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Nokia rolls Monopoly Millionaire and DaVinci Pinball onto Xbox Windows Phone

It’s been a few weeks since Nokia published a batch of exclusive Xbox Windows Phone games: the fine Vampire Rush and much less fine Storm in a Teacup. Since then, former Nokia exclusives Risk and Connect 4 became available to all Windows Phone users, knocking the number of Nokia exclusives down by two.

Clearly Nokia believes we Lumia owners need lots of stuff to brag about beyond the generally beautiful looks of our phones, and so they’ve just thrown a couple more exclusives our way in order to balance things out. Today we get DaVinci Pinball from Chillingo and Monopoly Millionaire from EA.

Both games are interesting in their own ways, but Monopoly Millionaire especially so because it’s the first Nokia exclusive Xbox game that requires Windows Phone 8 (and 1 GB of RAM). Could this mean we’ll start seeing more EA games that take advantage of Windows Phone 8’s increased horsepower? I hope so! Check out our impressions of both titles after the break.

Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly originally launched alongside Windows Phone 7. A decent, workmanlike port, its only crimes were the lack of online multiplayer and a too-high price of $4.99.

Does Monopoly Millionaire improve on its predecessor’s faults? Well, not the two problems I just mentioned. The Windows Phone 8 game supports pass-and-play and loca Wi-Fi multiplayer for up to four players (just like the iOS cersion). Lack of online play is kind of a downer, but at least it has more multiplayer options than in the original game.

As EA’s first Windows Phone 8 game, Millionaire features a shiny new 3D engine and a sharp visual style.  It looks so much prettier than the old game, you’ll want to ask it on a date the first time you play. Then you’ll realize how silly that would be since you want to be unattached when the next big Gameloft release comes along.

Millionaire plays a lot like the original Monopoly, but EA has revamped the rules and gameplay for mobile devices. The goal is now to earn one or two million dollars before the other players - much more manageable than having to bankrupt everyone else. In addition to the existing Chance cards, new Fortune cards let players steal or force property trades and other cool effects. Declining to buy a property automatically starts an auction with a super slick interface.

Millionaire doesn’t have a beefy single-player mode or online multiplayer as we would have liked, but it does provide a better and more enjoyable experience than its predecessor. The Achievements shouldn’t be too hard either. We’ll have a full review soon.

Monopoly Millionaire is a 70 MB download for Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices. It also requires 1 GB of RAM for some reason, so lower-memory devices won't be able to play it. Get it here from the Store.

QR: Monopoly Millionaire

DaVinci Pinball

Microsoft announced Pinball FX2 for Windows Phone way back in February 2012, and we interviewed the developer later that summer. Sadly that game looks like vaporware, but Gameprom has come to the rescue. DaVinci Pinball is the first Xbox-enabled pinball game for Windows Phone. It’s only got one table, but the premise and smooth gameplay certainly don’t disappoint.

As the name implies, the DaVinci Pinball table is themed around Leonardo DaVinci’s fantastic inventions and sketches. The table is wooden and chock full of levers, pulleys, and other era-appropriate gadgets. The inventor himself also provides vocal narration which I highly enjoyed. The controls are simple: tap the left or right side of the screen to move the appropriate flipper. Shake the device to tilt.

You can play DaVinci Pinball like any other pinball table and simply try to get the highest score you can. On top of that, the game packs a total of 10 optional missions. Each of these involves activating a machine such as DaVinci’s helicopter by hitting the proper targets. Naturally  many of the Achievements are tied to completing the missions. Check out the DaVinci Pinball Wiki for a full mission list. And speaking of Achievements, the in-game Achievement menu is surprisingly homely and unhelpful compared to the rest of the game.

The interesting thing about DaVinci Pinball is that on iOS it’s simply a PDLC table sold for $1.99 within a larger game called The Pinball HD Collection. For some reason, Gamesprom and Chillingo have chosen to sell the table individually on Windows Phone instead of through a hub game. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because Windows Phone 7 doesn’t work well with In-App Purchases. On the plus side, this game’s appearance means we could get more tables from Gamesprom in the future, each one with 200 GamerScore to its name.

DaVinci Pinball works for both Windows Phone 7 and 8. It costs $2.99 and clocks in at 60 MB on Windows Phone 8. Nokia owners can get it here at the Store.

Via: InsideGames.Ch; thanks to Guilherme, Jey Si, and Mark for the tip!

