Nokia Lumia 710 heading to Verizon, no LTE love

Paul Thurrott, over at his supersite for Windows, has revealed some information that will be later announced at the upcoming CES.   In the article Thurrott notes the carrier will be shipping the Nokia Lumia 710 (code name "Sword" a name we've seen before) in April 2012, and it's not certain what the plan is with Verizon and an LTE Windows Phone. Hopefully a more powerful handset will be featured in the next year. We'll have to see how Microsoft and manufacturers plan to push forward.

What is clear though, assuming this is accurate, is that Verizon is not at all keen on Windows Phone, with our without LTE or with Nokia's backing. That's some cojones, in our opinion and a big middle finger to their customers.

The Lumia 710 will be available on T-Mobile in January 2012, which will provide the T-Mobile three months exclusivity before Verizon begins shipping.

Source: WinSuperSite

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  • I was a 5 year Verizon customer and a very heavy user - lots of data plus North America calling.  Switched to AT&T last January - not happy with the coverage but love the phone (Focus).  Looking at a Focus S or Titan in January - Verizon is losing out and will continue to...
  • I left Verizon over the summer for Virgin Mobile. I'm loving my $25 a month for all the texting and web browsing I can do. MS should go HUGE into prepaid like VM. Hopefully, the tango release will spur MS and Nokia into this track as a means of out flanking Verizon.
  • Prepaid is a HUGE opportunity for Windows Phone for several reasons.
    First, WP7 is better suited for the lower-end hardware sold in the prepaid space.  It will simply perform better on a 1 GHz or less single-core chip than Android.
    Second, Nokia's Lumia 710 and the HTC Radar would both be excellent devices for Virgin, Boost, Metro, Cricket and others, with a "higher end" feel than the junky Android handsets and a more modern interface than the BlackBerry Curves and Styles sold there.
    HTC is already on Virgin with a decent Android handset.  WP7 would perform better on similar hardware, and excite a lot of users.
  • You might want to wait until March  teh Samsung Mendel (Mandel) HTC Radiant and the Nokia 900 are all expected to rbe released and they will be 4G LTE ready for the time that ATT rolls out LTE  completely.  Its expected to be late 2012 or early 2013  but could get delayed.  My local store said end of 2012 for here.  I am liling what I am seeing of the supposed design of the Nokia  and I hope samsungs design and HTC are nice as well.
  • It's already being reported on WMPU that Verizon turned down high end WP7 devices. The told MS, "No thanks" on the Nokia Lumia 900.
  • Insider baseball here: There's no verifcation for that source. We received the same "tip" but the person has no credibility. Take that "news" with a grain of salt. Do you know what that tipster's handle is? "" and "areyouserious". We don't print that around here because anyone can make that up. There is no one from Verizon, on or off record, reported as saying "no thanks" or turning down anything. All we do know is that Verizon's plans don't seem to embrace LTE or Windows Phones as much as AT&T. We try to stick to the facts around here.
  • Have you received offical word from Samsung and HTC that they will release 4G phones in the early part of 2010. Nope. Yet it's up two or three articles from this one. So maybe you should try and stick with the facts on everything. eh?
  • You seem to be missing the point, let me make it more clear: News100% verified, source and info RumorSource is verified/known/repuatation, information is iffy Shit that lands in your email box from an anonymous person with very little info -  No way to verify the source or the info, most likely completely made up We post the first two and specificy when a rumor. We don't post the third, ever, unless there is photographic evidence or very high level of detail. What you're citing above is the third category and is not newsworthy for this site, unless you believe in creating rumors with made up sources. That's your right, but don't expect us to endorse it as accurate, quite the contrary. If you want unverified, unsupported "rumors" then you will have to go elsewhere as we actually try to check our sources before posting e.g. we didn't post that HTC pulled their YouTube app because we freakin' checked to see if it was there. Sites like the Verge, Thurrott, etc. have reputations and are known to have access/be reliable, hence why we don't have problems citing them. And at least there is some accountability. Let me rephrase all of this: Do you want WPCentral to write up a post everytime we receive an anonymous email claiming some news that we can't check? Is that the site you want us to be? Because we get 5-10 emails a week fitting such criteria...
