Nokia no longer manufacturing mobile phones in Finland

Nokia has continued to cut jobs and close down facilities, now the company has finalised plans to close their handset factory in Salo, Finland. Being a European handset maker, it's a shame that it's having to move manufacturing to cut costs during troubled times.

Nokia made its last mobile phone on Wednesday at the Salo plant and 780 people will unfortunately lose their jobs during this year. We reported on the first Lumia Windows Phone rolling off the assembly line at the new plant in Argentina earlier in the month. 

via: The Nokia Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Send the jobs oversees and save the monay!
  • If you are big company, its not about people, its about surviving, especially in place Nokia at right now...
  • is it me or does that photo look doctored. The graffiti looks to be added after the photo. even the picture under the wp7 look a little suspicious
  • I believe the graffiti is on the window between the camera and the room. This is a pretty old picture now, though, and they're just using it as an example. I've always though outsourcing was always one of those things that shouldn't be done unless necessary--and I'm more than sure it is in this case.
  • Opening factories in other countries it's not outsourcing.
  • ejb222, yes that is definitely on top of the image and not the furniture... also the last time I checked Argentina is NOT in Asia.
  • Lmao Argentina is south America
  • The world economy sucks.
  • Exactly, but this is what happens when we think it's a good idea to globalize the economy and spend more than the strongest countries are able to produce.
  • another step closer to MS buyout.  I believe Nokia has become MS's phone hardware division.
  • Silly commentors. The writing is shooped in. Also, hopefully when Nokia gets back on their feet, they can reopen the place and hire back some of those people if they're still displaced. Most of the time these things seem unnecessary, but in Nokia's case it makes real sense. It's not about being fair, it's survival.
  • Don't fool yourself, even if Nokia does manage to make it back onto their feet they will never re-open this factory. Those days are gone.
  • nothing good about this, one large group of people lose their jobs and living, while another will be working harder for lower wages, while corporations milk every cent possible out of them. Funny world we live in..
  • Blame the government and union for this.
  • Shame on Nokia
  • Too bad as I always thought that was the only difference between Nokie and the other companies was they were built and developed in Finland...
  • Root cause analysis: GREED