notile the difference between this and 520 because of RAM and processor only upgrades.
  • There is the 625 for that.. But, unfortunately it's not sold everywhere.. I hate that❕
  • 625 priced higher than 720.
  • But it is cheapaer in India now around 15k
  • Yeah they need to push the 625 more; get the price of it down a bit as well. When you look at the charts for the best selling off-contract phones it's great the 520 is up there, but there's no other WP phones in sight. The 625 with it's big screen would be a great option instead of a Galaxy III (which in different variations is all over the charts). So drop the price a bit on the 625 and start pushing it Nokia, I reckon they could shift millions and help build the WP ecosystem even more than they will with the 1520 or any other high-end phone as they just don't sell so well. Oh and a FF camera on the 525 would surely make it more appealing to a lot of buyers.
  • The 625 is not a good big screen phone simply because its resolution is horrible. 480x800 is fine on the 4" 520/525 but keeping that resolution on a larger screen will just make you even more frustrated that you have to side scroll websites all the time even though it looks like you have a bigger screen. I wish Nokia would put out the 525 with a 4.5" display that is at least 540x960. The rumored 725 looks promising, but it will cost much more than if Nokia just put the 525 hardware into a phone with the 725's screen.
  • The object is to keep cost down❕
  • Right but the 625 isn't that cheap according to the preliminary figures. Especially for something that is essentially just a 525 with a seemingly larger screen.
  • Well, I think you are both right, but that it doesn't matter. Sure the res of the 625 could be higher, but most people simply don't care. They will watch videos on it and for that it's perfect. People just want a cheap large screen phone, that's what is selling they don't think about specs - those more technical people will be looking at a higher end phones like the upcoming 1320 and 1520. As for cost as I said initially, they need to bring the cost of the 625 down a bit to make it more tempting. It just has to compete with the old GS3, it doesn't need to change the world. On US Amazon the 625 is $239, the S3 is $285, so it is already cheaper. But if they could get it under the $199 barrier and promote it like they have been the 520 I am sure they could massively increase their sales.
  • Now the 625 looks like an even lesser proposition as the newly leaked Motorola G is pretty spectacular for under $200 new. Somehow Moto was able to cram a high resolution screen into a package under $200. I hope Nokia will respond in kind.
  • Really..
  • Agreed.
  • If it has clearblack, that's reason enough for me to upgrade
  • Why won't they do cyan anymore?
  • No cyan means no purchase. White is glossy, red/orange is not my colour, yellow attracts too much attention :(
  • Orange!!! Finally!
  • I'm with you on that one! I want an orange or navy blue 1520.
  • Looks to have the same design language as the 1520. It nice to see they are updating the overall look of the Lumia line.
  • The design is same as 520 not 1520.
  • Back looks slightly different. I doubt the 520 cases will fit the NL525
  • Take a look at the renders of the 525 and the 1520 side by side and you should be able to see what I am talking about. The new phones are getting away from the "blockier" look the Luminas had in the 900-1020 to a more rounded look. That's what I mean when I say they share the same updated design language.
  • The back is definitely much more tapered than the 520,, which will make it appear to be thinner, and feel better in the hand.
  • Unlike a Kardashian
  • Yeah, delicious❕❗❕❗
  • I'm also wondering, what happened to Cyan? It is one of my favourite Lumia-colours.
  • Cyan, and Red.. Come on..
  • I'm right with ya on that one.  Lumias look gorgeous in Cyan.  I'm still rocking my Cyan 920, and I will likely lament the day I upgrade.  The 1020 is a tempting option, and the yellow one has grown on me significantly... but I'll be waiting another year anyway if I want to avoid an early-ugrade fee.  Hopefully they have a 1040 by then.  Same basic size as the 920/1020, but with improved internals to speed up the camera's shot-to-shot latency.  While unlikely, I'd love the 1040 to have built-in Qi Wireless charging... but seeing as my carrier (AT&T) is going for the other wireless charging standard, that's a long shot unless Qi dominates the standards war.
  • +920 for More Cyan Lumias!!!!