  • Do you have any idea why T-mobile is not picking up any high end wp7 devices?
  • Somehow I doubt Verizon was offered the devices they asked for and turned them down.
  • Doesn't sound like Verizon to turn down a high end 4g LTE wp7 device
  • That figures. So frustrating. It is no surprise that if Verizon gets a new WP it would have to be a bottom of the line device. I swear I wish I could afford to eat an ETF and ditch Verizon.
  • I bet anything that Verizon only wanted the flagship 900 if it was an exclusive, and Nokia said no and somehow talked them into taking the 710 as a budget offering.
  • After the reports of a week or so ago that they would only go with new devices if they had LTE .  If this report is true and I realize its only an unverified rumor from a not so reputable source, then VZN has either mis-spoken or as Roger C would say it :misremembered" and their credibility is tarnished.  I hope its not true  I dont want VZN except to own their stock but they are a VLC and it would help push the ecosystem iof they would get and stay on board and not let their effortss flag and fade. Thats what would be truly disappointing to me!
  • Does Microsoft want to fail? They need an LTE phone and they need it pronto. That's what Verizon is pushing.
  • Microsoft isnt designing 4g windows phones yet because they are waiting on more developed 4g LTe technologies so they dont throw battery life out of the drain because current 4g technologies are comeplete battery hogs, btw this is the reason for a lot of things (high res. screens, true multitasking, full customization-basically just protecting wp7 rep. from stupid people that dont understand mobile device resources)
  • Microsoft doesn't make the phones, something that u and alot of others can't seem to understand.
  • I said this in another post but I left Verizon because I wanted the latest and greatest in Windows Phone and so far AT&T has not disappointed.  I love my Titan despite all the problems.  Still not a fan of AT&T's coverage or policies but a bigger selection of great phones to choose from more than makes up for it.
  • Why quote anything thurrott says. He's the biggest,malnacido out there, saying that mango wouldn't roll out till 2012
  • True, he's not right 100% of the time and in that case, he was very wrong, having relied on a single misinformed source. However, he is right more often than not (he does get access to Microsoft, going out to Redmond often) and in general what he writes can be taken as true or mostly accurate.
  • Lol!  I thought the same...but this is pretty big news - if Paul is wrong about this... man, his credibility is going to take huge hit.
  • Also, Thurrott said that about Mango in one of his rant sessions.  He was pissed because Microsoft was not giving him insider information that he wanted about Windows Phone.  He did the same thing about NoDo.  He tends to do this when he knows no more than the rest of us. 
  • I went into 3 verizon stores and saw no windows phones. I buy unlocked Nokias.
  • There's usually only one in the back corner right between the LG Ally and the MiFi. It's pretty clear what Verizon thinks of WP7
  • With how bad their 4G LTE is anymore, whats the point.  Nokia and Verizon never seemed to get along anyway.  Rumors should not be posted as news, watch CES come and go without any announcement.
  • 5+ year veteran of Verizon and a retailer, this news makes me want to drop. Pissed.
  • I've been with Verizon since two devices before the Palm Treo 700W, and while I will defend their service and coverage against all comers, it is their arrogance with which I am not in agreement.  From the first Droid, Verizon’s relationship with Android has included an apparent position of forsaking all others.  It is this continued arrogance which makes my investigating alternatives a consideration.  An idle threat on my part I concede.  I’ll not leave Verizon any time soon, and I will purchase a Trophy off contract.  I will continue my tumultuous relationship with the pompous ass of the mobile carrier world that is Verizon.
  • Exactly my feelings as well.  I feel trapped... I NEED reliable phone service for my business.  I left Sprint after their towers went down for the third time.  Since going with Verizon my bill is higher but I have not had a single issue with service.
