Nokia publishes teaser video for new Superman movie

Nokia continues to tease the new Superman movie, with the official Man of Steel app and appropriately themed accessories on offer or on the way. The manufacturer has now published a video on its YouTube account, named "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" and sporting strange footage taken from the official movie trailer.

It's clearly a teaser for the new movie (if the copyright information in the description wasn't that much of a hint), but with the content available thus far, we're sure everyone's continuing to get excited for Man of Steel. The team has cleverly used a Lumia 925 frame. You can check out the Man of Steel app over on the Windows Phone Store.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Halamadrid007, for the tip!

QR: Man of Steel

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Can't wait
  • Looks good.
  • But the video quality is really bad, IMHO. Well, I'm sure they'll come up with a software patch in the next update.
  • I REALLY like that Lumia 925 - so tempted to pick one up if I can find one without T-Mobile branding on it.  Oh, and I might go see the movie :)
  • There better be a lot of product placement in all these movies making apps for WP... Not so much star trek, but man of steel is modern enough for it.
  • I hope Superman uses a Lumia 925 in the movie. ;)
  • Lumia 925 isn't made of steel, is it? It would be too heavy! =)
  • I hope they release that new theme color. "Nokia Blue" like they have in this screenshot!
  • This could mean the phone will be available on June 14th
  • Any body think that it will out do Ironman 3
  • ewwww these superman and batman movies are really boring and crappy crap! but I gues the point of most movies based on comic or books is to ruin it the most they can. I just cant believe first Batman and now Superman ruined once again.
  • I cant say anything to you.
  • Has the youtube app crashed for anyone, not working here in the UK
  • I bet this has something to do with google since it's been a week since Microsoft was asked to take down the app.
  • A killswitch was initiated. For now, get Metrotube.
  • Whenever I read You Are Not Alone now I think of Professor Yana from Doctor Who.
  • Wow I never realized YANA was an  acronym for your not alone 
  • Superman Zzzzz
  • I fully admit that seeing the latest Superman trailer made me tear-up. Please don't let them screw up Superman, it would break my heart. :(. Still, nice effort on Nokia's part.
  • When I read the caption "You Are Not Alone", I was thinking of Evangelion 1.11 first. *sigh* Doesn't matter, I'm waiting on Pacific Rim.
  • is this video broken??