Nokia Lumia 800 feedback from carrier and retailer sales staff

While the HTC Titan and Samsung Focus S are both proving to be fairly popular in the U.S., we've heard analysts down Nokia for Lumia 800 sales and the manufacturer bouncing back with positive statements. MyNokiaBlog have compiled some feedback (published at Nokia Connections) from carriers and retailers in Europe, which all show positive signs on how well the Lumia 800 is selling. Nokia (and Microsoft) have the daunting task to help train sales staff in stores to push out Windows Phone handsets and is needed after reports we've received from those who reside in the U.S., Europe and (more recently) Australia. We're going to leave this to the employees at UK carriers and retailers to explain how things are going.

Joe Moody, Orange:

"This phone is the best phone out there by far. I have managed to switch 15 customers within a week to pre order the Lumia, I love the device so much I can’t wait to get one when I’m due a new phone, the customers that are interested in apple iPhones or galaxy s 2 I manage to persuade some to go for a Lumia."

Ian McLaren, Carphone Warehouse:

"The Lumia is flying off the shelves, especially from one who has really taken the training on board and pitching them to everyone. The main things that are selling the phone are the design, superb screen and the way the social networks are integrated into the phone OS so don’t need to keep switching apps and all the messages are compiled into one thread.From a standing start, Nokia have really grabbed people’s attention with the Lumia and the advertising is starting to pay off as people are coming in and asking about the handset, and asking to upgrade to it."

Bill Bennett, Three UK:

"I lose track of the number of people who I speak to who want an iPhone. Well, at least they think they do. It’s amazing how, once people have played with a Lumia for a minute or two, they lose all desire for anything Appley. As one lady put to me… 'the iPhone doesn’t come in blue – it won’t match my handbag'."

Matt Rampersad, Orange:

"Yesterday I showed a customer how easy it was to use the voice control, they were amazed because you can open every application on the phone just by your voice! And it even reads out your texts if you want! What a clever device."

A feel good post for you, be sure to head on over to MyNokiaBlog to read up on the rest of the feedback from sales staff. I must be honest, I never thought we'd see the day.

Via: MyNokiaBlog

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