    I held off on the Trophy for a while because there seems to be a lot of moaning about it on WP sites... but I have to say, I've had it several months and it performs like a champ. 
    But I want options, preferably Nokia and HTC Titan.  Oh well, Verizon better hope they don't get a competitor with equal cell service or a lot of people will JUMP to get out of Verizon's clutches.  ZERO loyalty here other than QoS.
    Just a terrible situation.  Verizon should be ashamed.
  • AT&T appears to be the "hero carrier" for WP7 in the USA, with T-Mo holding second place.  WM is barely visible on the CDMA networks.
    Regardless of whether VZW has agreed to carry LTE WP devices or not, Microsoft and its partners need to kick into high gear in ensuring a range of devices -- including high-end -- on all the carriers.
    If they can only place one or two devices on carriers, they should be the high end ones.  Samsung has had exceptional success with this strategy vis-a-vis the Galaxy S II.  AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint all have variants that they're selling.
    Contrast that to the WP circumstance -- on T-Mo, you have the Radar (which I have and love).  It's not a high end device, perhaps high end of the mid range.  Lumia 710 is definitely a notch below that.  And no Focus S, Titan, or Lumia 800/900.
    Sprint and Verizon are sporting handsets that are, frankly, outdated.  Adding the Lumia 710 on VZW is not going to excite anyone.
    Nokia should, at a minimum, ensure a Lumia 800 across all four major carriers.  Drop HSPA+ in there with AT&T and T-Mo bands, and drop EVDO Rev A in there for Verizon and Sprint.  That should be the mid-range "baseline."
    Until Windows Phones with high-end features are available on all the majors, it's going to have difficulty taking off the way it should.
  • Wouldn't say AT&T is the hero carrier if they're throttling "4G" speeds of the titan
  • AT&T is undoubtedly the hero carrier for Windows Phone, simply because it's the only carrier that offers a full range of handsets from the high end to the low end.
    You cannot get *any* high-end Windows Phones on any carrier other than AT&T.  Focus S, Titan, and Nokia ACE will all be AT&T exclusives.
  • Just curious how you think the 710 is a notch below the Radar?? Besides the radars front facing cam (which most people dont care about) The Nokia is better overall.
  • Front facing camera is increasingly important (especially as Skype becomes popular), and it's a feature Lumia 710 lacks.  Lumia 710 also has a smaller battery.
    I'd put them roughly on the same level with Radar slightly ahead.
    That said, T-Mobile should have an unabashedly higher-end device available ala the Titan, Focus S, or Lumia 800.
    The 710 and Radar are great phones, but users seeking a higher end experience on T-Mobile are going to invariably be pushed towards an Android device due to a lack of Windows Phone variety on T-Mo.
  • I hear ya but overall the 710 specs are alot better then other entry level smartphones & I like the looks of it. Will be getting the white one. I do not use a front camera hardly ever at this point in time so ill survive without that. Also I dont like to pocket around a super huge phone so 3.7 is perfect and I like how the processor is the same as the lumia 800 and camera should be good being a nokia. Also I personally think the 710 looks better then the 800. Plus of course what your getting for the cost at least to me is perfect.  I love wp & am stoked to get this. I hope it does well. But theres always gonna be something people will find is not "Superphone" enough I guess.. I would be getting the Radar if the 710 werent coming out though. Timing is perfect for me. I guess depending what you weigh can put one or another ahead of the other. I think the Lumias faster processor,  prob better photos & Nokia Drive to me put it slightly ahead of the radar.
  • Does anyone know how this 710 specs compare to the Trophy?  the same? better?  little better?  My wife is ready to jump ship from her original Droid and she likes my phone.  She is back and forth between getting an iPhone or the Trophy.  Since I'm paying for it, I want her to get the Trophy but she can wait if the Nokia will be better.  April is a long time away though.
