From the Nokia O2 UK event: launching the 64GB Lumia 1020

We covered news yesterday that O2 (Telefonica) and Nokia both announced the Lumia 1020, specifically the 64GB variant of the Windows Phone. Using The O2 Arena to house European journalists and show off exactly what's new in the latest product, it was an eventful day out across London with the ability to snap some shots and see what the Lumia 1020 can really do.

After Nokia handed the press a Lumia 1020 each, the team took the rather large group down to the local dock to meet a passenger ferry for a quick tour up and down the river Thames. The London Bridge, Tower, Emirates Air Line and more were strutting their stuff as the day went by and the media group transitioned from boat to open-top tour bus. We ended up at a gallery show room, where the works of well-respected photographers David Bailey and Bruce Weber were displayed.

Lumia 1020

While on-stage at The O2 Arena, both Telefonica and Nokia spoke about the important partnership that has formed between the two companies, which will enable them both to push out Windows Phones to customers across the UK and beyond. 4G was also touched on, boasting how O2 will cover more of the nation in due course.

We'll not provide an in-depth look at the new Nokia Windows Phone as we've covered it before, but here's a quick screenshot showing off the 64GB of storage Telefonica customers will be able to take full advantage of:

With the sheer size of photos captured with the device, that extra storage is required. As well as the above, we've also got some more shots from the outing. We'd like to pass on a large thank you to both Nokia and Telefonica for putting on the show and making the outing rather eventful to really show the media how solid the Lumia 1020 camera performance is.

(Each shot in this article was captured using the Lumia 1020, except the image of the product itself. Check out some more sample photos from our US coverage.)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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