Nokia Lumia 710 features fast UI rotation [Video]

We've been using the Nokia Lumia 710 on T-Mobile (see our review) for a few days now and one thing we found is the device is fast. Now by fast we of course mean on T-Mobile "4G' HSPA+ network, which we're seeing quick downloads but also there's something else--the OS itself seems zippier. On WP Bench, we get around 88 for a score, which is high but far below the Titan and Focus S.

Upon closer inspection we noticed the screen rotation from portrait to landscape is very rapid. So rapid that while driving we saw it quickly toggle between the two modes when taking a sharp turn. That tells us that this is either a very sensitive accelerometer with perhaps a lower delay in the transition effect.

When compared to the Lumia 800, Samsung Focus S, etc. the Lumia 710 will always beat them in switching between landscape and portrait. We actually really like this as it makes the OS and device feel even faster (it's very useful for messaging apps where you need the keyboard). Anyways, we thought it was neat and we hope the Lumia 900 features the same type of OS modification too.

Daniel Rubino

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  • I was supprised to hear you say that rotation was snappier because it seemed normal to me, so I tried rotating my HD7 along the video.
    With the full wpcentral page loaded  it was rotating as fast as the 710
  • I followed along with my arrive as well, seemed nearly identical. I think the main thing is the sensitivity.  How about trying to find the point at which the devices rotate and turn them past at the same time?
  • Not sure if comparing it to the video is accurate. I've been racking my brains on this all weekend and I'm positive the 710 is faster in screen rotation--it's what lead me to test it in the first place as it just felt different. Combined with the accelerometer sensitivity when driving, I knew something was odd. I've compared it to numerous devices, switched hands, let other people try...the 710 always wins. I stand 100% behind this assertion. (As a PhD student, I'm very familiar with controlled testing and I did that here--this video wasn't on a whim). If someone can make a video to contradict my findings, by all means.
  • with the number of varying comments here, the difference might be caused by the refresh rates of an LCD versus AMOLED. Though I still don't know.
    With that said, I think the next "amoled" (deep contrast), "retina" (pixel density craze and viewing angles) would be in terms of refresh rates. yeah I think that would be it.
  • I think it is not a fair comparison. I tested the rotation speed between the Lumia 710 and my HTC Titan x310e and it turns at a speed between the Lumia and the samsung device. Bear in mind that the Lumia screen is somewhat smaller in screensize than the Samsunt or HTC Titan, so I would presume the lag time would be a bit more. Still if it were the Lumia, Samsung or HTC device, the rotation speed is nice, buttery smooth and a joy in every day use :)
  • "I think it is not a fair comparison. I tested the rotation speed between the Lumia 710 and my HTC Titan"
    You do realize this makes little sense. You claim it's not a fair comparison then you compare it to a device with a faster CPU? (1.4GHz vs 1.5GHz). I purposefully left out the TITAN because it's technically a faster phone. The Lumia 800 and 710 should rotate the same--same size screen and CPU. I've never heard of screen size having an effect on screen rotation.
  • Possbly a benifit from 7.10.8107?
  • Nope. T-Mo 710 runs 7740, just like that Lumia 800.
  • That is identical to how fast my HTC Arrive rotates. It's always been quite sensitive to its orientaion.
  • Well, in the video, it definitely seems faster than the Focus S or Lumia 800. I get the Lumia 710 on Wednesday and I'll compare it to my Arrive then. When I compare my Arrive to the 710 on video, the 710 is a little quicker to rotate.
  • It's a split second but i notice it also. i wonder if there is a registry hack to enable this.
  • Just like the ol WinMo day, eh ;-) g l y p h c a c h e  ftw!
  • I rotated my titan along w/the vid and it was just as slow as the focus S.
  • This is great. The slow speed at which my Optimus 7's screen rotates has been driving me crazy, now that the adress bar stays in landscape mode it isn't as bad, but back when I would have to switch between landscape and portrait to type a url, it was a nightmare. I still think it's too slow though. I'm glad Nokia managed to do this with this phone and I hope they do it with all their future phones.
  • Just checked this out with my Verizon Trophy and screen rotation was just as fast as the Lumia 710.
    So I'd say this really doesn't have anything to do with the phone being "better" or "more powerful" but rather the sensitivity (or something) of the accelerometer is simply different.
  • Couple of things, we never said it made it "better"or "more powerful" so I'm not sure why you're using quotes, indicating we said that. In fact, we specifically say in the video that this doesn't make the Lumia 800/Focus S worse devices. Second, we also directly say that this is probably due to a more sensitive accelerometer. Third, I'm not a big fan of people "testing" this by comparing their device to the video. While I don't have a Trophy, I do have a Radar 4G and it too lags behind the 710. I specifically left it out since it has a slower CPU (1GHz) and tried to keep it even. In other words, I doubt the Trophy performs the same as the 710.
  • Now wouldn't it be cool if we could adjust the orientation speed in ms?... I want to be able to adjust everything, and that's what I think Apollo should focus on. Giving us more options to fine tune settings to our preferences. I think this is something that WP is lacking.
  • Ahh, so then we can spend every night tweaking our devices, turning all the knobs, changing all the settings, trying out any one of 24 million different colors. Yeah, that sounds exciting. Been there, done that. No thanks.  
  • No, not in a overindulgent way like Android. I would never suggest anything that would be out of taste, or cheapen the WP experience. Remember features are there for those who want the functionality, not to force anyone who's not concerned to use them. You shouldn't be so negative towards others preferences, because MS has shown that there is a way to execute function while still maintaining quality. I have faith that they will continue to refine features before they reach us, so when someone has a idea that could be useful to them, and others, I try to move on to the ideas that interest me most
    . My suggestion to you would be to simply just continue to use your device as you like, while others use theirs as they like.
  • My Arrive has the same speed but I installed the 8107 update.
  • Same on my HTC Trophy also with 8107
  • So, following along with the video, my Focus is keeping up with the Focus S and the 800, but not the 710.
    So I made an app to test it:
    Hopefully it will work as I hope and enough people will report their results and we can see.
    This is obviously not a be all end all test, as it is not in webbrowser or whatnot, etc. But lets see if this works.
  • That may be related to how the drivers and firmware is telling the OS that the orientation has changed.
  • my Trophy rotates the same as 710
  • Are the background tasks identical out of curiousity?
  • Looks faster than my Titan.  I think all that added screen weight slows it down. :D
  • The 710 rotation is definitely faster. This topic was discussed quite a bit at the WP7 forum.
  • This feature is useless and a huge nuisance without the ability to lock the screen orientation. Work it, Microsoft.
  • My HD7 rotates as fast as the Lumia. But it's not fast enough for me. Look at the rotation on Zune HD … now I want that on my WP7!
  • Helllo
    Can anyone tell me how to lock the screen from switching? When I lay down, cant do anything bc the fone keep rotating the way that I dont like.