  • i have the HTC Trophy, and when you comare it to the nokia 710 , its superior. The CPU on the 710 is even at a higher speed at 1.4 vs 1GHz. it might not seem like a lot, but in bencharks the show a difference. The screen size is about the same as my throphy, but i believe the screen is a lot better. Plus you Nokia drive, which is a complete off line Navagation syste. I think it one step above google wih its globle offline service. Plus yhe cameta might still be 5mp ,but i believe the camera sensor is a lot better. Even know it might be a "mid range" phone, its still a pretty good upgrade. I will buy the first Nokia phone. I for one have had four different Android phones and never been so happy with new Windows phone yhe HTC trophy. I dont think I am ever going back to Android.
  • Hi everyone, new to the site.  I'm actually glad this question was asked cause I was going to register just to ask basically the same thing.  I've currently got the original Droid Incredible and can't stand it.  The hardware is decent enough but after living with Android for a year I'm done.  I'm elidgible for an early upgrade right now and have been thinking about getting the Trophy cause VZ has it on their site for $30 with a new 2 year contract.  But now I read this last night that the Lumia will be coming to VZ in April so I'm wondering if I should just wait until then.  I literally can't find a negative review on the Trophy.  If you look at VZ's site it's the 4th or 5th highest rated phone and most of the negative reviews are people who just don't like WP7.  So any thoughts on whether I should wait?  I'm getting antsy!
  • I would wait for the Nokia. I have the HTC Trophy, and I think it's better than any Android Phone I have used(Except the galaxy nexus). Any Nokia phone that comes to verizion i wouldn't think twice about buying.
  • I hear ya.  My only thought on that is that if I use my early upgrade now, my next upgrade will be pushed back another 20 months.  So if VZ comes out with a high end 4G WP next Winter, I won't be able to take advantage of it.  But since the Trophy is so cheap now, only $30, as opposed to probably $100-150 for the Nokia, I can get this phone now and not feel too bad about getting another one in only 20 months.
  • One thing I have learned from being on the Android side is that there will always be a better phone coming out. I really do think Nokia Windows phones are the cream of the crop when it comes to it. I really want Nokia drive... Full off line support. I know the 710 isn't the phone that I wanted to see, but at lease we are getting a phone, and to be honest with you, now that I have a windows phone, it really doesn't matter if it's 4g or 3g. For some reason 3g feels pretty fast on my trophy. There is only two things that bother me about the trophy: 1 the screen viewing angles are pretty bad, 2 the camera pictures are pretty bad. Thats the only two things that really set this phone back.  If Tmobile is offering that phone for $49.00 on a two year contract , do you think Verizion would charge $150? Good luck with your decision.
  • Wow. As if we needed further evidence that Verizon is sabotaging WP7.
  • Same old Verizon, hey let's bring out a new phone that's almost exactly the same as an existing model!  If they had brought in the Titan or something I'd have considered switching back, but that's the exact reason I left them.  No real variety.
  • Didn't Verizon demand LTE to begin with and then Nokia/MS said "yes LTE" and now Verizon says "well, no anyway". Wait. What? o.O
  • Thats what it certainly looks like. No mlore WP unless they have LTE.  Ok says MS and Nokia and VZN says NO.  They sent a team to Nokia World  apparently they wasted a lot of money and time.
  • Considering the string of 4G outages at Verizon, I would say that the least of their worries would be a 4G Windows Phone and who's going to make it.  Even the Verizon mighty Droid lineup isn't worth poop with a dead 4G Verizon network.
    Even Sprint and AT&T realize that LTE is the way to go.  They have already started to convert cities over to "real" 4G and may end up catching up with Verizon in 1 to 2 years.  When "the best network in the US" no longer holds that title, the phone manufacturers - and those who make Windows Phones, will have the advantage.  3 outages in 30 days is no way to run a network!  Charging customers $2 per payment transaction is also no way to run a network.  Perhaps the idea of the $2 fee was to pay for LTE maintenance?  2011 is the year where Verizon has really shown thier growing pains and "what not to do" as a carrier.  And if they don't correct their 4G problems and start carrying devices their customers want, 2012 will end up being just as much of a struggle.