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From the Nokia O2 UK event: launching the 64GB Lumia 1020

We covered news yesterday that O2 (Telefonica) and Nokia both announced the Lumia 1020, specifically the 64GB variant of the Windows Phone. Using The O2 Arena to house European journalists and show off exactly what's new in the latest product, it was an eventful day out across London with the ability to snap some shots and see what the Lumia 1020 can really do.

After Nokia handed the press a Lumia 1020 each, the team took the rather large group down to the local dock to meet a passenger ferry for a quick tour up and down the river Thames. The London Bridge, Tower, Emirates Air Line and more were strutting their stuff as the day went by and the media group transitioned from boat to open-top tour bus. We ended up at a gallery show room, where the works of well-respected photographers David Bailey and Bruce Weber were displayed.

Lumia 1020

While on-stage at The O2 Arena, both Telefonica and Nokia spoke about the important partnership that has formed between the two companies, which will enable them both to push out Windows Phones to customers across the UK and beyond. 4G was also touched on, boasting how O2 will cover more of the nation in due course.

We'll not provide an in-depth look at the new Nokia Windows Phone as we've covered it before, but here's a quick screenshot showing off the 64GB of storage Telefonica customers will be able to take full advantage of:

With the sheer size of photos captured with the device, that extra storage is required. As well as the above, we've also got some more shots from the outing. We'd like to pass on a large thank you to both Nokia and Telefonica for putting on the show and making the outing rather eventful to really show the media how solid the Lumia 1020 camera performance is.

(Each shot in this article was captured using the Lumia 1020, except the image of the product itself. Check out some more sample photos from our US coverage.)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I got my pre-order in today for my 1020 64GB from O2. Very excited. Delivery is due on 25th.
  • Congrats :)
  • Congrats as well. :) I have a feeling windows phone is going to blow up big in the UK.
  • And those who fall into the trap known as EE will be disappointed when they find out how slow they are at pushing updates out.
  • jealous!
  • Very much so :'(
  • +1020 ;-(
  • In the article now saying 64gb is "required" due to size of photos isn't that an about face from what was commented on here before when the 1020 was launched on AT&T in the States? Just sayin....
  • I think Ma Bell only gives a small rats what customers want. They can't overshadow the iPhone can they? That is their bread and butter.
  • Not to be too picky, but AT&T isn't Ma Bell. The only thing that is even a remenant of the old Ma Bell is Alcatel-Lucent, which contains the remaining bits of Western Electric and Bell Labs. There is nothing else left of Ma Bell. The AT&T name was purcahsed as an asset by the former Cingular because, frankly, its a better name.
  • I learn something new every day. Anyway, I was referring to Ma Bell, which AT&T was known by, due to their previous monopolistic practices. My comment was meant to be derisive. I have AT&T services and equipment, customer service has come a long way, but regarding updates and giving their customers a 64 GB 1020, they are still behind.
  • I share your view about the company known as AT&T. Far too often it appears to have acquired the famous grand indifference as well as the famous name of the old, no longer existant monopoly.
  • That is Rich saying that, not Nokia.  I don't have a problem with there being a 32GB option, but there should also be the 64GB option on AT&T.  32GB is probably fine if you are not going to take a lot of pictures, but if you are, the 64GB would be nice.  Hopefully when this comes to Verizon, they will have both options available.
  • ATT has a limited time offer for 50gb free through the app. Take advantage!
  • Haha... yeah I'm pretty sure WP Central writers were bending over backwards to point out how 32GB was enough since we have Skydrive... or at least that's how I remember it.
  • From the review by Daniel Rubino: 
    Is 32GB enough? After the OS and apps, the user has about 25GB actually available for use on initial startup. The full high resolution photos from the Lumia 1020 range between 9 and 15MB each, with the smaller oversampled one coming in at 3MB. While you won’t fill that space up overnight, you’ll probably not want to keep every photo on your device with every song that you must have. It’s not nearly as bad as having a device with 16GB and we think of most people 32GB will be okay, but depending on how you use your device, you may have to pay closer attention a few months down the road.
    I think he was just trying to be incredibly generous towards Nokia here... clearly 32GB is simply not good enough as the only alternative for an all-in-one device like a camera that doesn't have ability to take SD cards and has a 41 MP camera. Saying anything else is ludicrous.
  • Still think Nokia's biggest mistake was to not put microSD slot on the 1020.
  • I wish I had 64gb on my 920
  • me too... then  I could retire the old Zune and use my phone for music
  • Is this the surprise nokia tweeted about yesterday?
  • Maybe this is... :P
  • That image is NSFW, btw.
  • ROFL!! And plenty safe, you should see how women eat around here...
  • excellent!
  • I really hope not. Everyone knew a 64GB version was coming to the European market, so not much of a surprise here.
  • Then what could be the surprise?
  • Free meatballs with every purchase! Wait, I'm thinking of IKEA, nevermind :P
  • Is the 64gb version to come to other operators eventually, or is it a "forever and only" Telefonica thing??
  • That's what I want to know; how do we get the 64GB version here in the U.S. on AT&T?? I want! I want!
  • Are these the "_Pro" or "_Pro_highres" shots?
  • Slightly jealous, with no confirmed date last month i couldn't hold out any longer for my windows phone so went with the 925 (still an amazing phone) but wish id waited now :(
  • I'm holding out for a 32GB 925 myself (in the US)...
  • Is the 32gb 925 not available in the U.S. then? Its available here in the UK but only on Vodafone network...
  • Would of liked the 64gb model, but as a non-o2 customer the deals they were offering just weren't enough.
    I'll be happy with my Yellow 32gb model which I'm getting for free on an 18 month contract with a camera/wireless bundle (grip, tripod, shell, wireless charging plate)
    Just now need to find a way to sit and wait patiently lol
  • a 1020 with 64gb is awesome. shoot away, no worries about storage. add the grip and no worries about battery life. I'll take one ATT. Hear that?
  • Remember, it is bad luck to buy/pre order a phone today.  But if you already did, you can reverse the bad luck by smashing your friends Iphone.
  • If only you could upload to Facebook.
  • Damn you CNET's Molly Wood!!! Damn you!!!
  • And if you could only "Instagram" it...
  • LOL.
  • My L920 didn't come with Safari so I don't know how the hell to get on the internet. 
  • 928 is my first and likely last Nokia. So tired of the exclusives.
  • What are you going to replace it with?
  • Leaving WP???
  • O2 want £650 for it! Or £27+vat a month and £260 up front! No thanks!
  • No they don't. It's free on refresh plans.
  • Just checked out the O2 site. I know this is a premium device and it would be a little pricey but I really do think they've lost the plot in what they're asking for it.  Looks like I'll be going for the 32GB option on Three with all you can eat data :-)
  • Boosh! £50 deposit paid today! Walked into William hills after to see if i could win my £50 back.................anyway £62.50 deposit paid today!!! :P
  • Richie, thanx for covering the news. I am actually a Nokia fan. After Nokia´s  D&S devision belongs to MS, I will still support WP devices, and maybe it´s because of you that I will always support WPcentral. Good jobs. Thanks again.
  • I'd only need 64gb if (when?) I can sync movies purchased from Zune (WP 7.8) to my Lumia 1020 ...
  • Looks like this was the surprise. I looked on twitter and Nokia USA said this was it.
  • <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p><a href="">@kappalouie</a> We had an event at the O2 arena, where we announced the Nokia <a href=";src=hash">#Lumia</a> 1020 internationally: <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Nokia USA (@NokiaUS) <a href="">September 13, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>   Here is the tweet confirming this was the surprise.