First Lumia 900 rolls off of Nokia assembly line in Argentina

Last we reported that Compal was seeing a reduction in orders of Lumia smartphones from Nokia, fueling some speculation that either Nokia was winding down production in general or they were transferring production to their own shops.

It looks like the latter may now be the case as some of the Lumia 900s coming onto the market are now coming from Argentina. Nokia opened a factory there some time in 2011 and it now looks to have completed its transition to producing Lumia 900 phones albeit as a savings from making it directly in Finland.

Nokia is also set to launch the 900 in Argentina presumably in a few weeks, corroborating earlier reports that the device was to launch their “second half” of the year.

Source: Celularis; Thanks, Esteban T., for the link!

Daniel Rubino

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  • That's great!
  • Enjoy your defunct product.
  • Correction: The Lumia 900 will continue to operate as a smartphone now and for years to come. It is not "defunct" by any means.  It will also receive more support and updates than any other non-Nokia Windows Phone sold in the last 2 years. 
  • Agree
  • This comment should've been deleted... Only trolling
  • This 'defunct' product is way better than all Android & Ios devices.
  • I really want to agree with you... I have an HD7 but currently have some serious phone envy with the S3 and OneX. I really hope the WP8 phones can deliver and we get the same apps across the board thanks to native code support!
  • Troll
  • So my 710 will not work once WP8 comes out? Oh noes...
  • Lumia 900 is very good, Windows Phone 7.8 ... :-]
  • Que bueno...parece que Messi tendrá un Lumia 900 antes que yo. jaja
  • This is ridiculous. Launching the 900 one or two months before WP8 (in Argentina, for example) KNOWING it will NOT be upgraded... It makes me sad... Ok, it's still an awesome smartphone and all, but it's DEAD! New apps will most probably not run on it, and Nokia should rewrite those f***n' drivers and upgrade the Lumia line to WP8. As for the brick possibility or erasing all user data upon upgrading, let the user decide! In all this Nokia - Microsoft agreement, seems like Nokia it's hands-tied. And they are the ones loosing costumers, not MS...
    I'm still satisfied with my Lumia 800, at least for the moment. Wish I'll be able to say the same thing next year...
  • Normal users don't care... Why else would anyone buy an android:)
  • +1
  • most customer base don't give a cr*p about the OS on their phones. We as Americans and several other developed countries have the resources to hear about Windows phone 8 OS, the other 75% of customers that are the target market for the 900 have no clue.
  • have I missed something? Wp7 phones? Surely lumia 900, will not be released on wp8. Most likely a different lumia will. So I am puzzled but this article/event.
  • Its an article announcing that Nokia has just rolled out a new batch of Lumia 900's from a factory it's recently opened.
  • Thats a normal step from nokia, why would they ship fron finnland to argentina if they can produce them there localy. Saves a lot of money and the world stays a little bit more green :)
  • Agreed. Even the Nokia phones I've bought in Malaysia are manufactured in China, especially my Lumia 800. The only Lumia phone not manufactured in China is the 900 as it is made in Korea.
  • And for all the people crying about no upgrade to wp8. All factories in the world make the same. You buy a car a month later opel, merzedes, toyota or whoever has already a new model with new functions. And you dont go to them with this bullshit of my car is only a few months old and it has not the abilieties as this new model. Stop thinking about an upgrade about windows phone 8. Its just another step in tehnical evolution. Or would you like to stay for the rest of you life on a wp7 first gen. Device? Or stay on a screen with 480x800? If you want the abilieties just buy a new phone like i will do. I have not tied myself to a carrier with a contract. When wp8 comes out i will sold my phone and buy a new wp8. Thats the rule behind every economy - to buy new stuff. I know it is not good for our planet but till the time comes that all devices are upgradeable to your needs and how long you need it, we must play by this rules now. But i know the time will come when resources get rare, our devices, all devices, houses, cars, phones, pc's, everything will be upgradeable to the max. And you dont have to change then the whole device, only the thing which is new on the market.
  • +1
  • This is why companies like Apple decimate everything you think of. This is not the 90's.
  • I agree on the premise, but it's a bad comparison to cars. Hardware is not the same as Software. I haven't heard any reason why our current phones can't physically be updated aside from its risky (full flash), we'll lose data (exactly the same as upgrading to WP8), the OEMs can't be bothered building drivers, and the carriers can't be bothered rolling them out as they wont make any money. It is more like a PC getting Windows service packs for 2 years, and another OS comes out. The new OS has different features, and those features aren't in the old OS. However in our case we're not permitted to buy the new OS, and have to throw the whole lot out... Oh well, that's what I'm going to do :) I'm looking forward to WP8!
  • if we look at the software it is 2 years old. october 2010? or so. It is "old" dont get me wrong, i love Windows Phone and write a blog in Bosnia about Windows Phone just to spread the OS among the people. the comparison with cars is a bad comparison but i wanted to say that all of us dont complain on any other product why it have another or better hardware and why we could not have it at the time we buy our device and why it is not upgradeable. What would Nokia HTC Samsung or other make if they devices would be upgradeable the next 20 years?
    i think the time is right now with Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. i paid my htc 7 pro 220€ more than a year ago. thats not enough to say "i earned this new software (WP8) on my device". I am sorry for the nokia lumia 900 users, but maybe there will be an upgrade path, i think of paying maybe 90-100$ or € and get new kernel and the windows phone 8 os on your older device, i think if 100.000 people suggest that to microsoft, they will make it. something like an petition for nokia lumia 900 users which will pay to get windows phone 8. thats what Microsoft wants, our money :) and an upgrade is possible, but only the hardware would be low end in comparison to a WP8 device with a bigger resolution display and the removable storage and other things. but the os would be the same.
  • I´ve heard that this factory is ready to start the production of the first WP8 phones.
  • A waste
  • Defensive much? It will continue to operate, yes. Will it continue to be improved? No. Advertised to be a Smartphone and business, any 'Smart' user would pick the alternatives. Why buy the 900 over an iPhone? Unless you want to think you are unique, you really are being a fool.
  • Dude, it's a phone, it's not a flat or even a car. My nephew is going to love me even more when he gets my 800 next Xmas.
  • Why buy the 900 over an iPhone? I could think of a number of reasons. Give me a call sometime, I would be glad to treat you to lunch to discuss said reasons.
  • Here is a news flash everyone.... USA is not the only country or customer base in the world. Its not always about america and what it wants.
  • right! :) i think Europe and Asia wil be more attractive to Windows Phone than America in the future.
  • Daniel, is that a picture of a much fatter relative of yours? Haha :P
  • And to all the smart fellows who are saying this is a waste, wp8 this and that, honest question: manufacturers build a factory per model, meaning this factory will be destroyed when Lumia is declared EoL ?
  • This factory is located in the world's southernmost city called Usuhaia. This is a duty free zone where lots of manufacturers establish their factories to take advantage of that.  Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG and Blackberry and some others. And not only phones are assembled there but other electronics like laptops, tablets, TVs, etc...
  • Shouldn't the assembly line dude in photo be wearing a hairnet or cap? Or are Argentinian industry standards that much lower?
  • He's some big shot Engineer holding the 1st Phone for local papers photo.
  • I think that either lumia 900 may run wp8 or that there is very trivial assembly change that allows it to run wp8. Maybe just replacing single core cpu with multi-core would do the trick. If change is more complex then I do not understand why nokia would start making wp7 lumias when wp8 comes out in couple of months.
  • The fact that 900s are still being manufactured is a good sign. I think we can safely assume there aren't 5 million of them sitting in a waeehouse that Nokia will have to recycle
  • +1