  • I'm sorry but can you explain what you mean by AT&T going for some other wireless charging standard please❔ Surely it's the OEM's (Nokia, HTC and Samsung) that decides what wireless charging standard they use for their handsets❓Also, it would seem that the QI standard has already become the dominant standard with even 3rd party accessories adopting the QI standard.
  • Att is backing a competing standard so they removed qi charging from the att 1520.
  • @cgold1
    Really❔ That's an idiotic move by AT&T in my humble opinion. Like I mentioned above, Qi is already the standard of choice for pretty much everything else so why would they want to back a competing standard❓I feel sorry for you guys who are being screwed every which way but loose by AT&T. Some of the things I've read recently regarding AT&T is enough to make even Jesus swear.
  • AT&T will bend over backwards until you sign their contract. All carriers have their pros and cons though. AT&T is a apart of the PMA effort competing against Qi. PMA is the same effort Apple is pursuing. From a business perspective I understand AT&T's decision to remove Qi from upcoming devices however from the consumer perspective this unfairly stifles our choices. Companies are going to get away with everything they can for as possible until us consumers are better positioned to fight back by not doing business with them. In many ways it's the same story no matter where you go, just different circumstances.
  • Thank you for your information. As soon as you mentioned Apple it all became clear to me. LOL. I did not realise that AT&T were that far up Apples back side but now I do know I hope they fail miserably and make a complete spectacle of themselves in public.
    When I referred to 3rd party vendors earlier I actually had a company called Energizer in mind who specifically sell wireless charging kit for Iphones using the Qi standard.
    So if Apple are that arrogant to completely ignore what is already popular and think they can change things now then I hope that they fail totally and lose big time.
  • Thanks for the info UCYIWORK, things are starting to make more sense now.
    I should have guessed that Apple were behind this BS behavior causing AT&T to fall over themselves to please the iSheep flock.
    Well, the Qi standard is already established and quite popular so I hope and pray that Apple fail (in epic style) by trying to force the use of a competing standard. I also find AT&T's behaviour distasteful by stripping back hardware features from Lumia phones just so that they can please their Apple masters.
    Do you think it possible that the paying American public could turn their backs (and wallets) on AT&T to teach them a lesson? Probably not is my guess.
  • Wow that looks good.
  • You look good,, big boy;-);-);-)
  • This isn't Christian Mingle
  • If only Sprint could have one. I'd take a yellow. 
  • Hopefully t-mobile doesn't butcher this so the shells are interchangeable. Assuming of course that they do pick it up.
  • Agreed, and also give us all the colors, not just white.
  • I may have to get 2 of these for my kids so they can stop asking to use Kids Corner on my phone. They keep fighting over it as well. Hopefully it will be the same price.
  • No camera flash..
  • Sorry this is a bit off topic. I am using a lumia 520 and recently the alarm has stopped working. I dont switch off my phone  at night . Somebody help...
  • I have the same problem on my 925, haven't found an answer
  • Any alternatives?  
  • Check your audio settings you may have flip to silence enabled. If your laying your phone face down it will be silent
  • Seriously? Not for alarms surely.
  • Is this coming to Verizon?
  • Hey, Rich. I've seen some news from @evleaks that says there's going to be a global variant to the 929. Can you confirm it?
  • Link? I don't see that anywhere.
  • Well, I never said I had the link. I was just wondering if they (from WP Central) saw/knew something like that.
    But I'll look the link up, don't you worry!
  • Wait!! Look closely and you can see temple run 2.hope it launch with the phone
  • Awwwwwwe yeeeeeeaaah BABY❕❗❕❗
  • Looks like 521. Hopefully it is interchangeable back cover
  • Maybe that's what Tmobile is waiting for. But I'd rather get the 1320 with 16GB. 8GB is stupid to  me
  • ~100$ please
  • Appears the hype for the 1520 dead. Guess that's how Nokia does it. Sneak peaks, announce, then show up in stores couple months later. Sorry but every potential customer just bought themselves an iPad air, Moto x, or nexus. They do the same thing with updates. How can Nokia change their mentality.
  • I'm hoping to see some changes when the hw part belongs to Microsoft.
  • They bought a tablet instead of a phone? What are you even talking about?
  • 1520 is closer to tablet then a phone.
  • So, they were thinking of buying a 1520 and bought an ipad air instead?! I´m thinking of buying a car but i guess i`l buy a bus instead.
