Nokia Lumia 720 teases the US, passes through FCC

The Nokia Lumia 720 has passed through the FCC, teasing the US and showing off its bits. The Windows Phone, which was announced by Nokia at Mobile World Congress, will be heading to a number of markets, but has not been announced for the US. We've already witnessed some retailers revealing finalised pricing and availability, pinning the Lumia 720 to be available come April.

According to the FCC filing, the Lumia 720 doesn't come packing LTE for use with US mobile operators, but the handset does sport HSPA+ support on AT&T's frequencies in the states. It's a strong sign that consumers in the US will (eventually) be able to purchase the Lumia 720. We also can't imagine Nokia forcing consumers in one of the more important markets to go through imports to get hold of the Windows Phone.

Should you reside outside the US, the Lumia 720 will be launching in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore in March. China, Europe, other parts of Asia, Africa, as well as India will see the device in the second quarter.

Source: FCC; via: Engadget

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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