Fly around like Superman with themed Nokia Windows Phone accessories

Some may believe the Man of Steel app isn't enough and we need more superhero bits and bobs. There's an answer to this call with some themed accessories for Nokia Windows Phones. The company has signed a deal with Warner Bros to promote the new Superman movie. Who said hardware running Microsoft's mobile operating system isn't super?

So what accessories are we looking at here? There's going to be a Man of Steel Fatboy wireless charging pillow and protective cases for the Lumia 920 and soon-to-be-released Lumia 925. Check out some more shots below:

Superman Lumia 925

Superman Fatboy

Source: Pocket-lint, via: Superman Homepage; thanks, Matt, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Whhhhhhy! Lol
  • Looooool...No
  • When will they be available to purchase?
  • This is off subject, but the timing is ok IMO... Anyways, I was thinking about how Nokia takes one platform and makes several different devices from it. I think that's great, and who does that? The only time we've seen this is when HTC or Samsung makes a WP iteration of a Android device, but usually very little is changed.. I think this is a great idea, but what would really top the cake is if Verizon, at&T, sprint, and T-Mobile all got every variant. This way the market.. US.. would be more saturated with high end WP devices that are very different from one another... Besides, if WP is going to have only one OEM then Nokia is going to have to play the part of 3, and I think they have realized this.. Smart move Nokia!
    I would love to go into at&T and have 3 high end Nokia devices at the same time to chose from.. Talk about increasing market share!!
  • And, those Superman themed accessories are very nice. Lol!
  • Dude, spot on, if Nokia gets enough market share and production capacity, I would love to see all high end variants on each carrier, globally available. You are right, no other company makes such unique variants of their high end phone. The market has priced Nokia almost at bankruptcy, given they just got phones on the #1 and #4 US carriers, and growing internationally, this is only good news for the company.
  • Its a great idea.. Who says Nokia has to mirror what Apple, and Samsung do?.. Now, if we could only get Chevrolet to make 3 distinct versions of the C7 corvette, and have all three on the show room floor at the same time... A ni@ga can dream right!!
  • SOB!!!!!!! I just bought the official case from Nokia for my 920! Must have this too! Although, I wish they would start doing Marvel themed ones, like Spiderman. So far its all been from DC (Batman, now Superman).
  • This is because Nokia have a partnership with Warner Bros which allows them exclusivity to certain blockbusters. I maybe wrong but WB doesn't produce Marvel/Disney films.
  • That's too bad :(
  • I would love an Iron Man themed one. Although I would sell my future children if I could get a Deadpool case.
  • Agreed... Also, that case doesn't look that protective.
  • Get me Tony stark! Iron suit for my phone :D
  • That's even better than my Spiderman idea!
  • Having seen them in person, the black cover worked very nice with my red 920. :)
  • Lolol this is funny, dumb, but great all at the same time. I'm actually kind of interested in one of those cases. But I would prefer Batman over Superman!
  • Man of steel FatB0Y looks sick.... And yeah look forward for ironman case
  • I want the pillow
  • If i had to have something dc or marvel id go with iron man
  • Lol I would like the batman or ironman one but superman is pretty cool too I guess
  • Defo gonna get that case.... :)
  • I would like to have a batman case
  • Woaah!!! Awesomee! :D
  • I love this I can only imagine what cool stuff they would make if this justice league movie ever comes out I'd probably go with something flash or wonder woman
  • I want the pillow! Where i can get it!
  • When would this be released i would like to know how i can get one. :)