Nokia polls its users on most interesting feature of WP7

Nokia recently held an online poll (unscientific, of course) of their user base regarding what is the most interesting aspect/feature are that they most looking forward to with Windows Phone 7.

The choices ranged from Xbox games, Internet Explorer, updates, Silverlight, etc though the top choice amongst users is probably the most obvious feature of WP7: the UI. Yup, understandably Nokia users by 22% think the UI is the most unique facet of their new mobile OS (though "other" also took 22%). Perhaps we shouldn't find it too surprising, but it does validate, to a lesser extent, the power of the appeal of Metro. In second was Xbox games, also an obvious but nice choice.

It's also weird for us to step back and remember that soon, millions of ex-Symbian users will potentially be a part of our crew (and hopefully vice-versa). It's like we have a new, huge family out there.

Source: Nokia Conversations; via Simple Mobile Review (Thanks, Chris)

Daniel Rubino

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