Nokia officially announces the BH-121 Bluetooth headset, a new way to enjoy your music collection

Nokia today announced a brand new Bluetooth stereo headset, the BH-121. Available in cyan, red, yellow and black, the new accessory will fit in well with any Lumia Windows Phone. Previously codenamed "Guru," we've covered the headset numerous times in the past, but soon you'll be able to pick one up for your own media requirements.

So what exactly is the BH-121? It's a small headset, measuring in at just 39mm x 39mm and 12mm - it's super small. Think of it as an Apple iPod Shuffle, but acting as a gateway for your music collection on a smartphone (or other device) to be streamed to your ears. There's even a handy little clip that can secure the product to your clothing.

What's different about the BH-121 is that you attach your favourite (or the bundled) headphones into the product instead of a direct link to the smartphone. This saves messing around with cables into your pockets or reaching down for your phone every time you wish to manipulate playback

BH-121 Close

As well as Bluetooth connectivity, because this is Nokia you're also looking at NFC technology, perfect for quickly connecting and enjoying immediate playback. The large button in the middle is what controls your incoming calls and music playback, while volume controls, Bluetooth and track controls are located on the edges.

The bundled in-ear headphones (should you enjoy using such style of headphones) come with noise blocking to help provide a more clear and powerful sound. However, because the BH-121 has a 3.5mm audio connector, you can easily attach your own headphones to the device.

When paired with your Lumia Windows Phone, you're able to see just how much battery is left, as well as viewing the connection status and tracking its location for those rare moments when you forget where you last left it. This all sounds neat, but how much cash will you be required to part with for your own?

From December, the BH-121 will go on sale for €39 ($53/£33). We'll look to get hold of one or two and review them for you. What's more, if you wish to win a BH-121, Nokia Conversations is currently running a small contest on the official announcement post where five creative comments will receive the headset for free.

Source: Nokia

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