Nokia Lumia 900 Case Review: Case-Mate Tough Case

If you are looking for added protection for your Nokia Lumia 900, the Case-Mate Tough case might be something to consider. The case is a two piece set-up with a rubber sleeve that wraps around your Lumia 900. A harder, plastic shell then wraps around the rubber sleeve to complete the case.  The Tough Case is a nice protective option for your Lumia 900 but it does considerably attract lint and adds a bit of bulk to the rather slender Lumia 900.

The case has cut-outs and recesses to expose the Lumia's camera and micro-USB port. The volume, camera and power buttons are not exposed but rather covered with rubber extensions. The buttons were responsive to the touch and the extensions just add to the protectiveness of the case.

Case-Mate Tough Case

The Tough Case fits snug and you will have to slightly adjust the rubber sleeve once the hard shell is in place. The rubber sleeve is exposed at the top and bottom of the Lumia 900 as well as around the screen to provide a bumper of sorts.  The hard shell has a matte finish to it with texture for a bit of grippiness.

Case-Mate Tough Buttons

As far as bulk is concerned, the Tough Case does add a little bulk to the overall size of the Lumia 900 but not as much as the Case-Mate Pop!. The smooth plastic helps maintain the slim feel to the Lumia but the Windows Phone does feel larger. Pocket carry is still possible but the rubber sleeve attracts lint like a magnet.  And that may be the only real gripe we could find with the case.  Even out of the pocket, the Tough case really attracts lint and dust.  If the slight increase in bulk isn't an issue, the Tough Case feels rather comfortable in the hand.

Case-Mate Tough back side

If you are looking for a protective case for your Lumia 900, the Case-Mate Tough Case might be worth considering. You are going to sacrifice a bit of the slimness of the Lumia 900 but it's a manageable loss.

The Case-Mate Tough Case is currently being offered in black only (it does appear dark gray or brown at times depending on the light) and is running $29.95. You can find the Tough Case here at the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store.

George Ponder

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