Nokia Lumia 710 gets price drop in India

As if the Nokia Lumia 710 wasn't already cheap enough, the phone has received a nice price cut of about 3300 Rs to 15699. Available through now, the 3.7" device with a ClearBlack LCD a 1.4GHz CPU is quickly becoming the most affordable smartphone on the market.

Of course, we could wonder if the price drop is because Nokia wants to be more competitive or perhaps the 710 is not selling as well--hard to say at this point. But for those interested in a new smartphone, it seems a great deal.

Source: Flipkart (opens in new tab); Thanks, Mohib, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • That's a pretty price!
  • What's that equal to in dollars
  • Divide it by 51. (approx). Approx 300$.
  • Its available on LetsBuy for Rs15490. Omnia w is available at Rs 17299
  • That's still expensive cuz go for its like $277...thats amazing price.
  • And the Samung Omnia W or Focus Flash is available @ Rs. 16,200. WP7 fans in India, check out for this deal. Infact, the Omnia is selling more than the 710 here. Hope the price cut helps Nokia now!!
  • The Nokia's seems to be selling well in India, the i'maWP7 stats as below
    HTC HD7 T9292 - 18%
    HTC Mozart - 15%
    Lumia 800 - 13%
    Samsung i917 - 11%
    Lumia 710 - 9%
    Venue Pro - 7%
    Samsung i8350 - 7%
    again HD7 - 5%
    With just 2 months on the market thats some good numbers for Nokia given that not many people would have installed i'maWP7 app.
  • Nokia is going very popular again. In US, we all waiting for lumia 900, its rocking bad ass phone so shortly be in at&t network and selling for $249 amazing.... Deal
  • Actually it has not been two months. LUMIA 800 and 710 sales started on Dec 15th, means less than 40 days.
  • i will replace my nokia 5800 xm with diz or wait for dual cores and great hardware from nokia......
  • Dual cores are not a must have for WP7.
    Only Anroids have dual core just for the simple reason that the OS architecture is pretty screwed up one in regards to performance and to compensate the OEM's are making them dual core.
    Even the iPhone was single core till the iPhone 4S. 
    So its not the number of cores that matter., its the base architecture of the OS and WP7 is pretty slick and impressive with single core
  • True.  Nonetheless, reports are, that beginning with the Apollo rollout, oems will be using chipsets that support dual core for WP.  Thus, some are going to wait for those devices to hit the shelves.  It's only a few months away, and some would say, worth the wait. 
  • This phone is perfect for my mom.
  • confirmed to buy it.........and i can say it high-end for me cause its same as L800 (My Dream Phone), it has 5mp which is enough for me.
    Wat makes it a low-end device (nokia is calling it), half the price of L800, will be in my hands before MWC...(currently enjoying my N5800 xm, still working as great when i had purchased it. But it has slow cpu [I love good graphics for games] and i can't afford above 18000 Rs. Will be great for a nokia fanboy like me).