Nokia Lumia 900 available to pre-order at Swiss retailer Digitech for CHF 699

Online Swiss retailer Digitech has the Lumia 900 listed on the website for CHF 699 ($760), but unfortunately no release / availability date is provided. The phone sports a 4.3" AMOLED display, 8MP camera, 1.4Ghz chip and a 16GB storage.

We're still waiting for the 4G LTE Lumia 900 to hit AT&T, but it's good to see more retailers list the international version.

Source: Digitech, thanks Simon for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It's not available... It's only for preorder with an unknown shipment date...
  • Odd, I put pre-order in the title (it's even in the URL), ah well re-added. In the article I did mention that there's no release / availability date however.
  • Rich do u kno a laget site wer I can get a magenta lumia 800 for my sister we have AT&T and wanna get her a better phone then her iPhone witch has a shattered screen like most iPhones lol
  • Just for your info: the name of the shop is Digitec not Digitech ;)
  • What's this? A Lumia 900 article without people complaining about AT&T?! :P
  • Release the damn phone already! I'm tired of waiting to make the jump.
  • $760? That isn't even close to being worth that kind of money. Maybe, and I do mean maybe, if it had the specs the 910 was supposed to have it would be worth $600.
  • So what's the deal with the Lumia? I saw the specs once and it didn't look like anything special at all, looked like a nice looking phone with outdated hardware. 
  • Good news to those that are waiting for Lumia 900 on Att, Att just recently give green light TA (technical acceptance) to Nokia and MS. You cab expect the phones to hit the shelf any time in the upcoming days :)