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Nokia Lumia 928 available for just $49 on Verizon

If you've been interested in the Nokia Lumia 928 but have been waiting for its price tag to drop, now could well be your time to leap and make the purchase. We've just been made aware of the Windows Phone, which is now available for just $49.99 when taken out with a new contract. That's a cracker of a deal for a brand new flagship Windows Phone.

Lumia 928 Deal

The Lumia 928 was unveiled earlier last month and is exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the US. Sporting similar specifications to the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925, the Verizon smartphone does come with a few bonuses. These include a Xenon flash, digital amplifier and a unique design. There are other sources where the Lumia 928 may be cheaper, but it's good to see the price come down when looking at the line provider.

Source: Verizon Wireless (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Is this a bad sign?
  • I don't think so. Just them being aggressive. From the day it was released, some third-party retailers had it for $29 on contract, so this is hardly the cheapest price. I'm quite certain that the Z10 (BlackBerry) isn't selling very well, yet it still fetches for $199 on contract (!). Cuts in prices can be a temporary sale (holiday), or plans to move more inventory.
  • I hate myself for this, but --- it "fetches $199".  "Fetch" is not a synonym for "sell", it means "bring".  Ugh, I feel so dirty.
  • I've heard fetch used in that way plenty of times, for example: "A piece of gum chewed by wpn00b fetched $10 million at an antique auction today". I admit its weird, but X item does BRING(fetch) its former owner X sum, doesn't it?
  • Yes, it "fetches $X", not "fetches FOR $X".  He consistently misuses it the second way.
  • Its used in the sense that they throw the price out there and the customer brings them their business.. Its a figure if speech, not a literal term.. At least that's how we use it in America..
  • One the several meanings of fetch as listed in a dictionary to bring in for a price. As in that will fetch a large sum of money at auction.
    As for them lowering the price. They are dropping price on several devices. Always attempting to lure people to give up their unlimited data.
  • It could be, depending on how you look at it..
    Either way it's going to push more devices.   Where else can you get such an awesome phone for just 50 bucks?
  • If we just bought do you think they would be willing to refund that additional 50?
  • Sure, it's worth a phone call at the very least
  • You should. I have the 822 and when its price dropped I got refunded the amount Verizon dropped it by.
  • You have 15 days price grantee.
  • When att dropped price within month of release of 920 they gladly credited back my account the difference.
  • If you bought within the last two weeks they will refund the $50.  I bought mine on Friday and got the refund.
  • Do I need to call customer care or the individual store I purchased it from?
  • Not sure.  I bought mine online and I called customer service.  If you bought it in a store I would call customer service anyway as my experience with them is they are always very helpful and may go ahead and give you the credit.  The person I talked to told me that if you bought it within 14 days of the price reduction you will get the credit.
  • Time to get me a refund.
  • Thanks for posts! Got the $50 back w/o a hassle so happy to be with Verizon, wish I hadn't taken 15 years to leave the other carrier.
  • Wish 928 was on AT&T :- / 
  • Why? Nokia needs to spread its devices out. It can't stay committed to AT&T only. I'm glad that every major carrier has a high-end Windows Phone (Sprint is coming).
  • So I can get my hands on one why else?
  • LOL! What do you have now?
  • I have a Verizon 8X. A phone that is available everywhere. Except Sprint. Lol
  • Verizon's 8X is the only one that has built-in wireless charging. That in itself could be a reason that HTC WP enthusiasts would move to Verizon. At least 7 months ago...
  • the Lumia 928 has wireless charging
  • No need to make any exclusive handsets! I feel that the same handset should work across the lines. Of course things like CDMA technology make it more difficult than it needs to be...
  • I actually think Nokia may be on the right track with their exclusivisty agreements in the US.  When I see AT&T offer Lumia 920 for $450 at launch, or T-Mo offering Lumia 521 for $130-150, it tells me that Nokia is securing special subsidies from the carriers to make the phones cheaper to consumers.  Note: I only quote off-contract prices since I think contracts are fucking bull shit money traps.
  • The reason for exclusivity is in exchange, Nokia gets a heavily discounted/subsidized device with premium product placement and advertising. Basically, with an exclusive, the carrier becomes a partner in selling it and picks up more of the cost of promotion. If you give them "just another 920" they're unlikely to do that. If Nokia had an iPhone/Galaxy device, then the carriers will play ball regardless. But Nokia is trying to sell phones from a position of weakness in the US market, so they need to make these deals. (All of this btw is related to why Sprint won't have a Nokia phone).
