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Nokia releases app to educate consumers on moble phone recycling

Ever wondered what happens to mobile phones when they move on to a better life? Nokia has released a small game that shows just how phones are recycled. The interactive game showcases just what goes where and details some handy hints at what can be done to further recycle technology and help preserve resources that are used in the manufacturing process.

The user is tasked with dragging parts of a Nokia handset to each recycle bin that only accepts a certain waste product. Each successful selection will reveal information on just what's used in the component construction, as well as what's recycled - think of this as an educational insight into the entire process.

Nokia Recycler App

That's about it. It's not an app you'll be running more than once, unless you're interested in reading the facts again, or would like to show it off to a friend. Once you've successfully recycled the Nokia mobile phone, the app will ask the user to head on over to (opens in new tab) for more information.

You can download Nokia Phone Recycler from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Erick, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Phone Recycler

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  • Exclusive to Lumia, WTF!? :) I kid, I kid... as an 8X owner I've just gotten used to that when I see Nokia and new app ;)
  • This actually should be released OS wide. Don't see why not. Informative, small, simple.
  • This will become most downloaded App very soon. I will dump my lumia 920 by May-June if no system update is released by then.
  • Lol Muneeb, demanding much?
  • They need to make an app educating Microsoft on coming through with what was promised for WP8.
  • Haha, love these comments. Wind ya necks in folks its a Recycling app comments section not a Bitch and moan section i am sure there is space on the forums for that.
  • Nokia PlayTo for wp8 is more important, in my humble opinion...
  • The word "moble" is spelled incorrectly in the title.