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Nokia Lumia 620 firmware rolling out globally, gets detailed in changelog

We’ve talked about the 1308 firmware for current Nokia Lumias that have been slowly hitting the market over the last few weeks. While most of the attention has gone to the Lumia 920, the Lumia 620 is also a part of that update and sure enough, we’re getting a lot of tips that it’s being pushed over-the-air as we speak.

From Germany to Malaysia to India, it seems that users are getting the firmware patch to help improve performance. While people are getting the new Storage Check to help manage their space, it looks like the Lumia 620 has a few specifics that were kindly detailed by Nokia support.

1308 firmware Lumia 620

Those fixes include:

  • Improved touch screen functions, including corrections in multi-touch actions
  • Better voice quality with Bluetooth headsets that support echo/noise suppression
  • Enhanced camera performance with corrected exposure when flash is used in bright light conditions
  • Various improvements to system stability, performance, and usability

You can check to see if your Lumia 620 has the update waiting by going into Settings > Phone Update and Check for Updates. You will need to be over Wi-Fi to get it and it should take about 10-15 minutes to complete the process.

For more information, read our full review of the Nokia Lumia 620.

Source: Nokia Support; Thanks, Øivind J., Devashish, Ulrich and others, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Ahh what about the connectivity issue xD
  • I was thinking that too. Thought they pulled this update because of that problem. I know I'm starting to get impatient waiting on an update.
  • I recieve and installed the update, but the "manage storage" feature doesn't works for me. It keeps loading forever and nothing more than this... Sad. :/
  • Same for me, but I'll look forward to seeing the feature again after hard resetting the phone :)
  • And what about the rest of Nokia wp8 users ?? When will our update come back agian -_-
    Lol anyone ??
  • Lol xD its funny trust me :P
  • LMAO
  • Check out the new one I posted
  • Captain Kirk nuts smashed xD lol
  • Lmao
  • Check out kirk
  • here's a full one but with run bitch scene
    More information as mentioned in the article.
  • What about the connectivity issue O.O
  • Ask from AT&T I guess.
  • that wrinkly thumb needs a manicure.
  • Lol really -.-
  • Agreed, That girl should really start taking care of herself more. :)
  • To Daniel how it goin :)
  • No updates up here in Canada..have the 920 Lumia..still no firmware update available yet
  • And the rest of the world. :-(
  • Received mine yesterday for my 620 on TELUS.
  • Contemplating replacing my 920 with a smaller phone. Tired of lugging this thing around. Afraid 620/720 may not get 8.1. I know all phones are upgradable but doesn't mean it will.
  • All devices are "promised" at least 18months software support from their launch date. Not saying it's risk free, but worth baring in mind. 
    Also if you sell your 920 you could probably buy three 620s with the money so it doesn't really represent the same level of investment. I see mine as a bridge device between my Lumia 800 and my next upgrade in November.
  • promised is not what it use to be
  • I bought a 620 last week and it came with the firmware from factory already.
  • How much was your 620 ??
  • 200€ in Belgium.
  • what? How? Where? I payed 260 in Belgium.
  • There was some sort of promotion on Media Markt I think. My sister got it for me so I am not really sure about the details. The phone is unlocked but shows as "belonging" to Proximus. Perhaps that's why? No idea.
  • My coworker's Lumia 620 updating in Paraguay as we speak
  • Updates are being rolled in Manila :) been waiting for this update. I hope the bugs get fixed.
  • is this excluse for 620 only? How about 820?
  • They rolled out 920 updates for AT&T recently and for 620 globally. No announcement yet for 820
  • Anyone know if the smaller newer Lumias work with AT&T frequencies?
  • The Lumia 620 as far as I know should work out of the box on AT&T.  It will get 3G speeds, which is the phone's limit.  Sadly, the Lumia 620 will not work on T-Mobile except at 2G speeds right now.  Once T-Mobile finishes their network upgrades the Lumia 620 will get 3G.  I know because I have a Lumia 620 on T-Mobile USA and I only get 2G right now.
  • Thanks. Where did you get yours?
  • I got mine from Indonesia.
  • Would you recommend someone in the US, on T-Mobile, not buying a 620 as their primary phone? Because of the incomplete refarming?
  • Same version that was on Nokia Updater last month?
  • Not yet in Finland. Now off to bed (920 to my fatboy) and get some sleep/charge :) Hopefully have it in the morning!
  • I got the update last night for my Indonesian Lumia 620 which I use on T-Mobile USA.  But I haven't had much time to check everything out yet.
  • Still nothing in Greece, will post again when I'm able to update the firmware.
  • This update should also fixe the garbage screen when switiching screens and weird flickers. I forced this update a while ago with Nokia Software Updater for Retail. Mine is version 1030.6407.1308.0003 though