  • By that, do you mean that sprint is not in a position money-wise to subsidize and advertise a Nokia phone?
  • I purchased mine on the device payment plan so I don't feel bad as others who jump on a 2 year contract. Shouldn't be a bad thing. Every person that sees my phone loves it.
  • I order the black Lumia 928 for my boss at work
    the device is a good looking unit. Kinda looks like a past fan concept less chrome side and speaker bezel.
  • Arghhh! I got the 8X on Verizon on contract back in December for $300. Never again will I buy a phone on contract prematurely, I say.
  • On contract for $300? That seems a bit....much
  • Same here. Then bought the 928 on Newegg and now sold the 8X on Usell for $125. Expecting my check in a few days :)
  • Yeah I payed $100 for mine back in March and regretting it now.
  • Yeah, but you got to put it into perspective.. With everything the 925 has to offer Android, and iOS devices sell for hundreds more.. Even if you paid $199 you still would be getting a great deal compared to some of these $299 iPhones... At $99 it's a steal!!
  • I have to pay retail for my phones. $100 is change in my world lol
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Excuse my drool.
  • I got it from Newegg for $30 :)
  • What was the catch?
  • No catch. I got it from Newegg for $30 as well.
  • Damn! That's low.. I got to start using Newegg...
  • How has the 925 been selling??
  • 925 isn't out in the states yet
  • I keep saying 925 for 928.. Lol!!
  • I can't imagine living w/o my 521. No contracts!!!
  • Would love to have it. Not giving up my 5gb unlimited. Would cost me more per month to do so. I'll stay with my 822 I bought off contract on eBay.
  • Super for customers! Terrible for Nokia! This obviously affects their bottom line!
  • Verizon gets hit with the subsidies not Nokia. Unless Nokia started selling the phones $50 cheaper to Verizon.
  • I'm hoping this in plan for the new Nokia EOS coming to VZW?
  • While that would be awesome, i don't think we'll see an EOS on verizon for at least 6 months after it launches elsewhere. Just seems to be the release cycle for VZW.
  • Agreed, they will also need to make it boxier, strip all the colors off it, and add a HUGE Verizon logo. That takes time... :D
  • I like this aggressive pricing.. Good stuff
  • Damn already have the 822, maybe when something bigger comes a long.. I can wait.
  • Same. Drooling over the 928 but looking forward to next gen stuff in Q4.
  • Ditto on the $50 credit, just call customer service. Awesome phone at any price!
  • I renewed my contract with the 822 in november and just bought the 928 on Friday. It was my birthday and had receive $300 so I went to Verizon and told them I had this much and if they can give me a good deal, and its my birthday :). They looked over my account and they said they'll offer me $350 with the phone, screen protector, case, juice battery, speaker, and a car charger. I also had to renew my contract again. So instead of starting in November, it will start in June.
    Ohh and I get a $50 rebate which I will be buying the charging plate
  • This was good for you and them. They got you on the crazy accessory markup they have but at least you got the phone you needed.
  • Yeah, I was expecting to pay for $400 or more. I was able to renew my contract within 6 months after getting the 822. I went to many verizon stores and they all said I had to pay full retail price since I renewed my contract already. I'm happy from what I got. I've been with Verizon for 9 years now so I'm happy to be with them.
  • Is it possible to buy out of your contract and remain on Verizon? Just a thought.
  • Grabbed one at a brick and mortar store over the weekend for $100 w/ $50 mail in rebate. Add in the $25 app credit and its a winner!
  • VZW just credited my bill $50. I am a happy camper.
  • still sticking with the ebay route to get my 928 hopefully i can find one for a decent price i cant justify losing my unlimited but anyday now i might cave in ....but i will say the rumors of the quad core nokia lumia device popping up in the benchmarks has me a little hesitant
  • Read it and weep, um, er I mean get to and order one for yourself!  
    Qty Description 1 Nokia Lumia 928 Black - 4G LTE Mobile Number: Transfer Existing: 1 Nokia Lumia 928 White - 4G LTE Mobile Number: Transfer Existing: 1 Nokia Lumia 928 Black - 4G LTE Mobile Number: Transfer Existing: 3 Keep My Existing Plan 3 2GB Data Pak (Personal Email Only) 3 Basic Voice Mail 3 Keep My Existing Messaging Feature (View Details for Important Disclaimer) Amount to be collected when your order is approved: $29.97
    Yes, you read that right - 3 phones for $29.97 - that $9.99 a piece!
  • That's nice, but I have the unlimited plan and wont pay $519 to upgrade. I can hit 2gb in a week or two.
  • I just logged into my Verizon account and I'm seeing the 928 for FREE
    Ahh, I guess that's just if you're adding a line