Nokia Lumia 720 teases the US, passes through FCC

The Nokia Lumia 720 has passed through the FCC, teasing the US and showing off its bits. The Windows Phone, which was announced by Nokia at Mobile World Congress, will be heading to a number of markets, but has not been announced for the US. We've already witnessed some retailers revealing finalised pricing and availability, pinning the Lumia 720 to be available come April.

According to the FCC filing, the Lumia 720 doesn't come packing LTE for use with US mobile operators, but the handset does sport HSPA+ support on AT&T's frequencies in the states. It's a strong sign that consumers in the US will (eventually) be able to purchase the Lumia 720. We also can't imagine Nokia forcing consumers in one of the more important markets to go through imports to get hold of the Windows Phone.

Should you reside outside the US, the Lumia 720 will be launching in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore in March. China, Europe, other parts of Asia, Africa, as well as India will see the device in the second quarter.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

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  • I'm from Europe and I have a question to all you US WP lovers out there. I often read something like "not coming to US" and i don't get it. Can't you just order a phone on amazon or ebay and have it delivered(/imported)? Or do imported phones not work in US because of differing frequencies or for some other reason? Please shed some light on this for me. Thanks very much!
  • Its unsubsidized hence the higher pricing, and hence people complain :P
  • I think it's more a matter of being able to get it/them on contract with their current opperator :P
  • We'd just rather not pay unsubsidized prices, along with shipping. I got my Lumia 920 for $50 on AT&T, so it's hard to convince me to spend $200+ to have a 620 imported.
  • Phones do work but warranty doesn't cover if phone has any issues. Mostly ebay and amazon don't disclose such things but I had to figure it out hard way. I got Lumia 800 which I got from an amazon reseller, these resellers are usuaully shady at the best (in my experience). So, its always better if the phone is officially available for a specific country or if the phone breaks then you have to send it to the country of origin (the phone was made for) for repair work. And you know how expensive it can get. These companies should simply provide INTERNATIONAL warranties on their phones and then you can buy phones from anywhere and get repair done anywhere in the world.
    Technically, some of the frequency bands may not be available if you are buying a phone from some other country. But hey, My Lumia 800 still works like a charms and no one can tell if its 1 yr old and I don't use cover at all.
  • To (partly) answer your question.  In this country, the standard practice is that one of the big 4 carriers, AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/Tmobile purchase the phones from the OEM and sell them to consumers at a reduced rate, but with the 2 year, pound you in the a$$, contract.  Carriers will still sell the phones for full price, but will still sometimes lock it down to their network.  From what I have seen, retailers like Walmart and Best Buy mostly just sell the same carrier locked contract phones, but for sometimes reduced prices (maybe $50 on contract instead of $100).  All that being said, I think AT&T frequencies are compatible with European frequencies, but someone correct me if I am wrong, so if you can find the phone on Amazon or Ebay you could certainly use it here in the states.  But for the most part, I don't know of any physical chain stores that specifically sell non-carrier branded phones.
    I don't like this system, but there is an alternative, specifically the MVNO's which run off the networks of the big guys and offer much cheaper prepaid options.  When my contract ends with AT&T soon I will take my phone and move to a cheaper MVNO, like StraightTalk, and pay per month.
  • Thanks so much for all you responses, especially the detailled ones! Here in Germany we can also buy a phone subsidized with a carrier, but its mostly a rip-off in my opinion. You pay much less for the phone, true, but the contract monthly fees are MUCH higher then, and in the end you come out having paid more for the phone than you could've when you bought it without contract. Just out of curiosity, what do you pay monthly for this 50$ Lumia 920 contract? Doesn't this fee cancel out the subidized price over time?
  • It is a major rip off, but people just don't realize it because they don't know of the alternatives.  All the carriers are different, but I'll tell you my personal situation.  For me and my wife on AT&T, we pay about $120 total per month and that is only for the 200MB data plans.  And thats with my 20% comapny "discount"!  Granted our phones were free on contract, but that still adds up to a LOT over two years.  Never again.  I will always do prepaid from here on out.  StraightTalk has a $45 for unlimited everything plan and their network uses AT&T so our phones will work with that.  Alternatively I'm considering TMobile's $30 monthly plan for unlimited data but limited calls.  Although I'm not sure our phones can use TMobiles 3G spectrum.
    A difference between US and Europe is that I see your carriers offer different monthly prices for different subsidized rates.  Here in the states, the carriers charge the same no matter how much your phone was subsidized.  Thats why a common practice is to get a new phone every 2 years because you might as well if you are going to keep paying the same monthly rate.  It keeps people locked on a perpetual contract renewal cycle.  Once again, people are just ignorant of their options and don't know about the cheaper pre-paid alternatives.
  • Well, its understandable that people take the phone option when it's almost free of charge and the contract costs the same... But as you said the contract fee sounds indeed VERY high... I pay 22,50€ (around 30$) and have unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 300MB data, which compared to yours sounds like a great deal. I did pay the full price for my phone though. I personally couldn't wait two years for a new phone, so i try to resell my "old" one after ~10 months and get a new one. That proved a good cycle without having to pay too much extra for the new one.
    Anyway, thanks so much for the reply Aaron. Have a good one!