  • This update should also fix the garbage screen when switching screens and weird flickers. I forced this update a while ago with Nokia Software Updater for Retail. Mine is version 1030.6407.1308.0003 though
  • Anything for 920 yet?? *India, MEA bought Lumia 920, no updates*
  • you have update check setting and phone update. i already installed it. it has new storage check option too.
  • Really? For 920?
  • yes for nokia lumia 920
  • Not for me yet :(
  • My daughters 620 was updated yesterday, Norway. Nothing for my own 920 yet... :-(
  • Hahaha ahh man xD
  • How about the 810?  The 8GB storage with 4.8GB used by "OTHER" is killing me!!!
  • Did you try using "shrink storage"?
  • I got 1030.6407.1308.0003 out-of-the-box, still not having a 'Phone update'-experience xd
  • The gears are running on my L620, unlocked, in Austria.
  • What about the global 920 firmware update that can have an option to fix the storage issue , cam improvement and controlling the displays colors 
  • I don't have any connectivity issues on mine
  • Does it have to be over Wi Fi?? I have unlimited data plan but no Wi Fi at home.
  • I think its posible, because before download there is warning about possible cost if you update without wifi conection, just updated mine in Croatia, unlocked 620 bought in USA
  • No. It must be in Wi-Fi connection to download. Check again the article, and let me know if I'm wrong ;)
  • Got the update over wifi in Germany. Seem to fix a lot of camera issues. Like correct exposure and shutter speeds over 1sec in proshot. As far as I can tell: no connection issues... for now.
  • lumia 820 ??
  • Just updated my 620, all good :) uk cpw sim free
  • Mine is on ThreeUK and nothing as yet :-(
  • my 920 is on ThreeUK and still didn't receive 1308 update. Can be phones fault?
  • Check your phone firmware via Settings > Phone Updates... It maybe has the latest version installed (it should show 1250.0xxx as the initial release version for Lx20 devices).
  • thanks for reply but my firmware strarts with 1232.5951.1249.1001 .
     via Settings > Phone Updates it shows me is up to date. i can't understand what can be the problem?!
  • Recieved on unlocked 620 within Australia!! :D
  • If im gonna update my 620 with this new firmware, all my data and installed Applications will be gone?
  • no ..
  • Great. Thanks, man!
  • Just updated my Telus 620 in Canada.  Storage check works, but it still doesn't seem to vanquish the "other" section.  I thought it would allow us to clear that Other crap out!
  • It does allow to clear some of it out but some remains as it's app cache data
  • how long does it take to complete the update? I know it says it on the post, but mine has been doing it for more than 30mins and im a lil worried now lol
  • Just updated my 620, and as i can see, my camera did a great outdoor capture in bright light condition, and the speaker seems a bit louder though it is still 19/30. Another thing, my storage increased, my Other is decreased a bit but now I can see what inside the internal storage actually. Havent tested the multitouch issue on my screen after update, cause I didn't have that issue before.
  • It looka like the multitouch issue on L620 has been solved... Mine using updated L620 here, but the storage check is the new issue here.
  • I have a south African unlocked Lumia 620 but I am in USA. Have not seen an upgrade yet.
  • I take that back. It is downloading now. Took 2 tries and 5 minutes to acknowledge the update available.
  • Lumia 820????
  • Yes, it is also included on the update.
  • Update for Lumia 920 is out in India ;)
  • Nope, not for me yet..maybe bcoz my 920 was bought from MEA. :-(
  • I just did the firmware update on my phone and there is no storage check option in settings menu. I did a fresh reset on the phone, hoping this option will appear but still no joy. I am the only one with this problem? What could be the culprit here?
  • Did you scroll to the bottom of the settings page?
    And what Lumia phone are you using?
  • Still no update in Pakistan. :(
  • It will be released globally, but still, be patient ;)
  • hmm i already have it installed on my 620
  • Day two of 820 ownership on o2 UK, can't install modern combat 4.  Insufficient space.  My windows 7 htc gave me less issues.
  • logging on to the store on a desktop, was able to send app to my phone, which works ok.
  • my lumia 620 no longer restart by itself =) 
  • Well, still no 'double tap to wake up phone' feature included, it must be an OS update, then...
  • Rollout updates for 820's in India ASAP!!!! 
  • LUMIA 620
    I Download the new update from the PHONE UPDATE option after downloading an update, my phone restarted and my phone was showing gear box icon after 2 hours later it was showing bad smile and nothing is happening.
    i restart it many times but the same thing is happening it is starting with nokia logo, gear icon , and in 6 second later it's showing again bad smile ! :(
    plzzzz tell me some solution
  • Try cuddling your phone more!
  • same happened to me! now I cant use it.. and dont know what to do
  • Finally my Phone is Working, after having a problem of Update, i visit nokia care center !! in 45Min. they update firmware ! ! 
    Now Everything is Ok ! on my Lumia 620