Nokia Lumia 920 CC-1043, a shell of a case

One of the more challenging aspects of owning the Nokia Lumia 920 is finding a case for the Windows Phone. The challenge being that the 920 works rather nicely in the buff.

One option we've been patiently waiting for is the Nokia CC-1043 case for the Lumia 920. The case is very similar to the Nokia Gel Cases for the Lumia 900 but the CC-1043 cases haven't been as readily available. We finally got our hands on one of the CC-1043 cases (which really needs a better name) and took it out for a spin.

Construction wise, the CC-1043 is just like the Lumia 900's Gel Case. It's made of the same silicone, rubbery material that has cutouts in all the right places. Where the Lumia 900 case kept the side buttons covered, the CC-1043 exposes them.

Color options for the CC-1043 include black, red, cyan, yellow and gray.

The CC-1043 fits the Lumia 920 like a glove. At a glance, with the color options, many will think you've gotten a new Lumia 920. The case adds very little to the overall size of the Nokia Lumia 920 but give the phone a little more grippability. The case is about as thick as a piece of heavy construction paper or the cardboard used for cereal boxes.

The cutouts make all the ports accessible but the buttons cutouts takes a little time to get used to. The Lumia 920's buttons are slightly raised to make them distinguishable but the case body sits flush with the button height. The wells of the cutout are wide enough to make the buttons accessible but it also gives the buttons a different feel. It's not an issue that will make you run screaming from the room but rather something to get used to.

As far as protective value, the CC-1043 definitely offers protection from scrapes and scratches. Will it protect the Lumia 920 from drops? Maybe but I would go around testing the theory.

The only downside (and it's marginal) to the CC-1043 is the the sides have just a smidgen of play. The play isn't loose enough where the case would pop off the Lumia 920 but could snag on your pockets or be an entry point for dust and grit.

All totaled, I liked the CC-1043 Case from Nokia. The cases offers a moderate level of protection for your Lumia 920 and gives you a few color options for when you're in the mood to change things up. Add a comfortable fit and the CC-1043 matches up with the Lumia 920.

I'm really surprised Nokia didn't market these cases at launch through AT&T (like they did with the Lumia 900 cases) or simply offered a better supply stream to third party vendors. You can find the CC-1043 case through Expansys for about $17 and through for about $12. Inventory seems to vary depending on the colors.  If you've seen them offered elsewhere, feel free to share in the comments below.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.