  • It sounds like the difference between the US and most other regions is that in the US the major carriers do not give you a discounted monthly rate if you buy the phone outright.  If I had the option of buying the phone I want and just paying a lower monthly rate for the phone service I would take that option every time.  Unfortunately, if you buy the phone unsubsidized the carrier still charges you the same monthly price (which has a subsidized phone upgrade every 2 years built in) so you end up buying the phone twice.  In the days of fairly cheap dumb phones I used to buy my phones unlocked on eBay, but with smart phones costing several hundred dollars...not so much.
  • you've received very accurate responses. i wanted to add...
    1. t-mobile is now offering a subsidized plan that removes the additional phone subsidy after 20 months (about $20/month)
    2. there are two major GSM carriers t-mo and at&t. unless your phone supports pentaband (e.g. nexus 4, limited edition lumia 920, etc.) you will have to buy the compatible phone. usually at&t is most frequent supported 3/4G bands.
    3. the 4 us networks (except t-mo) use the subsidy business model and lock & brand phones
    4. usually the network providers are the device suppliers customer not individuls. the devices are also network specific so small changes to firmware, case, etc.
    5. i have purchased multiple unlocked unbranded european phones and apart from warranty, these phones are much better and provide better access to network features (e.g. tethering = free = $0.00)
    i owned the LG optimus from O2, with triband 3G. i got all the wp7 updates and hspa+ for $200 US. the titan2 still hasn't received any post mango updates.  the lumia 720 fcc filing is probably an at&t mvno otherwise you dont need fcc filing to use phone is us. an mvno must be picking this phone for unsubsidized prepaid plan is my guess
  • I'm on a family plan of 3 lines shared with just my friend and I. I'm not sure what our total bill is, I just pay $50 for unlimited messaging 300 mb and roll-over talk minutes. $50 x 24 months + $50(phone) = $1250(my pocket)
    That extra line; my friend uses just for the 2 year upgrade. It drives me crazy!!! He hates it when I ask him about the math. lol
  • Your rip off is what we might call pount it in @$$!.  I have a 920 unsubsidized (off ebay bnib) and my wife has the iphone 5 and daughter the iPone 5 and my son the skyrocket II HD (galazxy S2 and pay about 235.00 a month I have unltd data and the others the ATT 3Gb smartphone plan with mobile to mobile and family text  I think its a good deal . 
  • I recently renewed my AT&T contract and went from 1 to 4 smartphones (before it was 1 smartphone and two "dumbphones."). Needless to say my bill will be about $230 a month (after discount, lol) with unlimited minutes/text and sharing 1GB. Luckily we hardly use the cellular data so we don't go over. Still, I'm pretty sure I'll jump to Straight Talk after two years because I'll be saving 40-50 dollars a month. It'll all come down to give me the best deal.
  • Most people in the US don't understand that you actually pay behind the scenes for a phone, it's not "free". But however, even when buying unsubsidized on the big four carriers, you still pay the same price as subsidized for monthly fees. It's pretty messed up here.
  • Hey Rich, maybe I'm mistaken but it look like a 520 on the picture :P
  • The device in the pic is Lumia 520! Correct it!
  • are you 100% sure? ive seen pics of both and they are nearly identical. at the angle hes holding it it could be either
  • Given the 820 and 620, I feel like the 720 doesn't really fit in anywhere.
  • I too felt the same way about the phone lol, but then i thought about the carriers that got the 820, surely they'll go for the 620.
    Then think of those who got the 920, surely they'll go for the 720, and then lower it up to the 520 for entry device. see what im saying?
  • In the US probably, world wide is where the 520 - 720 is aimed at...there these phones will do really well, if Nokia can launch a 420 or 320, somehow get a smartphone to $100 that is big business for those upgrading from feature phones. Nokia is aiming to cover the entire market, grow with a customer as they grow wealthier.
  • I feel like 720 id more like a Little brother of 920
  • Who said that choice is bad?
  • Any word on Band IV/AWS support on the 720?  I don't need LTE (HSPA+ is fine for me), but my carrier uses AWS... (Wind Mobile in Canada; I think T-Mobile uses this too in the US).
  • I was interested in the same info (i'm with Wind as well) and flipped through the FCC documents to see if there was any AWS support and it doesn't look like there is any for the 720.
    Would have loved for Wind to get this phone but it's not supported. Hopefully some new AWS capable devices come our way soon.
  • Thanks - I flipped through the FTC docs but honestly wasn't sure what to look for, thinking maybe it was a special term I hadn't heard of. ;) 
    There's still some hope I guess… the Rogers 920's have Band IV support, despite the ones in the US not having it.  So maybe if the 720 does come to Canada, Nokia will see fit to add it.
  • The day belongs to Nokia.
  • If only it had lte... =(
    I like the looks of this phone a LOT. But I might end up getting the lumia 820 as a second phone to compliment my primary android phone just because of the lte. =)
  • not having LTE is going to have huge battery life benefits
  • get the HTC 8X then, its a great device.
    4.3" HD screen and more powerful processor.
  • Even though it has HSPA+ bands that support AT&T, I doubt that the 720 would make it due to lack of LTE. A T-Mobile release might be likely for this device, but still doubtful, since the magenta-clad US carrier is already stocking up on its own Lumia 520 variant. (Lumia 521)
  • lack of lte is for lower cost. the lumia 82X series is the low cost LTE niche. if the lumia 720 supports dc-hspa theoretical bw of 40Mbit+. at&t has minized the dc-hspa rollout. my guess is an at&t mvno. even with hspa+, you get 21Mbit+. this is a great nexus4 competitor except for the lower res screen. the nexus4 does support dc-hspa and pentaband. thats why the 249 euro price seems a little high. i know nexus is subsized from google. MS should add a $50 subsidy to the lumia 720
  • I have an 8yo contract w/at&t which is 450min, unlimited data and 200texts. It costs me $70/mo. I went out and bought a new no contract att titan for $350 and unlocked/jailbroke it. I now get all the updates. If I signed a new contract I would have paid $95 a month and $199 for the phone for the same service and no updates.
  • I'm so sick of this shit! Bring it to god damned T-Mobile! The 521 won't cut it! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah /Bitching