Nokia at Mobile World Congress Liveblog!

We're live at the Mobile World Congress for Nokia's one hour press event. We're expecting to see the Lumia 900 go international, the Lumia 610 announced, and who knows what else. Hit the break for all the liveblog action, starting at 2:30 a.m. EST!

Phil Nickinson

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  • Can't wait!!!  Does anyone know if there is a live video stream for this event?  I know that Microsoft's keynote will be, was hoping Nokia would be as well.
    Also, are you guys expecting Nokia to announce more than just the ACE?  All of the rumurs have been around the ACE lately, with no one mentioning any other devices, besides Elops' statement "we will be announcing other devices later today" when he was up on stage with AT&T this morning.
  • it will be live. no storage complaints on this article tho
  • I dont know if Cnet shows the one of Nokia, i hope that they do, but atm i only see Samsung at the upcoming events (and some others)
  • Is Nokia not livestreaming this?
  • Nope
  • Yes, they do:
  • What is clear black?
  • Just the fact that the Black of the screen is realy black !!
    I have the 800 and you dont se the border of the screen compared to the black glass when in mainmenu oir something else
  • So the 900 is only coming for at&t? :(
  • And Rogers and everywhere else sooner than later.
  • I'm hating T-Mobile so much right now.
  • you are not alone!
  • 20 EA titles FIRST to Nokia Lumia - That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
  • Too bad this and every other decent device is going to AT&T only... shame.
  • Bummer about EVERYTHING going to AT&T, shit doesnt even work in NM hardly. Now I am stuck with my Trophy, great device, but clearly behind.
  • if Windows wants to fail, then keep launching devices only to At&t. Even Android didn't take off until they had a phone on Verizon. Windows needs  phones on Verizon.I would love to see this phone on Verizon . they are really making me sad right now
  • AT&T probably beat out Verizon deal wise and offered Nokia the things they wanted as far as retail pressence and push.    I'm pretty sure the way it works out is that a OEM has a new phone and then shops it around to the carriers and goes with whatever the best deal is that they can get.  The fact AT&T got the 900 "exclusive" means they had the best deal out there.
    I agree though, they need some on Verizon and Sprint for sure.
  • Not really the same. At that point Android had only been on T-Mobile, the 4th place carrier. Once it jumped to VZ, the 1st place carrier, it took off, plus VZ gave it a huge push. As long as AT&T does there part and starts giving WP7 the same push VZ did with it's DROID campaign, you'll see WP7 flourish.
  • I'm from Australia and struggled to coax my friend away from Verizon because she desperately wanted an 800... I asked Verizon staff why they didn't have any WP7 devices, her response "Because there isn't any good ones"... Pitiful....
  • Verizon chooses which devices to support, and since it is locked to CDMA tech, there is no easy way to activate your own device. Perhaps if lots of Verizon subscribers decamp for AT&T or T-Mobile saying "I left for Windows Phone," they'll be convinced to support the ecosystem...
  • As a Sprint customer since 98', I am not sure if I will not change carriers for the 900.  I just might.
  • Well, nothing new, we know about the 900, guess we'll have to wait a few months till this AT&T exclusive deal they have ends or we'll have to wait for other devices to go to Sprint and Verizon (if verizon even wants any, asshats).
  • Man, I wanted to hear something about that Nokia Win8 tablet.
  • So AT&T is the only forward looking US carrier, is that correct?  Because Sprint and Verizon are still saying there is little interest in WP but put forth little to no effort to get WP devices on their network for people to be interested in?  Have I pretty muched summed things up quite well there?
    Or is this simply a CDMA thing that the OEM's are just not supporting?
  • Nokia is supporting CDMA on Lumia in China, so it isn't a carrier restriction. Sprint senior management has said it won't support devices other than iPhone and nominal Android, while Verizon is taking a "wait and see" approach. AT&T has fearlessly embraced Windows Phone and is the "hero carrier" for it in the states.
  • Great job with the live blog, you were faster than the Verge and Engadget! Now that Lumia 900 just needs to cross the boarder to Canada, in cyan...
  • AWESOME! Cant wait to get my hands on the Lumia 900. I have a special spot saved on my AT&T to add a line just for this phone:)
  • I'm really interested to see the marketing push AT&T and Nokia have planned for the platform. A top notch device like the 900 is great, but without beating people over they head with the greatness of Windows Phone, we'll continue to see the sluggish pace of adoption we see today. And great job as always guys. I followed along on my Focus. :)
  • Yes, they do:
  • why is everyone commenting like the live blog has alraedy happened when it's just about to happen?
  • This needs to start ASAP. I have work in a few hours...come on, guys.
  • Woo Skype beta now available for WP
  • Is SKYPE taking for ever to download for anyone else????
    I have a feeling it's getting hammerred by a lot of people.
    UPDATE: I take that back. I think it was my 3g wifi connection. yeehooo installing and it's on!.
  • So even the great Nokia hardware 40 mp camera and DD5.1 not coming to windows phone.
  • I'm liking the idea of a Pureview Windows Phone down the line.
  • I could be wrong but may I be the first to point out that you can't add contacts in the WP Skype App. 
  • Skype!  It's as if Microsoft sent a gift to all those awake here in New York, Toronto, waste of essay-writing time ever!