Nokia Lumia 710 The Amazing Everyday [Video]

Nokia has uploaded a sleek video of the Lumia 710, which shares the same theme, effects and music as past videos for the 800. To refresh the memory, the Lumia 710 is the lower-end, more affordable option to the 800, sporting less memory (8GB), a 5MP camera, and a TFT screen (with ClearBlack technology and Corning Gorilla Glass). While news has been relatively quiet surrounding the 710, it has been rumoured to be heading to the U.S. on T-Mobile.

Source: YouTube, via: MonWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Well it looks like the 710 has a front facing camera. I really wish the 800 had one as well, but since it is not destined for the US I guess there is not much to complain about. However their next gen device better have at least a 4in screen and dual cameras to be competitive. Once Skype comes on the platform then the camera might actually be useful.
    The one thing I wish MS would mandate (in addition to extra storage capacity) is the notification light. That might make me go to HTC next time especially since the Titan looks awesome! Of course until then my Focus still rocks!
  • The 710 dosen 't have a FFC.  I can't believe T-Mobile is sticking us with another low end phone while AT&T get's the 900 to go along with thier stable of high end devices.  I hope T-Mobile crash and burns so I won't have to pay to get out of this contract.
  • Dude seriously? Every single article ,it's getting quite old and we don't even know for sure where the 900 is going yet.