QR: DaVinci Pinball

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • All these Nokia exclusives. Come on Catwalk hurry up (and please look nicer than render).
  • Don't worry, it will :)
  • Smh! I hear u bro.
  • How come I cannot find Pinball FX2 in the Marketplace?
  • Vaporware means that a game was announced but never actually released.
  • Actually you are not describing vaporware, you are just describing nothing. Or a secret game that has not come out yet.
  • Oh no, I'm using vaporware correctly. From Wikipedia:
    Vaporware is a term in the computer industry that describes a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually released nor officially cancelled.
  • lol exactly. you said "Unannounced game that never released". Can we even then verify those game's existence?
  • OH. Well, fixed. :P
  • Ah, 720, 520, and 620 owners cannot play Monopoly Millionaire because of its requirements. :(
  • It requires 1 GB of RAM?
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  • Not yet, but hopefully we'll learn later today.
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  • I don't like to post it publicly, but you can send me an email by right-clicking my name in these comments and choosing to contact me. Or just tweet me @segacon.
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  • I am adding Monopoly to my buy list. Xbox achievements whoo hooo!!!
  • Call me when monopoly gets a price cut.
  • Just tried Pinball! Nice table but the ball moves wrong at some parts of the table and at some it doesn't even show the animations at all.
  • Thats why i didnt like the game it a bit boring. No animations powers etc.
  • Didnt like pinball :(
  • I know this is a bit off topic but, yesterday I finally got 1308 firmware but when I open the storage check, none of the numbers have loaded and the loading dots just keep rolling forever. And I cant clear the storage since the thing doesn't load. Anyone else have this issue?
  • Nop no issue.. Try lumia storage check beta from nokia beta labs.
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  • The AI in the original Monopoly was atrocious. It would never mortage a single property even it meant being able to complete or block a set. It's trading was so annoying and stupid it had to be turned off. The fact that it had a difficulty setting was hilarous. After a half-dozen effortless vicotories in a row, I never played the game again. It's once-around-the-board trial was a rip-off.
  • Paul achievement hunters don't look forward to gameloft releases as most time they are glitches,and,we,all know will never be patched :p
  • Ha ha, sad but true. Then again, I'm mostly just happy to play a game of Gameloft's quality, even with a broken Achievement here or there.
  • Yeah me too. I got all of the achievements except for the luck based ones in around 1 hour. Not bad. Same as the original.
    The luck based ones are much harder than original though. The saving and resuming exploit from the first game has been removed from what I can tell. Making the luck achievements harder. Rolling 3 doubles in  row and also rowing double 6's twice in a row are lame achievements IMO. Someday I will complete this.
  • yea at least it isn't glitched though as a few people already got them done.
    but paul yea I know some people don't care but I am completionist so I like the chance to complete it even if it is insanly stupid hard so normally for me a glitched achievement means no buy so they are pulling a 50/50 purchase ratio with me :S
    but chillingo is almost always spot on and when its not they patch it *heard vampire rush is getitng  apatch shortly*
  • dream track nation was just patched today. 5 glitched achievements unlock with buttery smoothness. Chillingo only published that game. The devleopers patched the game supposedly a month ago (submitted to Microsoft). I guess it took a whole month to get through Microsft to us. What a shame .But yeah Chillingo patches achievements. Gameloft doesn't. Simple as that.
    Anyone that thinks spiderman will be getting a patch is stupid (for the achievement glitched two of them actually). Also Real soccer 2013, major issues. Costs money to get all achievements. Will never be fixed. But I am with Paul. As long as I can get a good 160 out of the game I will purchase if it is good. Achievements are everything to me. I dont care about completion for the most part.
  • Hopefully EA release Dead Space sooner rather than leter! Will be buying Monopoly when I get home! :)
  • Well, once Monopoly gets the price lowered, I'll get it. Not before that.
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  • Pinball needs a better viewing angle, a tilted angle. Then it would be a hit, now not so much.
  • More overpriced games.....sigh... One is $2 more than iOS the other is $1 more....
    Why do I have to pay more for apps just because I own a WP device ?
  • You already know the answer, but it's because the WP market is smaller (and the Lumia market smaller than the overall WP market). So some publishers choose to mark up prices in order to compensate for the smaller potential number of sales.
  • I had a Vzw Trophy from release and a HTC 8X now....This is getting old. No wonder why I wont buy any new games UNLESS they are priced the same as other markets.
    I love WP...dislike iOS and Android but, it seeming to me if I want to save money on apps, Windows Phone is not the platform for that. There are a bunch of apps I have picked up in the past that were $1-3 more than other marketplaces and sorry but, that is wrong.
    I always check the other marketplaces before buying a app, if they are cheaper than WP, I will not buy it and I refuse to.
  • So do you still have hope from yesterday that games will lower their prices a week after release because enough people give bad reviews based on price. Lets face it, until we start getting more exclusives or simultaneous releases, were not likely to receive complete price parity with iOS and Android. I'm just happy we've had so many releases this year and see things almost taking off
  • Yep! And Cut the Rope: Experiment's original price was a mistake. It happened with Pac-Man Kart Rally too a while back.
  • I believe it was an error too. I've been following this stuff since the beginning and that kinda thing is quite rare.
  • CTR: Experiment got lowered due the feedback, take a look, people were giving it a 1-3 star rating because of the price. After it is lowered, now it's getting a 4 1/2+ !
    If that was not the reason, I bet it was part of it....
  • The devs confirmed it was always supposed to cost 99 cents and the pricing was an error.
  • There were way more 5 star reviews from the start than 1 star complaining about price. You really think five people leaving a bad review about price had anything to do with it. Plus there were just as many saying about it being free everywhere else and its not free with ads on here because of it. Its certainly just an error and that's why it was fixed so soon.
  • 1 GB... why would anyone EVER need more than 640 MB? Completely absurd!
  • Phones having 1 GB of RAM is absurd? Certainly not. Now, while the game requires a 1GB phone to run, it actually only uses about 380 MB of RAM. But on 512 MB phones, gamesare only alowed 180 MB of RAM.
  • $5 for Monopoly?  No thank you.
    As for Pinball, I'd love to check it out but I don't have a Nokia.  I guess I have something to look forward to in 6 months or so.  I hope to see a lot more tables come out, and it's too bad that it sounds like Pinball FX isn't ever gonna materialize on Windows Phone.
  • monopoly is nice, purchased it