Nokia Lumia Windows Phone challenge heads to Sweden

A new video has been published on YouTube that shows the Nokia Lumia team in Sweden challenging the general public to see if their competitor smartphone can best a Windows Phone at common tasks. We've previously seen similar campaigns in the UK with the "Dare to Live" tour and Ben Rudolph's Smoked by Windows Phone that started the challenges off at MWC 2012.

You know the drill already, whether it be uploading a photo to Facebook or locating the nearest restaurant for directions, the smartphone to complete said task is crowned the winner. As one can see from the video, the Nokia Lumia held its ground.

It's good to see more challenges being held across the globe, especially with Windows Phone 8 just around the corner. It's the perfect opportunity for OEM partners to begin marketing their new handsets (or the platform in general) to create much needed hype for when new hardware is eventually launched.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Patrik, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Windows kicks ass. Greatings from sweden
  • Aaaww how much I miss Swedish.women. So gorgeous =D
  • Posting to facebook is MUCH faster on my WebOS Pre3....just saying since it is sad that something with such promise was pushed to the wayside.  Of course, my next phone will still be a Lumina 920.
  • Haha, the girl reaaally wanted to win. Nice to see them at least talk about the Lumia 900, haven't heard much. A trip around the stores a while back revield most stores to carry the L900 though, a positive change. Lets hope they can change sceptics, they kind of need to if there to sell a lot.
  • I cant wait to see a smoked by Windows Phone 8 campaign...
  • On TV even
  • Lol with Lumia 920 the contest ends with. "who can use their phone outside on a very bright winter day...." but that is more Nokia than purely WP8.
  • Finally! They sure took a long time, long trip to get here!
    The heavy dude with the galaxy S3 talks down the others who tried and is really convinced he'd make it. Quite contrary the sales rep humiliates him by outdoing him the most.
    Know your enemy and know yourself, and in a thousand battles you will never be defeated!"
  • Funniest part is, they were beaten by the Lumia 900. Wait untill the Lumia 920 comes along and they will be completely left in the dust!
  • Best part is the S3 guy that is so convinced he will win and the lumia 900 manages to do the same task 4 times before he has done it once.
  • Anyone see the ad for the 920 that plays afterwards?  I thought it waas pretty good...
  • Hmm in Sweden now three different online stores have prices for lumia 920 online (all placeholders I hope) ranging from 12699 sek to 15600sek.
    That would be like 1500-1900 euro (including 25% vat) I sure hope this isn't in any way an indication of things to come