  • You guys are funny but dumb at the same time. The point is, show your products and release asap while its hot. That's how Apple does it. And that's their success. Nokia will sit and let their device rot a month or two after big showing. No one cares anymore.
  • Looks like a really nice refresh ! I might get one as a backup phone. For the people who wanted flash and front camera.....get the 620, really, it's that simple.
  • It sure is, if you`re willing to spend the extra euros (dollars). Besides that, the 520 and the 620 are completely different looking.
  • Orange for sure.  It would be nice if Verizon would add the 525 to thier small list of Windows Phones.  Especially since all theirr Lumias are larger.  Variety in choices is what will help the WP platform.
  • I agree. I would pick up a prepaid 525 in a heartbeat to use for work, if Verizon picks this phone up.
  • Look closly at the image and you can see temple run 2.cant wait
  • Wow the Lumia 520 can finally have a happy brother
  • My gf could use this she lost her 520
  • All those colors look glossy. I like them all. Not usually a fan of orange, but that one's looking mighty spiffy. Hmm, I really like the white one, too.
  • It's a baby of 520 and 720 in design.
  • When is 1520 coming out?
  • Who knows. They just announce and wait for something else by their competitors to be released.  Can't believe they were initially going to announce those things in September. They seriously need a kick in the pants in terms of setting expectations.
  • So it looks like these shells are back to glossy huh? Yuck.
  • lets hope the shell options include non glossy ones.
  • Maybe you can take some steel wool and scrub the back to a matte finish.
  • This may be my next phone, after a year with a 920 I don't think I can handle the ever increasing flagship screen sizes. Might just throw in the towel and give up on flagship phones and get one of these.
  • What`s wrong with keeping the 920 for another year or so?! It´s a very good phone which will probably continue being updated untill 2015, at least.
  • If they are targeting the 525 towards the younger crowd with the bright colors and music-focus, missing a FFC is a mistake. Selfies.
  • Teens take selfies in the bathroom mirror so a FFC is not really that much of a deal. I`de rather see a camera flash than a FFC.
  • Exactly, let's hope that Lumia 525 will be improved, I can easily buy a similar android smartphone for $200 without any BS (e.g. Xperia J, Galaxy S3 Mini). Standard - LED flash, front cam, good 4"-4.5" inch display, 1GB RAM (with that JellyBean is smooth so KitKat also will be). And all the apps in the world without missing features. Right now there's no advantage in hardware or software with Lumia 520/525 and it's their most important phone this year.
  • If it is slimmer, tmobile usa would be wise to pickup this phone with some non glossy color options that can be sold separately.  Battery might not be replaceable like it is in the current 521...to me that wouldn't be a big deal if they are able to keep the price the same and have same or better battery times.
  • Well i would be definitely very of this device is launched and comes to India, but what i am thinking is that is this the first step to eliminate 512 devices like Lumia 520? This has been the story in the past...
  • Sorry missed the happy word in my earlier post
  • Im holding my moms 521 in the hand right now, and I definitely like the new look Nokia is going with for the next generation Lumias, the back of the devices are giving the illusion that they are thinner by losing that 'blocky' look and feel to it. Even if it may not be thinner, great job nonetheless. Oh and I hope the side buttons (camera, power, volume) are a bit sturdier cause my moms 521 has had some issue with those keys getting stuck/ feeling loose.
  • White matte, Going to be a nice replacement for my 521. I really hope comes with 1gb of ram once again,
  • It's not the 525, it's just Lumia 520 .....with more RAM ? At least make it clearblack and seriously, no flash or front facing camera in 2014 is weird (although they'll release the device this month).
  • I am interested in the improvements that this has over the 520.  I've had my 520 for about 3 months,and I've been very happy with it.  It's been relegated as a backup, but I use it around the house and work to check email, eBay.  It fits better in my pocket than my new Nexus N5.  If the 525 allows the Glance feature with the rumored 1 GB RAM, maybe I'll sell my 520 for the 525 if it comes at a similar price.
  • need a backlit :D
  • Red is the way to go.Lumia 520 is a very good budget phone costing around 20k in PAKISTAN.but let's see for 525